Wrestling Q&A: Racist Gimmicks, The Rock, Wrestling Valets & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Racist Gimmicks, The Rock, Wrestling Valets & More
December 10, 2018

It’s Sunday night and it’s still raining and still cold. At least it’s not snow. That’s pretty much reserved for the rest of the state. Are you ready for some wrestling Q&A? These were sitting in my inbox, courtesy of Matt and I couldn’t just let them be ignored, could I? Tomorrow and the rest of this week actually will be extremely busy for me and I’m having a medical procedure coming up on Wednesday so I’d better do what I can while I can now. And so, I will. Matt sent the questions and I’ll provide the answers. Let’s get busy and do this…

What’s the most blatantly racist or offensive gimmick or character you’ve ever seen in wrestling?

The most racist was the character of Col. DeBeers in the AWA in the mid-80’s. The great Ed Wiskowski played the role of a South African former military guy who was the heir to the famous DeBeers diamond mines in South African and was all about white supremacy and how how inferior the black man was. He would refuse to wrestle black men or allow a black referee to officiate his matches and it was so over the top, it would never go over or come even close today. He had some great matches against Jimmy Snuka and Wahoo McDaniel and was a top star for both the AWA and the Portland territory. Wiskowski was an amazing wrestler and in real life, definitely the farthest thing from a racist. Hell, he was of polish descent, but he took this character and role and ran with it and created the consumate racist bastard heel character. As for offensive, when I look at Tony Atlas and the character of Saba Simba. What the hell was WWE thinking? It was beyond offensive to anyone of African American descent and hell, I’m a pale faced, homo-redneck and that character even offended me. It was just so dumb, there was no point to it except to embarrass Atlas and make him look like an idiot. It worked.

If you were told to create your own faction of WWE Superstars, who would you want for your team and what would they be called?

I’d prefer to keep my role as the unseen benefactor of the group and I’d have my own version of a “Dangerous Alliance”, 2018 style, but it’d be called the “Coalition” and I’d have former Intercontinental Champion and current WWE Superstar Curtis Axel as the man leading the group as my representative and the team mentor / leader. For the “team”, I’d use the Dangerous Alliance for an outline to follow and have a team that covers all the basics. My “stars” and top guys would be bringing back Mark Jindrak, who currrently works in Triple A, and having he and coming up from NXT, the man known as Ethan Carter III or ECIII as my two top singles guys. I’d have The Revival as my tag team specialists and Bo Dallas as my “resident loose cannon”. My veteran presence would be Titus O’Neill since he’s a good talker and could work as the co-manager when needed. And my female presence, my “Madusa” if you will, would be Carmella. She’s not quite the level of a Charlotte or Asuka, but the woman is talented and has a big future ahead of her and a role in a group would be, I think, a great learning experience and spot for her.

Do you think we’ll ever see another “bra & panties” match for the women in WWE?

Nope. I think that ship has sailed and even if it was to be suggested by creative or Vince, I don’t think the women in today’s WWE would be accepting of it or want to participate. Women’s wrestling has evolved far beyond the pillow fights and stripping matches of the past and that’s is definitely a good thing for WWE and the ladies.

Is it time for WWE to create a six-man tag team championship?

Part of me thinks so, especially since there are so many three man units teaming together regularly, such as the New Day, The Lucha House Party, The threesome of Corbin, Lashley & McIntyre, etc, for examples. But the other part of me says that there are too many titles in the WWE even as it is right now and while I can support the creation of some new titles such as a tag team title for the women or bringing back the Hardcore title so that the mid-card and lower level wrestlers would have a reason and something to compete for, the idea of a six-man or “Trios” Championship has never really excited me and it’s never really managed to get over whenever it’s been tried in the past. So I would have to say no on this question.

Who was the worst Horseman? Aside from Flair and Arn, who was the best Horseman?

The worst Horseman, in my opinion, would be Curt Hennig. From a story line point of view, look at it. He took Arn’s “spot” and then, several weeks later, turned on the Horsemen and betrayed them, injuring Ric Flair in the process, to join the nWo. A great wrestler to be sure and if he had been given more time as a Horseman, things may have been different, but from a kayfabe point of view, Curt would have to be the worst. In reality though, the worst fit that was added to the group against the wishes of Flair and Arn, was Paul Roma. He did okay for himself and rose to the occasion as a member of the group, but he never should have been there in the first place. As for the best, aside from Ric and Arn, I’ll go with Ole Anderson. The Horseman and the whole concept and teaming with Ric got it’s start with Ole and Gene and the Minnesota Wrecking Crew and evolved from there as Ole teamed with his “cousin”, brought in Arn and was at war with Dusty leading to the cage match that gave the Horsemen their unofficial start. Without Ole, there would be no Horsemen. It’s just that simple and “The Rock” deserves credit for that.

When the Rock finally gets inducted into the WWE HOF, who should do the inducting?

It will probably end up being his cousin, Roman Reigns, but my pick would be his former “Rock & Sock” tag team partner, Mick Foley.

What is your Mt, Rushmore of wrestling valets?

Valets – the women who don’t actually wrestle, but join their men at ringside and do whatever it takes to ensure victory. My picks for a wrestling valet Mt. Rushmore would be Miss Elizabeth, Woman (Nancy Sullivan), Baby Doll and Missy Hyatt. There are so many women who, in the past, did a great job as the second for their chosen wrestler such as Miss Linda, Bunny Love, Sunny, Francine, Dawn Marie, Precious, Sunshine, Big Mama, Dark Journey, etc, but the ladies I mentioned, they set the standards and rose above and beyond, being the best at what they did. More than just a pretty face, these women were characters in their own rights and added to the matches, the stories, etc. And they would be the faces I’d pick for a tribute to the lost art of wrestling valets.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any thoughts, comments or especially questions, let me know. Any questions you want to see me answer? Send them too. And with that, I’m out of here. Have a great one and I’ll catch you on the flip side. Take care.


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