5 Questions – Television: The View, Comics on TV, The Super Bowl & More…

5 Questions: Television
The View, Comics TV, The Super Bowl & More
February 1, 2019

Questions from my Facebook timeline and my buddy, Matt.  (He loves The View). They give me questions and I have all the answers. Let’s do this…

You’re hired as the new Executive Producer for “The View”. What’s the first thing you do?

Fire every single one of the women currently on the cast and start the new season with an all-new cast. Ok, I doubt that ABC would let me go that far and I’d probably be forced to try to find a way to work with the cast that is currently there at least at first, but I’d have a meeting with the five women and let them know that a lot of the crap that currently goes on will not be tolerated. The personal insults and false claims without evidence or proof will end. The View is technically part of ABC News (what’s up with that?) so if you can’t make a claim and bring up actual proof to support that claim, don’t say it. Less politics and pandering to one side over the other. If we have a blatant liberal as a guest, then we have a conservative on at the same time to present an opposing view. And I’d have more open minded people and personalities ready to step in and take over if and when Whoopi, Joy & Sunny get their panties in a bunch, which probably be before the first episode under my watch hits the air. So obviously, I’d be fired before I ever get hired, but damn, I’d piss a lot of people off in the process and it would be awesome.

What DC Comics characters would you like to see join the CW’s “Arrowverse”?

With all of the shows currently as part of the “Arrowverse” – Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Black Lightning and Legends of Tomorrow, they’ve been really good about having all of the top DC comics heroes and villains show up in some way, shape or form and there aren’t many left that between these shows and the movies of course, that haven’t been touched upon. But there are a few. How about Funky Flashman? I don’t think we’ve seen the Mirror Master yet. The Wizard was a great villain back in the late 70’s with the Secret Society of Super Villains and could be good again. Captain Comet and Plastique also come to mind.

Should Marvel / Disney try to work out a way and move their Netflix series (Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, The Defenders, Iron Fist, Daredevil, The Punisher) to a new home at a TV Network?

Actually I think this would be a great idea and allow Marvel / The Mouse to recreate the magic that DC and the CW Network has done with the Arrowverse. Just imagine Fox or CBS for example with a line-up of Monday nights at 10:00, Daredevil. Then on Tuesday, we have Iron Fist. Wednesday, we have Jessica Jones. And on Saturday night, it’s The Punisher. And eventually, have “The Defenders” as a crossover event linking the episodes together. It would be a big move for any network, but it would pay off in spades as the CW has proven and for those who say that the shows are too violent or adult for regular television, that’s crap. Watch the Arrowverse shows or the police drama’s and you’ll see just as much profanity or violence as on any Marvel Netflix show. I know that Netflix might balk at a situation like this, but they don’t want to keep the shows so why should they bitch if someone else picks them up. And for those who think Marvel is saving these for their streaming service, these shows are expensive to make and Disney / Marvel will need a partner to offset the costs. It’s not going to hurt their streaming service and would actually help advertise and promote everything else Marvel does. It would also help Netflix because if these shows were to continue airing on regular television, it would attract new fans who would want more and want to see how it all began. The first seasons are still on Netflix and will probably be for a while to come so these new viewers would go to Netflix to see the early episodes of their new favorites and while they’re there, sign up and become regular subscribers. Hopefully, Marvel and the Mouse will find a way to keep these shows alive and going. They’re too good to let die and fade away into oblivion and they deserve better.

Is there any particular show from the 70s or 80’s that you’d like to see rebooted?

For some reason, I’d love to see an updated version of All In The Family, but instead of Archie and Edith, how about the show now focuses on Joey (Archie’s grandson) and his (sort of) Aunt, Stephanie. Sally Struthers and Rob Reiner could make cameos reprising their roles as Gloria and The Meathead and let’s have Joey be way too much like his Grandpa Archie for his own good, aka “a bigot”. Use the original scripts, with some updating to make it 2019 instead of the 70’s, but still focus on the politically incorrect topics of the day. Hell, have Roseanne show up as a crazy neighbor. But I have ideas and this could be a fun show to do that would make Archie and Edith smile.

Are you planning on watching the Super Bowl?

Probably not. I don’t have a team in this fight and I sure as hell don’t care about Maroon 5. I’ll watch some of the new commercials on YouTube and probably end up Netflixing instead. Naybe Grindring too. Is that even a word? But no football for me. We stand for the National Anthem around here. And by the way, GO RAMS. To think I’d ever root for anyone from California for anything, but my sister is a Patriots fan and we have a bet going on. $10 is $10. And there you go.

And with that, I’m through for now. Have a great one and I’ll catch you on the other side. Questions, comments and thoughts welcome. Talk to me, my Peeps. See ya later.


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Photo by Burak Kebapci on Pexels.com

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