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Impact Wrestling Homecoming / NWA Pop Up
Thoughts & Predictions
January 4, 2019

Coming up on Saturday 1/6/19, Impact Wrestling will make it’s return to PPV and Fite TV as they travel to Nashville, TN and the Nashville Fairgrounds, aka The TNA Asylum for “Homecoming”. This is the final PPV for Impact as part of the Pop family and from here on in, they’ll be part of Pursuit. No, I’d never heard of them either before they secured the rights to air Impact Wrestling. This doesn’t bode well for the former TNA and if this ends up being their last PPV, I won’t be surprised. DJZ and Trevor Lee have seen the writing on the wall and they’re gone. So who’s next?

But that’s all something to think about for another day. For now, it’s this coming Sunday night and Impact Wrestling’s Homecoming. Of course, that means I’ve got some thoughts and predictions to do for you, my loyal readers (both of you). Only six matches have officially been announced, but I expect we’ll see at least two more added before that opening bell rings. I can’t comment on those that haven’t been announced yet, but the ones that have, let’s break out the Magic 8 Ball and let’s do this. And away we go…

Impact Wrestling Champion Johnny Impact vs. Brian Cage.

I have to admit here that I haven’t been following this feud that much and don’t really know where both men currently stand with the company. I think Impact has been doing a good job so far as the Impact World Champion and right now, during a major transaction period, I can’t see him losing the belt or Impact switching the title. Cage is a very talented wrestler as well and I expect that this match will be top notch and exciting. Lots of close calls and two counts galore, but in the end, it’s the former star of WWE and Lucha Underground that will come out on top and retain his championship.

Winner and STILL Impact Champion: Johnny Impact

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie with Gail Kim as the special guest referee.

These two ladies can really go and their presence here is WWE’s loss to be sure. The interesting thing here will be to see how the presence of Gail Kim affects things. Tessa has already issued a warning to Kim to stay out of her way so that almost automatically says that there will be issues between Tessa and Kim. Will these issues result in a changing of the guard for the Impact Wrestling Knockouts and their championship? Will Taya Valkyrie live up to her namesake and come to battle with only victory in mind as she slaughters the current Champion and takes her title? I’m predicting right now that this will be one of the matches of the night. And I think we’ll see the belt change hands.

Winner and NEW Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion: Taya Valkyrie

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions LAX vs. Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix.

I’m not sure what the status of LAX’s mentor, Konnan, is supposed to be after his recent attack by Low-Ki over at MLW so will he even be there? This should be a good match and an interesting clash of styles, with lots of lucha-action mixed with American smash-mouth wrestling. To me, LAX is getting stale and I think that a title change here would be an interesting and good thing for Impact. Thus, that’s what I’m predicting.

Winners and NEW Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions: Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix

Ultimate X to crown new X-Division Champion: Jake Crist vs. Ethan Page vs. Rich Swann vs. Trey Miguel.

All of these guys can work, but one man stands above them all. He was a top guy on 205 Live for WWE and even though I understand why, I personally feel that WWE was stupid to let him go as they did. But their loss is Impact Wrestling’s gain and we’ll see Rich Swann prove his worth on Sunday as he defies the odds (and gravity) to become the new X-Division Champion.

Winner and NEW X-Division Champion: Rich Swann

Eddie Edwards vs. Moose – Falls Count Anywhere.

I can not take a person named after a fat deer seriously. I hear “Moose” and I think of the air-headed jock in the old Archie comics. Yes, I know that the “Moose” character in the Riverdale series is a big cry from his comic book counterpart, but it doesn’t matter. Give Moose a squirrel to hang out with and let them go fight the Russians. Eddie Edwards wins. ‘Nuff said!

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Eli Drake vs. Abyss – Monster’s Ball Match.

Abyss is Impact’s version of The Undertaker, but just not as impressive or dominating. The “Monster’s Ball Match” is his match, but on this particular Sunday, he may have bitten off more than he can chew with Eli Drake. I expect plenty of plunder and shenanigans, but the smoke and mirrors will probably overshadow the wrestling and with Abyss, that’s probably a good thing. I think we’ll see an upset that no one will remember after Sunday night and will mean absolutely nothing to anyone not named Drake. Look for Eli to pick up the victory here.

Winner: Eli Drake

And that covers the announced matches for Impact Wrestling’s Homecoming. But that’s not the only event happening this weekend. Just a few miles down the road from Homecoming, in Clarksville TN on Saturday, 1/5/19, the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) will have a show at the Rudolph Event Center. It’s NWA Pop-Up. Only four matches so far have been announced for this event, but since I’m on a roll and very excited about the return of the NWA to prominence, I may as well do some of that Sister Cleo mojo for them as well. So predictions for NWA Pop-Up. Here you go…

UPDATE: After I had finished and posted my predictions for Impact Wrestling’s Homecoming event, the company (of course) decided to add two additional matches to the card. And thus, that means a little updating with predictions for the extra two matches. The things I do for this site… lol. So here you go. One more time with the Gary Spivey fright wig and a little bit of fortune telling. You’re welcome.

