12 Dougie Days Of Christmas – Day 2: Customers, Charity & Letter To My Kid…

12 Dougie Days Of Christmas
Day 2: Customers, Charity & Letter To My Kid
December 8, 2018

Salutations and welcome to Day 2 of the “12 Dougie Days Of Christmas”. It’s the latest blog series about this, that and everything else and we’re going for twelve straight days of all Dougie, all the time. It’s my Christmas present to myself, to see if I can still do this. And you get to read along too so it’s a win-win for everyone. It’s way too early to be up on Saturday morning. The weather is calling for rain for the next three days. I hope not. I hate rain and so far, looking out the window, none in sight yet. Maybe it’ll blow over. One can only hope.

So before I go to the “Magic Bag” and figure out what the topics of the day are, I want to quickly address something. Kevin Hart and the Academy Awards. So it’s come up that Kevin Hart, who was scheduled to host the upcoming Academy Awards, posted some hateful comments towards gays and now, everyone is all upset and going crazy and he ended up apologizing for the comments even though he had said previously that he wouldn’t apologize and he’s not hosting the show anymore and blah, blah, blah. All I have to say is, who the hell cares? I’m not a big fan of Kevin Hart. I find him more annoying than funny, but that’s not important right now. He was asked to host the Awards. These tweets, which are all from many years ago, were common public knowledge. He’s addressed them before in the past and yet now, it’s big news and he’s this and that. I read some of his comments and my thoughts were, “this guys a dumb-ass”. And then, guess what? I moved on with my life. People say stupid things and with the world of social media so big in our lives, it seems that the stupidity is more common than ever. He said it and owned up to it many years ago. He shouldn’t have to apologize now because people just realized that he’s a moron and all a sudden, their feelings are hurt and they’re offended. Get the hell over it. Hart wasn’t selected to host the Awards because he’s a perfect saint. If saying stupid things disqualifies a person from hosting an Awards show, then 99% of the hosts from the past shouldn’t have been allowed to take part and host. Hell, I do dumb gay jokes all the time. Usually, they’re guys I met on Grindr or MeetMe. My point is, we all say stupid stuff. He doesn’t do it now and hasn’t said anythng homophobic, at least not in public, in several years. He seems to have moved on from that point in his life and good for him. Host or not host, I don’t care. He would have been better than another year of Billy Crystal or Whoopi Goldberg to be sure. But quit judging the man and demanding apologies for things said a lifetime ago. It’s not relevant now and not a single person who’s judging Hart can say that they’ve never made a stupid comment. We all do. We’re human. It’s part of life. We move on and everyone involved in this should do the same. Just move the fuck on. I wish Hart hadn’t apologized, but he did and I guess, career wise, that was the right thing for him to do, but I’d rather have just told everyone to kiss his tiny black ass. The whole situation is stupid. People are stupid. The Academy Awards are stupid (at least until the day I or a friend of mine – I’m looking at you Brent) gets nominated and wins for best screen play. Then they’re cool, This whole world is getting stupid. And I just glanced at the clock and I’m moving on. Where my topics at?

I hope one day that Kevin Hart wins an Academy Award for Best Actor or any topic really and gets to go onstage at the awards and accept, to remind those bastards of their hypocrisy. He was forced to give up the job this time, but it would be great poetic justice to see him up there winning an award. He needs to learn to act or be funny first, but it could happen. That was just a last second thought. Now we’re really going to go pick some topics.

And from the “Magic Bag”, we have… Customers, Charity and Letter To My Kid. This should be an easy one. Let’s do this…


As anyone who has worked with the public in any kind of service industry can tell you, people can be a hoot. When you deal with the public, you’ll experience laughter, frustration, anger, sadness, pity, stupidity at it’s highest level, foul smells, rudeness, insanity and charisma, generally all from the same person during a three minute transaction. And when you’ve been doing it for nearly forty years, it’s pretty safe to say that you’ve seen it all at some point and nothing can surprise you. I’m not really being fair here. Probably 85% of the people I meet and deal with are good, normal people who just want to come in, make a transaction, exchange some small talk and get on with their lives. No big hassle or problem at all. Then you get the rest of the crowd. Oh vey!

