Wrestling Q&A: Muta vs Kabuki, Rico, Best Match Ever & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Muta vs Kabuki, Rico, Best Match Ever and More…
January 14, 2019

It’s time to do some Q&A, the wrestling style. The questins are from Matt and Jesse. These guys are really going above and beyond in sending me questions for the site and I greatly appreciate it. Now, let’s do this and get busy. And away we go.

What is the best match you remember seeing live and in person?

We have to go way back to 1996 I believe and a live show in Durham, NC. It was my buddy and long time friend and little brother, Michael Youngblood, taking on a young rookie by the named of Ethan Storm, also a good friend. We all rode together to the show and I sat in the audience and talked to a woman I believe was there with Jimmy Valiant while they vanished to the back and got ready for their match. And to say that they stole the show and tore that house down is a major understatement. These two guys, who were and are good friends, literally tore into each other with a passion you would usually only find on a major, big company show. Ity was raw brutality and a mixture of wrestling and stiff shots to the extreme. I can’t even remember who won the match, but probably Michael since he was the more established veteran of the two. And after the show, we went out to eat with some of the other wrestlers and rode home together, which is a story in itself, but one for later. I’ve seen hundreds of matches live since then and probably thousands on TV and video, but that match, for whatever the reason, was the best live match I ever remember witnessing and still holds a warm spot in my memories.

With AEW starting up as well as the prominence as of late for ROH and MLW among others, is it safe to say that wrestling is going through a new boom period?

Well yes and no. From what I understand, attendance at the WWE events is currently down, but that’s okay because they’re making most of their money with TV and the USA / Fox deals. Companies like ROH and New Japan are doing well and even upstart companies like MLW are gaining a good audience. As for AEW, we’ll have to see how it goes, but I think that since they have money behind them, as does the NWA, they’ll do well too. Wrestling has always worked in cycles with a strong audience and then the die-hard fans only and then big again, etc. We’re due a major boom period, but as to it this is truly it, only time will tell.

Thoughts on Selina Majors (Bambi)?

Selina Majors, also known as Bambi, was a very talented performer from the mid and late 80’s and early 90’s who worked for the NWA and all across the southeast as well as David MacLane’s “Women of Wrestling” company. She was a talented performer who had a strong rivalry against Peggy Lee Leather and they worked together all across the world. I don’t think she’s in the business anymore, but if I’m right, she’s only in her early 50’s now and could probably make some major money, given the current popularity of women’s wrestling, on the reunion shows and autograph signing events. I’m not sure where she is now, but she was good in that ring and ahead of her time to be sure.

Rico. WWE Hall of Fame worthy?

As much as I loved Rico and enjoyed his work with WWE, as a “stylist”, the manager of Chuck and Billy, the tag team partner of Rikishi and then Charlie Haas, etc, I don’t really consider his short run with the company as big enough or long enough to warrant a nomination into the WWE Hall of Fame. I suppose it could happen because he was and is a memorable character, but I don’t think it will ever happen unless they just happen to be in Vegas, where Rico lives and Vince is in a really nostalgic mood.

The Great Muta versus The Great Kabuki in a No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere Match. Who wins?

And while you’re at it, put Gary Hart, who managed both men at different points, as the special referee. Kabuki was the original mist-spitting mysterious enigma from the far east and Muta followed a few years later. Muta was the better all-around performer in that ring and could do far more things than Kabuki was able to do so that gives him an edge. But Kabuki was the older and wiser and I think that Muta would be honored to do the JOB for the senior spitter. Kabuki wins.

Ox Baker versus Enforcer Luciano. Who wins?

The concession stand because this match would be a major stinker and while they were performing in that ring, everyone would go get a hot dog or go to the bathroom. Ox Baker was a really cool guy with a fantastic look. His ring work was limited and sucked, but he could brawl and get by based on character alone. Well that and his “heart punch”. Enforcer Luciano was a man who had a great look with a Chicago mobster character who was brought into Crockett in the early 80’s to challenge Blackjack Mulligan. A great look and a decent promo, where he chewed glass and showed off steel plating allegedly in his hands and forearms. But in the ring, he sucked and sucked badly. No one could get a good match out of this guy and every time he stepped into the ring, he was just beyond terrible. He didn’t last long in Crockett, but just a few weeks. So Baker versus Luciano? Two interesting and memorable characters, but the match would shit balls. Baker would win because at least he had a finisher and some credibility with the fans due to the movie “Escape From New York”. But damn, this match would be bad. Very bad indeed. Think Eva Marie and Cameron bad minus a few hundred points. Yeah, it would suck!

Who would be on your Mt. Rushmore of Ring Announcers?

Lilian Garcia would be one for sure, as would Howard “The Fink” Finkel. From WCW, I’d go with Gary Michael Cappetta and as my fourth, he wasn’t great as an announcer, but I’ve read his book and we spoke a few times via the computer and e-mails before he passed away, the voice of the AWA, Larry Nelson.

Should WWE bring back Sunday Night Heat on the USA Network?

Instead of the “Kick-Off shows” on the Network, run a live feed before all the PPV events and otherwise, tape a show before RAW on Monday’s to play on Sunday nights on the USA Network. I’d love to see it happen. I started off in the wrestling journalism business as a recapper for Sunday Night Heat for TheWrestlingInformer.net and my writing career, what there is of it, evolved from there so naturally, Heat has a special place in my heart. It was a good show then and could be good and work even now. The WWE has too much going on all across the world and it might not be on the top of their priority list, but I’d love to see the return of Sunday Night Heat. I’d definitely watch.

Is it time for the WWE Women’s Division to have their own weekly show?

No! As good as the women of WWE are, a show alone to carry on their own would be overexposure and too much. I also don’t want to see RAW or Smackdown be an all-men’s show. Keep the talents interacting and have the shows that are already on feature both male and female talent as they currently do. That keeps things interesting and fresh with more of a variety of matches to see, as it should be and should remain.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Questions, comments and any other thoughts welcome and appeciated. Until the next time, stay safe and have a great one. Take care.


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