Sami Callihan vs. The Mack

Who is “The Mack”? I usually read over Impact Wrestling recaps and for whatever reason, I don’t recall seeing this name. I remember hearing Sinatra and friends sing about “Mack the Knife”, but I doubt that they’re the same person. But I do know who Sami Callihan is and he’s a damn good talent and legit bad-ass in and out of the ring. OK, the Mack is Willie Mack, the current NWA National Champion who will be defending his title at the NWA Pop-Up event on Saturday before coming to TNA Sunday for this event. Why didn’t I put two and two together? I did and got seven. This might end up being a damn good match after all now that I’ve actually done a little research and know who both men are. I would normally go with Sami here, but since Mack is a NWA Champion, provided that he keeps the title on Saturday night, I’ve got to go with him on this one. If he’s still the Champ, the NWA won’t be happy if he loses a match on PPV and if he’s not the champ anymore, he’ll be extra motivated to redeem himself and won’t be happy with a loss here either. So let’s give the Mack man the edge.

Winner: Willie “The Mack” Mack

Allie and Su Yung vs. Kiera Hogan and Jordynne Grace

Allie too will be wrestling at the NWA Pop-Up event so there’s a good possibility that she may come into Homecoming as the new NWA Women’s Champion. I don’t think so and have predicted that Jazz, the current Champion will retain at Pop-Up. So then we have Sunday night and this event and it’s tag team action as Allie will be teaming not with Kate, but with Su Young, which I think in Japanese means “Kate”. I’ve seen some of Su Yung on YouTube and she’s a talented lady in that ring and tough as a two dollar steak. Kiera Hogan and Jordynne Grace, I don’t know much about, but one of the participants is named “Hogan”. Does that mean she’s a Hulkamaniac? Makes me wonder, brother! Allie is losing on Saturday so I think that she and her partner will pick up the win here and split the weekend.

Winners: Allie & Su Yung

So that’s the additional matches. This ends the update. Now back to our regularly scheduled prediction column.


NWA Pop-Up Thoughts & Predictions…

NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis vs. James Storm.

Aldis is a really good wrestler and has been doing a fine job thus far as a fighting old-school style NWA World Champion. Here, he’s facing “The Outlaw” James Storm and one has to wonder, will this be the night that Aldis is told at the end of the night, “Sorry about your damn luck!”? I don’t think so. Storm is a big name talent and a really good wrestler, but I can’t see the NWA being ready yet to pull the plug on Aldis and change their course to reclaiming their place in greatness just yet. I think we’ll have a great match and lots of good action. Plenty of close calls as well, but when the smoke settles, Aldis will retain that ten pounds of gold.

Winner and STILL NWA World Champion: Nick Aldis

NWA Women’s Champion Jazz vs. Allie.

Who is Allie? Where is Kate then? Jazz is legit tough as they come and a great person to have and keep as the representative of all women wrestling under the NWA banner. Would this be called a “White Girl Challenge”? Jazz has a fight on her hands, but at the end of the night, she’s keeping her title.

Winner and STILL NWA Women’s Champion: Jazz

NWA National Champion Willie Mack vs. Matt Cross.

I like Matt Cross, but Willie Mack just won the NWA National Championship a month or so ago and it’s too soon to lose it or switch title holders. Cross gives it a good attempt, but in the end, it’s Mack who walks out still champion with his arms raised in triumph.

Winner and STILL NWA National Champion: Willie Mack

David Arquette & mystery partner vs. Kingdom of Josephus – hair vs. hair.

If all the champs retain (and I think they will), there needs to be a big moment for the fans and people watching this show and this match will be where I think it happens. I don’t know who Arquette’s partner will be, but wouldn’t it be nice if it was Diamond Dallas Page? But I expect to see a good match where Arquette will exceed all expectations and win over a lot of doubters and haters. And I also expect that we’ll see Arquette end up with a lollipop in his mouth saying, “Who loves you, Baby?”. Yeppers, David Arquette is getting his head shaved.

Winners: The Kingdom of Josephus

And there you go. So what do you think? Will you be watching Impact Wrestling’s Homecoming or the NWA’s Pop-Up or will you be like me and just follow the results online? Who do you think will will and lose? Will this be Impact’s last PPV event? Tell me what you’re thinking. Any comments, thoughts or questions, holla holla holla. And with that, I’m out of here. Have a great night. Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you later. Take care.


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