There are the ones who won’t talk at all and act like they’re so superior. There are the comedians who won’t shut up and constantly keep talking. There are the moochers who are trying to get something for nothing and get a deal. There are the people who won’t put down that damn cell phone. There are the people looking for company and friends and will tell you their life story and every issue since they were in diapers. There are the annoying ones, the friendly ones, the hateful ones, the smart ones, the dumb as a rock and that’s an insult to rocks ones, the sexy ones, the ugly ones, the good, the bad, the mentally disturbed, etc. All day, every day. And I wouldn’t trade my life of dealing with these unique personalities for anything. Well, maybe for a Powerball Jackpot of a few hundred million bucks and a Condo at the beach, but that’s neither here or now. I actually like most of my people I deal with and interact with each day. Some more than others to be honest, but the magic of each one and getting to know these folks, it’s a blessing. Don’t tell anyone I said that. I have a reputation as a grumpy ass anti-social hermit to protect. It’s an adventure each day when I go out and head to work, not knowing for sure what the day holds and which personalities will grace my presence that particular day. It’s not a life for everyone, but I’m just a clerk. It’s what I do and customers are what makes the world, at least my part of it, happen.

I think we’ll sum it all up with a song quote. I can’t remember the guys name who sung this song, but it was a big country hit several years ago and says it all best, about my customers and about life in general. “God is great, beer is good and people are crazy!”. And to that, I just say, “Yep!”.

Moving on…


This is when you do something for others, not for hope of reward, but because it’s the right thing to do. Everyone has rough times and sometimes needs a helping hand. That’s just part of life and it happens. And when it does, it’s always good to have someone there who has your back and gave give you a hand to get back on track. Not bail you out so you’re dependent on them and take it for granted. That’s called socialism and being an ass. But needing help every so often when things are out of whack, there’s nothing wrong with that. This world would be a better place if people were more giving of their time and heart. That’s one thing that bothers me a bit. I volunteer and work at a Food Bank. Been doing it for over 11 years and still going strong. And we have a crew uo there who are there weekly, busting their butts and doing whatever they can to ensure that when food is distributed each Thursday to the families who need it here in Scotland County, I forget where I was going with that. Our volunteers kick ass and give so much of their time each week. For some, it’s like a full time job but no pay and no rewards except for helping out others. That’s a good thing.

But I was saying about what bothers me. All of our volunteers are older people. I’m one of the youngest and I’m in my 50’s. Where are the young people? They’re definitely up there each week to get the food and donations, but when it comes to giving back and helping to distribute, they’re nowhere in sight. It’s a generational thing and today’s generation is all about “me, me and me”, trying to get anything and everything they can for as little effort as possible. They think that the world owes them and we’ve become an entitled society as a result. It’s a sad thing, but they need to realize something. Unless some of these younger folks step up, what’s going to happen when us older people die off or quit? They’re going to be doing without and be screwed. It’s that simple and they can’t seem to realize or understand that.

I’m getting off the topic, aren’t I? Charity is a great thing and helping out others less fortunate than yourself is a great thing too. More people should do it and volunteer their time, knowledge, things they don’t need, etc and help their fellow man. This world would be a better place. It’d be great if we didn’t need charities and food banks and the like, but reality is, we do. Go give if you can and accept that the true reward and benefit is that you’re helping someone else. What more do you really need?

And finally…

Letter To My Kid…

I don’t have any kids. Well, I do have a best friend who is like a combination of my brother and son, my bro-son and he means the world to me, but that’s not the same. I do have a cat though and she’s my fur-baby. So my kid is Goldie? Works for me. Let’s write her a quick letter.

Dear Goldie,

Get off the damn counter. You don’t need any treats. Stay out of my room! I loves ya baby and you’re the bestest cat in this whole house.

Love ya…


And there you go. That brings this epic blog to an end. I have to go get ready for work now. This took longer than I anticipated to write and I’m running late. I guess if I’d quit rambling and going off topic, it wouldn’t take as long, but then again, that’s not me and not how I do things. I’m running late. I’ll deal with it. My thanks for reading this. Any comments, thoughts or questions, feel free and ask away. Until the next time, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. Catch you later, my friends.


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