5 Questions: Charlie Brown, The Caravan & More…

5 Questions
Charlie Brown, The Caravan & More
December 2, 2018

Life is full of questions from each and every direction. This is where I answer the questions from my Facebook timeline and from anywhere / everywhere else, five at a time. No political correctness or shame in this game. Anything goes and nothing is off limits. And now, let’s do this…

Is “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” racist?

Charles Shultz had to fight to get a black character, Franklin, included in the cartoon. If it had been up to the folks at CBS, there would have been nothing but little white kids & Snoopy. Charles Shultz, the man behind the Peanuts cartoons, insisted that Franklin be part of the gang. So is it racist? Not for the time and not in context with everything else on television then. People look for racism in everything these days, but judge things by 2018 standards, forgetting that this cartoon was made in 1972. The cartoon is not only not racist, but is groundbreaking for the time and is strongly anti-racism. And anyone who can’t see that is a stupid idiot. And you know what happens to stupid idiots? Well, they tend to vote Democratic and elect “leaders” like Hillary Clinton. And you know what else? I’m channeling my inner Jericho here. For all the stupi idiots who think Charlie Brown anything is racist, you just made “the list!”. Dumb asses!

Have you ever been on a cruise? If not, would you and where would you like to go?

I never have been on a cruise, but I’ve heard many people talk about it and it sounds like something I would like to do at some point. It sounds like a great experience. As for where, I don’t care. Either leaving Florida down around the Islands bordering South America or else up in Alaska. That would probably be my preference considering I prefer cooler climates to heat and extra hot.

Is using tear gas to prevent the migrant caravan from crossing the border into the U.S. is the proper  action?

The caravan is illegally trying to cross the United States border. If a person is trying to break into your house, are you not justified in whatever you do to keep them out and protect your family? These illegal immigrants are trying to illegally break into our country, defying our laws and basically telling the American people “F*ck you!”. We should not stand by and just let them break into our country and do whatever they want and whatever the legal authorities have to do to prevent these criminals from coming across the border, so be it. Yes, it is harsh, but so is life. The Caravan was not attempting to peacefully just walk across the border, following proper laws and procedure, but instead were charging across the border, threatening and assaulting border patrol agents with sticks and rocks and violent behavior. Our agents were and are justified to do whatever they need to do to turn back these criminals. ‘Nuff said!

Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?

Yes, ghosts and spirits are real. I’ve seen and witnessed too many weird things over the course of my past 52 years to believe otherwise. Living at the trailer in Pea Bridge with Ray’s Mom making her presence felt. The “lizard man” stuff out in Oak Grove. Gravity Hill. An incident that happened when my step-dad passed away where a clock here at the house fell off the wall at the precise moment he died at his home, three miles away. The noises at Nic’s # 1 when I worked there and would be alone in the store. So many things and I’ve heard stories from many others with like incidents happening. Bottom line is, ghosts are real and spirits are too. They can’t actually hurt us or affect us directly, but they can interact, protect, talk to and look after us and influence our lives.

Have you ever killed a man?

Only on the inside when I told him goodbye forever. I haven’t physically murdered anyone or taken anyone’s life that I’ll admit to, but there are people who may still walk the earth, breathe air and move about, but are as dead as dead can be to me. Is that close enough?

And there you go. Any thoughts, comments or questions welcome and appreciated. Tell me what’s on your mind and what you think about anything and everything. I really do want to know. But for now, I’m down and out of here. Have a great one and I’ll talk at you later on. Have a great one.



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