12 Dougie Days Of Christmas – Day 12 (In The Style Of Dr. Seuss) – Cell Phone Policy, Elf On A Shelf & Latin…

12 Dougie Days Of Christmas
(In The Style of Dr. Seuss)
Day 12 – Cell Phone Policy, Elf On A Shelf & Latin
December 19, 2018

Today is the day
it all comes to an end
12 Christmas Days of Dougie
To be read by foe or friend

I’ve made it
and I’m only a day behind
which is pretty amazing
considering I’ve probably lost my mind

So the Magic Bag has topics
Of which I have pulled four
The first was Dr. Seuss
So writing this shall be a chore

But I shall endure
my writing moving, yet strong
no shades of gray
just right and wrong

And now we address the topics
that come from the Magic Bag
Cell Phones, Latin and Elf On A Shelf
We have our topics and shall not lag

And so we have the subjects
And you had to have knew it
that the next words from my mouth
will be, “Let’s do this!”

Cell Phone Policy…

At my job, we have a sign
posted for all to see
Do not talk or text on your cell phone
while in the register area, please.

Some people like it
And others don’t have a clue
They still try to converse
And they generally act very rude

We tell them to put their party on hold
and they act like a really big stinker
You know what those people end up being
The beings we call “beer drinkers”.

Follow the rules and be polite
That person can just wait a sec
And if that’s too hard to understand
No sale for you. See you later.
And who’s next?


In school, I took a class
to learn to speak anew
Latin was the subject
And my desire to learn was true

I tried hard and studied
and just barely passed the tests
But Mrs. Williamson tried to teach us
She gave us her very best.

Now thirty six years later
And I don’t think Latin was for me
Because all I remember from that class
Is how to sing “Oh Christmas Tree”.

And finally…

Elf On A Shelf…

This is the big thing today
It’s called Elf On A Shelf
To keep the kids in line
And snitch to Santa himself

If you touch them
they lose their powers and cry
If you love and respect them
the rewards will often be high

Always be good
because they’re always watching
and tell Santa your every move
like little snitches
who belong in ditches
judging you without any proof

Why do we need
an Elf On A Shelf
To make our children be good
When I was a kid
We had belts to the butt
and that was all it took

I guess the Elves are pretty cool
Despite that they see and tell all
But word of warning to Candy and his friends
Tell on me and you’ll be eating brick walls.

And this is the end
The final words
as I bring this blog series to a close
Will there be more
Days Of Dougie to come
I’d say yes, but who really truly knows

Thank you for reading
And any thoughts
Send to me via my e-mail
Always be safe and have a great day
Strive to be happy and always succeed
But never afraid to fail

Have a great one
And always know
My love for you is true
And now this blog is over
I say to you,

@00 @ 1 1 12 days 1

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