10 Days of Dougie – Day 8 (Wrestling Promo Edition): Rock & Roll Movies, The Beatles & Canvas…

10 Days Of Dougie – Day 8
Wrestling Promo Edition
Rock & Roll Movies, The Beatles & Canv
January 30, 2019

Welcome to a very late Day 8. This one should have been written and posted three days ago and I should have finished up with the “10 Days Of Dougie” blog series yesterday, but guess who got slack as hell? Well, I’ve been watching a lot of wrestling (NXT Takeover: Phoenix, The Royal Rumble, RAW and Smackdown Live) and I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix (Punisher – Season 2) and I’ve been sleeping a lot. But very little writing. I think maybe I’ve been depressed or something. Hell, I still am, but I have a responsibility to this site. It does bear my name after all. And I have a responsibility to my loyal readers, all seven of you. A blog site can not survive on wrestling Q&A’s alone and even though I do an awful lot of them (and thanks to the readers who send those questions in – keep them coming), every so often, it needs to get a little more personal and Dougiecentric. That’s why I do the “Days of Dougie” series. Well that reason and also, I like to write about weird things and this makes it a challenge for me, unlike your boyfriend. He was just too easy. (Kidding… Well not really… lol). Now what was I saying?

Oh yeah, I’m behind and it’s time to get caught up so I can move on to other things, topics and activities. I have an idea for a fan fiction story unlike any I’ve ever done before or at least recently, but I don’t want to get too caught up in all of that until I clean my plate of a few other things first. More details on that at a future date.

So… let’s get to the Magic Bag, find a few topics and get this bad mama jama rolling for today. We have the bag here and I’m reaching in and the topics are: Wrestling Promos, Rock & Roll Movies & Beatles. I just had an idea pop into my head so let’s add one more topic to the discussion and then I’ll explain. The extra bonus topic is… Canvas.

Okay, that sounds boring, but we’ll make it work. My idea that I just decided to go with is that I’ll do my little bits about each of the topics, but I’ll discuss each topic in a wrestling promo style, using the mannerisms and catch-phrases of different well known wrestlers to discuss each topic. How’s that for a plan? I’ll do “Wrestling Promos” first to describe what the ideal promo, in my opinion, should be like and then the following three subjects, I’ll cut a promo on each one. So let’s do this.

Wrestling Promo…

For me, the ideal wrestling promo is short and to the point, You have a few bullet points to get across and find a way to relay the message, touch on all the bullet points, be exciting and make the audience listening to you speak want to hear more and see more (and thus be willing to buy a ticket to the shows). Simply put, a good promo puts butts in the seats, tells when and where and leaves the fans wanting more. And the best promos, in my opinion, are when the person talking has found his or her own style and uses their own personality and language to sell the product and speak their mind. That’s why scripted promos, as the WWE likes to do, don’t work very well. People are talking, using words that few people use in real life and everyone speaks the same way and it shows. Most wrestlers are better at improv than following a script line for line and making it come across as real. That’s why The Rock and Steve Austin and John Cena cut great promos. They were allowed to improvise and go off script if required. That’s why Roman Reigns for example, had such a hard time getting over with the fans. He was saying the right words, but it wasn’t him talking, but rather a room full of writers. Think about it. Less is more and real beats scripted. And that’s the bottom line cause I just said so. And now, let’s cut a few promos, shall we.

Rock & Roll Movies (Hogan Style)

Well brutha, we all know that Hollywood is king and movies make the world go round. And the best movies, they not only rock, but they roll. We’re talking heavy metal thunder all across that movie screen bruther! Let’s talk about the best rock & roll movies. There’s Footloose. How about the one with Marky Mark. Rock Star was amazing and it even sent chills down my spine. You know what I’m talking about! But the greatest rock and roll movie of all time. There’s only one that comes to mind. It’s not School of Rock. It’s not Monster Dog, but that was a kick-ass movie bro. It’s not even Can’t Stop The Music. Brother, it has to be the biggest, the baddest, the most campy and kick-ass movie of all time. Do that time warp brother and go watch Frank, Riff Raff, Magenta, Brad, Janet and of course Rocky, it’s the Rocky Horror Picture Show, brutha! And what you gonna do? What you gonna do… when Frank N’ Furter and the Transylvanians run wild and do that Time Warp on you… brother!

And moving on…

The Beatles (Flair Style)

Mean, by God, Gene, let me tell you about a group of guys. They walk that aisle. They style and profile. They set the standards, the gold bar of what being a great band and playing that music all night long is all about. There are not many people who can walk side by side with The Horsemen and kiss all the girls and make them cry, but we’re not just talking any band. We’re talking Paul. We’re talking John. We’re talking George. And we’re talking the kiss-stealing, wheeling dealing baddest of them all, the man who styles and profiles, Ringo. Limo riding, jet flying and going as only they can do. How many #1 hits? Wooooooooooo! As the Horsemen have dominated the world of professional wrestling for so many years, often imitated but never duplicated, if the nWo or anyone else did it, we did it first and did it better. And the same goes for these guys. Diamonds are forever, my friend and so are the Horsemen. And so are and always will be, woooooooo, the greatest band of all time, The Beatles. Woooooooooooo.

And finally…

Canvas (Macho Style)

Yeah, I see a canvas spread out and what goes on it? Paintings? Pictures? Maybe a bunch of leaves? That would be wild and the Macho Man digs it. Take a blank canvas and the possibilities are endless. Anything is possible just like when we get into that ring. Or anywhere else the madness happens. Oooh yeah! The future is a blank canvas and what it’s used for, could be sedate and mellow, could be powerful and intense… Elizabeth likes the Macho Man when he’s intense, yeah… We just have to wait and see. What will the final picture be? Who will stand tall at the end? What is read, white and black all over. The Macho Man knows? Do you? Dig it!

And there you go. That was actually fun and I could hear the wrestlers voices screaming in my head as I wrote each promo. I should do more of these, but not right now. I have to go get ready for work, but if you liked these, let me know. Any questions, comments or thoughts about anything really, just give me a shout. My thanks for reading. I’ll get Day 9 up tonight or in the morning. Thanks again. Until the next time, take care and remember, every day is just another Day of Dougie. Loves ya!


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