Wrestling Q&A: Buddy Landell, King Of The Ring, Chris Jericho & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
Buddy Landell, King of the Ring, Chris Jericho & More
February 1, 2019

Welcome to that infamous “Tossing Salt Wrestling Q&A” thing. It’s the world’s greatest pseudo-sport and the best athletes in the world, period. it’s what we all know and love and watch religiously. And if you’ve got questions, I’ve got the answers. Matt and Jesse seem to be the only ones with questions this lovely and chilly morning, but that’s quite okay. Thanks guys. Now, let’s do this…

Thoughts on Buddy Landell?

“The other Nature Boy”, Buddy was a very talented performer, but albeit one with a lot of issues. I remember seeing Buddy perform here in the Mid-Atlantic region and to begin, it was pre-Nature Boy and he had brown hair, worked as a jobber and you could tell he had talent, but just hadn’t found his niche yet. Move to about a year or two later and here is the bleached blonde hair, James J. Dillon by his side and he’s the “Nature Boy”. We already had Ric Flair and Buddy Rogers had only recently left to go to the WWF and recreate his story of saving Jimmy Snuka, but this brash youngster came in and tried to make a name for himself and actually had some good matches with Ric. I remember seeing them fight at Pate Stadium here in Laurinburg and it was a good and fun match. Buddy was good in the ring and not too bad on the mic and from everything I’ve heard, he was a great guy behind the scenes as well. But he was the party guy, living the wild life and it eventually derailed his career and took control as those demons so often do. There’s a great match from when Smokey Mountain Wrestling was working with the WWF and Buddy faced Shawn Michaels. Look it up if you get the chance. That shows how good he was and what kind of future he should have had. So much talent and potential and so much wasted and thrown away.

Most devastating move – Nikita Koloff’s “Russian Sickle”, JBL’s “Clothesline From Hell” or Stan Hansen’s “Lariat”?

While JBL’s clothesline looks great and is deadly in it’s own right, I’ve never heard anyone complain about being legit injured by the move. But with Nikita, he was green as hell and didn’t always realize his own strength so people got hurt sometimes. And Hansen? He broke Bruno’s neck legit so that has to say something in itself. Hansen’s problem was that he was practically blind in that ring and couldn’t see very well so he just felt his way around and he is so strong and well, it made for a very physical evening. JBL and Nikita were rough and tough men, but Hansen was just a big bull running wild in that ring who would pretty much just knock you senseless and keep going. My call for the most devastating clothesline? I have to go with the man from Borger, Texas.

Lenny & Lodi, the West Hollywood Blondes versus Chuck & Billy w/ Rico – who wins?

Damn, how gay can a match be? Why not bring in Adrian Street as the special guest referee and Orlando Jordan as the timekeeper too. And “The Beauty” Terry Garvin (RIP) as the man calling the action with Pat Patterson doing the ring introductions. And the funny thing is, of everyone I mentioned, only Patterson is a legit homo. The rest just played the roles for TV and their characters. As for the match, Lenny and Lodi were a really good team and they played their characters well, be it just innuendo or when they were said to be “brothers” or whatever. Damn, WCW management sucked sometimes. But the team of Billy & Chuck were bigger, stronger and got more of a push by their company and who didn’t love their “stylist” Rico? If I was hiring for a company, even today, I’d go to Lenny Lane and Lodi first and try to get them on my payroll, but for a one-off match with the Blondes versus Billy & Chuck, I’d say that the WWE’s resident BFF’s would score the win and come out as the tops.

Michelle McCool – Hall of Fame worthy?

Actually, I don’t think so. She had a few years with the WWE and won the tag belts with Layla and the Diva’s title a few times too, but can anyone give a memorable Michelle McCool promo or in-ring moment? What was her finisher? Who did she have stand-out matches with? I’m going blank here. She had a good run while in the WWF, but what did she do before or since? Well, she married The Undertaker and for that reason alone, she’ll eventually get a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame, but let’s be honest. That’s the only reason. If she was married to someone else, let’s say Nunzio for example, she wouldn’t even be a consideration.

Should WWE bring back the King of the Ring tournament?

Right now, with the large number of pay-per-views, the two shows on USA, the special events like Starcade, Crown Jewel, etc, the NXT and NXT UK shows, the constant touring, 205 Live, the Mixed Match Challenge, The Mae Young Invitational, etc, there is always so much going on, where would they put it? I could see doing it as a one-night event as a special for the Network, but it wouldn’t have the same meaning as it once had and would just like the Andre the Giant Battle Royal or the Slammys… a meaningless title and trophy for someone. But I still wouldn’t care or mind seeing it. With the right person winning, especially in this day of extra-crowded and packed rosters of talent, it could be used to make someone stand out from the crowd and get a good push. There really isn’t a place for it anymore, but if WWE did decide to find a way to use it again, I’m down.

Who does the better shoot interviews? Rob Feinstein or Sean Oliver?

Nothing against Rob, who was the first and is one of the best, but Sean Oliver is the best wrestling shoot guy out there today, period. From the “Ho Bag” to “What’s In The Bag” to just his casual way of coaxing the most disturbing revelations from his guests, it’s hard to top Oliver asking questions and doing his thing. He’s essentially the Jerry Springer of wrestling shoot interviews, but no one does it better.

Do you think Chris Jericho has burned his bridges with WWE by signing with AEW?

While I don’t think he’ll be invited to any BBQ’s at Vince’s house for the next few years, I think that the WWE and McMahon realizes that this is business and an opportunity that Jericho would have been a stupid idiot to turn down. If Chris calls, Vince will still answer and I’m sure that once the AEW contract ends, Jericho will always have a seat at the WWE table.

Shane McMahon versus The Miz at Wrestlemania. Yes or no?

While I would rather see Miz challenging for (and winning) the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania, I could live with a Miz versus Super Shane fight as well, so long as the right person wins. And believe me, that person ISN’T named McMahon.

What is your favorite WWE “talk show”?

With Chris Jericho gone, what “talk shows” are left? We have Miz TV, TruthTV, A Moment Of Bliss and what else? I think that maybe they should bring back Ric Flair and Arn Anderson and have “A Flair For The Gold”. Edge and Christian are still around too so I guess “A Cutting Edge” and “The Peep Show” are still technically options as well. But what was the question? Favorite WWE talk show? Of the three that are possible each and every week with no special planning, which would be Miz TV, Truth TV and A Moment of Bliss, I have to go with the first one. Why Miz TV? Because why not? It’s been around for a while and it’s always entertaining. And also, he’s the Miz and he’s awesome. What more reason do you need?

And there you go. My thanks for reading this novel novelette of wrestling inquiries because suckas gotta know. Thanks again to Matt and Jesse. If you have any questions to be answered, comments or thoughts, feel free and drop me a line. And now, I’m like the buffet table in catering when Nia comes back after being eliminated from the Royal Rumble match. I’m gone. Have a great one and I’ll catch you on the flip side. Take care.


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