Wrestling Q&A: Riott Squad, Velveteen Dream, JCP Managers & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Riott Squad, Velveteen Dream, JCP Managers & More
December 6, 2018

Good evening friends. It’s Wednesday night and even though I want to go to bed, it’s too early. If I go to bed now, I’ll be back awake at 3:00am and not be able to sleep the rest of the night. That is never a good thing. So instead of sleeping, it’s time to do some Q’ing and A’ing about the greatest pseudo-sport in the world, professional wrestling. The questions come from the Facebook group, the Kult of Kayfabe (KoK). And as per the usual because it’s what I do, I’m providing the answers. Let’s do this.

Thoughts and prayers to the friends, family and fans of “Dynamite Kid” Tom Billington, who passed away earlier today at age 60. RIP to one of the greatest men to every don a pair of tights and compete in that squared circle. 1958 – 2018. Rest In Peace.

And now, let’s get to the questions…

1. Heel turns that were pushed/inspired by fans?

Heel turns that were inspired more by necessity and fan reaction than a desire by the wrestler to turn. The biggest one that comes to mind for me was when Hulk Hogan joined the nWo and became Hollywood Hogan. The fans in WCW were bored with and tired of “Hulk Hogan” and were beginning to boo him more and more. He was the top “baby-face” in WCW, but the reactions from 90% of the hardcore fans was booing, jeers and just an intense dislike of Hogan and everything he represented, the “WWF” and the whole stale “say your prayers, take your vitamins” crap. WCW and Hogan had to do something or they were in serious danger of the fans giving up on and walking out of WCW. So Hogan became “Hollywood”, a character more in line with who he really seemed to be and what the WCW fans thought of him anyways. Hogan shined in the role, the fans were happy because they were finally allowed to boo Hogan openly and WCW was happy because it was a great swerve and put butts in the seats. And there you go.

2. With the Rhyno “firing”, I’m curious what you think. Main roster: push 5, fire 5. (3 guys, 2 girls)…

Push five and fire five from main roster if I had the power to do so. I’d push, for my women, Asuka & Becky and for my men, Finn Balor, The Revival & Luke Harper. For my five who I would wish well and send on their way, it would be Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio & Apollo Crews for the men and on the women’s side of things, Nia Jax & Dana Brooke would be told adios.

3. Happy Hanukkah!!!!! Who’s your favorite Jewish wrestler, manager, promoter, etc…?

For manager, it has to be Ernie ROth, aka the legendary Grand Wizard of Wrestling. For promoter, I have to go with the former head of ECW and current advocate for Brock Lesnar, the one and only Paul Heyman. And for wrestler, I had to go to Google for some help on this one since the only openly Jewish wrestler I could think of was Bill Goldberg and he definitely IS NOT one of my favorites. Did you know that the “Macho Man” Randy Savage is of Jewish descent? So is Raven, Matt Stryker, Leaping Lanny Poffo and Madusa. So many great talents to choose from. And I decided to go with former WWE Women’s Champion and future Hall of Famer Lisa Marie Varon, aka Victoria. An awesome woman and great talent that even today, could step into a WWE ring and give every woman there a wrestling lesson and great match. So The Grand Wizard, Paul Heyman and Victoria. Those are my answers.

4. THE BRISCOES VS. THE BRISCOS – Which brother team would win?

Are we talking a wrestling match or a shoot? Doesn’t matter really because the results would be the same and that’s the Hall of Fame tag team and Ole Anderson’s two favorite “business partners”, Jack and Jerry. The Brisco Brothers win.

5. What future Hall of Famer will have the most underwhelming speech? I’m saying Brock.

You say that as if Brock will actually give a speech. He’ll accept by having Paul Heyman deliver the speech for him while he jumps around like a cricket on crack. An underwhelming speech that will have the people begging for the end, if they’re even awake that long. A person who will give a speech that will make everyone wish Mr. T was back and talking about loving his Mama. Haku, when he’s finally inducted, probably won’t have much of a speech, but everyone is too scared of him to say anything. I’m having trouble thinking of anyone. Well, when in doubt, go with Lex Lugar. Lex’s promo’s were always a little long-winded and boring to me. Why would his HOF speech be any different? Another name that just came to mind is Sid Vicious. I’m sure he’ll manage to say something stupid and totally moronic. It wouldn’t be Sid if he didn’t.

6. Does you think that if given a little more freedom the Riott Squad could become the female version of New Day? I feel like there is some potential there.

You mean a group that’s gotten stale and depends on bad jokes and dumb comedy bits instead of in-ring talent and ability. I hope that the Riott Squad has more going for them than that and can be a serious wrestling team rather than a bad joke that grew old several years ago. They deserve better in my opinion.

7. You’re with your non-wrestling fan buddy in a bar. He says “I’m bout to kick this fake wrestlers ass, he’s pissed me off one too many times”
You turn around & its Haku getting ready to meet your buddy outside. How do you talk him out of it?

I just ask him where he wants his body sent and what should I tell his next of kin. If he wants to fight Haku, I’m sure as hell not getting involved in it. I’ll miss him, but I ain’t risking Haku getting pissed at me. I’ll go call the ambulance.

8. Is Velveteen Dream the next big thing?

He’s a future star to be sure and is one of the freshest and most entertaining people currently in NXT. He might not be the “next” big thing since I don’t really think he’s ready to move up to the main roster yet and there is that new monster on the horizon, Lars Sullivan, to look out for too. But Dream is the future and will be a major star one day.

9. Favorite manager from the glory days of Crockett Promotions?

The territory of the Mid-Atlantic region, Jim Crockett Promotions, featured a who’s who of managers during it’s heyday. There were the valets like Baby Doll, Big Mama and Miss Linda. Then there were men like Jimmy Holiday, Professor Boris Malenko, Sir Oliver Humperdink, Gary Hart, “Number One” Paul Jones, James J. Dillon and Jim Cornette. Heck, even Lord Alfred Hayes came in for a time and managed The Russians. Am I forgetting anyone? How about Gene Anderson and the original “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers, who managed Jimmy Snuka before the two went up to New York and reprised their roles. So many to choose from and how can a person pick just one? I guess I’ll go with Gary Hart. I was fortunate enough to see him live, both as a manager and in tag team action, wrestling with Kabuki and The Magic Dragon in six-man tag action, several times. Hart was the picture of bad-ass manager.

And there you go. Thank you for reading. Any thoughts, comments or questions, feel free and ask away. It’s greatly appreciated. And with that, I’m out of here. Time to go watch YouTube for a bit. Until the next time, stay awesome and have a great one. Take care.


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