Ten Days Of Dougie: Day 3 – Take Me Or Leave Me, News & Clocks…

Ten Days Of Dougie – Day 3
Take Me Or Leave Me, News & Clocks
January 18, 2019

Good morning and Happy Friday if there truly is such a thing. It’s 6:45am and I do not want to be awake this early. But I have work and this thing to do and thus, I am. The things I do for you. I haven’t even showered yet so if you smell anything, my bad. It’s Day 3 of the oh so infamous “Ten Days o Dougie” blog series where I write about random topics drawn from a bag. Wow, what a build up! Doesn’t that make this sound so must-read? I’ve only been awake for ten minutes so we’ll just have to take what we can get, right?

A quick update from two days ago when in myblog, I talked a bit about crack-roses. I said something about how I don’t know if you can even find them anywhere anymore due to their use as stems for the smoking of the crack, but alas, I have been informed that a couple of stores at least still sell them and have them available. A store up in Wagram has them and of course, Brothers In The Hood, the store over in North Laurinburg. Why didn’t I think about them? I guess it’s because I’m not a brother in the hood, but for those brothers in the hood who are looking to get fried like two eggs on a Sunday morning at Mel’s Diner (obscure TV reference), that’s where to go. They’re behind the counter and only for “special customers” or so I was told. But there you go. The more you know…

And now, let’s get this over with. The enthusiasm is bubbling over this morning. Where is the “Magic Bag”? And now for the drawing of topics. We have: Take Me Or Leave Me, News and finally Clocks. Wow, what a great set of topics! (frowns) Don’t expect any Pulitzer prize winners today kids. So let’s take a swig of the Dew and get busy and do this. And away we go…

Take Me Or Leave Me…

This topic came from the song, by the same name, from the movie “Rent!”, which of course is based on the musical, “Rent!”. It’s one of my favorite musicals of all time and I’ve seen the movie at least thirty times if not more. And this is where you have Maureen and Joanne at their engagement party. Maureen is being flirty and all that and Joanne get jealous and not a fight happens, but instead we get a great duet where their air their differences, make their arguments and conclude that they can’t and won’t change who they are so take me as i am or leave now. They end up leaving (for the moment anyhow). It’s a great scene and one of my favorites.

And the sentiment is so true. I’ve seen so many people fall in love, head over heels for someone, yet as soon as they get them, they try to change them from the person they were into someone else. Sometimes, I get that it’s necessary, especially if the person has self-destructive habits, but if that’s the case, why go after them in the first place? I know. I said this yesterday and it’s true that a person can’t help who they fall in love with. Lord help me, I know that one way too well and got burned for it big time. But you can’t be with someone and totally try to change everything about them that made you fall for them in the first place. It’s about compromise and some understanding and we have to be free to be ourselves. If changes are to be made, the person doing the changing has to want to change his or her ways and it’s a natural evolution that can’t be forced. And if the other person does try to force their partner to change and become something different, they’re just going to push them away.

I’ll use myself for an example. I’m moody, childish at times, sarcastic, have a love of comics, cats and wrestling that can be hard to deal with and I have trouble coming out of my shell and opening up in person. I also suck at returning phones calls, messages and being sociable. But on the other hand, I’m honest, funny, can cook, great in bed, work a job, take responsibility very seriously, committed, very loyal to my friends and family, and am truly a catch for any man or woman. So there’s good and there’s bad and when you get me, you don’t get just part of it. You get everything and all of it. Most people it seems, can’t handle the the total package so they don’t stick around for long. Or they try to make me into who they want me to be rather than who they see standing in front of them and it never works. I think that y’all know exactly what I mean. And I’m bad about it too and can be a bit stubborn. Who me? No! Yes, it’s true. But bottom line is, take me for who I am, flaws and all, or don’t even bother me. Just leave. And there you go.

And moving on…


It’s all fake. Who the hell watches news anymore? I watch the TV channels that claim to be news, but we don’t get facts and the truth. We get spin, spin and more spin, like here is what happened as we see it and if a few details are twisted and fudged, so be it. And it’s all of them. I think Fox is more honest than MSNBC or CNN, but they all have their agendas and are pretty blatant about pushing those agendas at the cost of true journalism and being unbiased. That last word, unbiased, is just dead now and doesn’t even exist. Where is Neil Boortz when you need him? Who? Neil was a radio personality I used to listen to and he was very right wing of course, but he was also sarcastic and funny. And what I liked about Boortz is that he would tell you upfront that you need to look up and verify everything he said on the radio. Don’t take his word for anything because as he would repeat, “I will lie to you in an instant! Look it up!”. So Neil would lie to get his point across, but told you exactly that and said to not believe him, but learn and find out for yourself. Most people these days though are mindless sheep and don’t bother looking it up. They just believe the lies and rhetoric. And the talking heads, the so-called journalist on TV these days. They don’t report the news. They just lie. Don’t believe me. Just look it up. And I’m running out of time so let’s move on.


The clock says it’s 7:35 am. I still have to shower, shave and eat breakfast and be at work by 8:45 am so I’ve got to go. I’m closing this up now and doing what the clock says, getting my ass in gear and moving it. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

So I’m through for now. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts or questions, feel free and send them to me. Back tomorrow for more and back later today, probably tonight, for some Q&A stuff, both wrestling and otherwise. When I asked for questions, y’all responded and I’m going to have a very busy weekend as a result. I loves it. Thank you. As for now, I’m down and gone. Take care and I’ll see you later.


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