Opposing Views: State of the Union, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker & More…

5 Questions – Opposing Views
State Of The Union, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker & More
February 6, 2019

I don’t have much time this morning, but I feel like such a slack-ass for the way I’ve been neglecting the site for the past few days. Stress, depression and no one will leave me the hell alone or be quiet long enough for me to get my mojo kicking. But no excuse is valid. I’ve been slacking. I’ll do better. Now, let’s get policitical and talk about the State of the Union last night and other cool stuff. It’s “5 Questions” (plus one bonus question). These come from Facebook and a lovely lady named Lauren. And I’ve got the answers and I’m sharing them with you… NOW!

Thoughts on President Trump’s “State of the Union” address and the Democratic response?

It was a well done speech and probably one of the best that President Trump has delivered since becoming President. He hit on all of the high spots he needed to hit upon, made his points , listed his accomplishments in a way that wasn’t quite as egotistical as I was expecting and was, in one word, “Presidential”. If this was a baseball game, he hit a grand slam home run. Over 105 times, he had to stop for applause and even Pelosi had to stand and applaud a few times (and it was obvious from the facial expressions that she wasn’t really happy about that). Trump was likable, charming and as I said earlier, Presidential. A great job by OUR President. As far as the response, what the hell was Stacey Abrams supposed to be saying. I watched, but I didn’t really pick up on anything new or actually factual or of any meaning. She gave a bio of herself, made some references to how “every vote should count”, but this is from a woman on record saying that illegal aliens should be allowed to vote. She made some remarks critical of Trump and how he lies, but all I was hearing was “wawawawawaweawawa”, like the adults in the old Charlie Brown cartoons. She was just speaking to be speaking, driving home the Democratic talking points instead of providing anything new or actual facts to counter the Trump policies and arguments. Just a wasted half hour of my life I’ll never get back. Oh vey!

Thoughts on Kamala Harris’s “Medicare for All” plan?

I think that Willie Brown’s former side piece needs to learn to do math or else go back to failing as a District Attorney rather than try to offer solutions when it’s obvious she’s in way over her head and doesn’t have a clue. Then again, based on her record as District Attorney and then Attorney General for California, she doesn’t have much of a clue about the law either. Her plan would put millions of people out of work, totally destroy the insurance industry and essentially bankrupt the country, costing trillions (with a “T”) of dollars. It’s a charming and novel idea that goes over well with the entitlement society of today’s youth, but when reality strikes and the actual costs come up, there is no way to pay for it and it’s just a pipe-dream that can not and would not work. Harris is a joke of a Senator and I can’t take her seriously anyhow. When I hear her name, all I can think of is the wrestler, Kamala the Ugandan Giant. (I’m a wrestling guy – I can’t help it!) So instead of seeing Willie Brown’s mistress, I picture her with face paint, a spear and rubbing her belly (or maybe Willie’s) and doing tribal chants. And I’m not taking advice about my health care and insurance from Kim Chee’s favorite woman-on-the-side turned Senator.

Should Fox News bring back Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly?

In a word, “NO”. O’Reilly screwed up and the power went to his head and he deserved to be fired. As for Kelly, she had it made at Fox and that head got big and the ego took over and she decided to take her services elsewhere and learned that the grass isn’t always greener. Without the power of Fix behind her, she failed. What’s the old cliche’ about she made her bed? If Kelly and O’Reilly want to be occasional guests on the shows, so be it. That’s cool and they are both smart and intelligent people who know how to connect to the viewers and get their points across. But so far as being regulars again and having their own shows as part of the prime time schedule, Tucker, Sean and Laura are doing well. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it and this is their time now. Bill and Megyn had their shots and now, it’s time to move on and keep going forward.

Is “Make America Great Again” a racist statement?

Only to idiots, morons and people with single digit IQ’s who think that anything and everything that doesn’t give them free stuff (entitlement society) or isn’t exactly as they like it, is racist. We are all American’s (except for the illegals) and we should all want our nation to be the best it can be in all ways. What’s racist about admitting that things took a down-slide for a while and it’s time to be proud to be American and want things to be great? Not a damn thing.

Who do you think is to blame for the recent Government shutdown?

I give blame to both the President and the Congress, but more so to the Congress and more specifically, Nancy Pelosi. While Trump is stubborn and pigheaded and didn’t help matters, he eventually calmed down, made concessions and was open to negotiate. Pelosi on the other hand decided to dig her heels in and refused to do even that, not even open to sitting down and having a discussion, even though the things that Trump was being most persistent on were things that Pelosi herself is on record as having supported just a few years ago. The President can be an ass and I admit that, but Pelosi was being a total hypocrite and that’s worse in my opinion. Everyone needs to just grow up, put those massive egos aside and do their damn jobs. Politics be damned. Just do your damn jobs!

Senator Cory Booker is seeking the 2020 Democratic Nomination for President. Thoughts?

The man is a joke who chained himself to a tree. He made a big deal out of releasing classified documents (his Spartacus moment) even though they had been declassified the night before and already released. I wonder how those allegations of sexual assault are coming along? Booker is as fake as they come and just the idea that anyone buys his crap is both funny as hell and scary too. He did a lousy job as Mayor of Newark, New Jersey (look at the stats and records) and has been a sad and pitiful Senator as well. Just like Kamala earlier, I see Booker and want to add a “Queen” to his entourage (although I have a feeling that Cory would be all the “Queen” we need”) and have them constantly shout “All Hail King Bookah”. He’s not an idiot, unlike Kamala and a few others seeking the Democratic nomination, but he’s a showman and bad comedy act, not a serious leader at all. A “President Booker” would have everyone dreaming of the “good old days” with Barack Obama or Jimmy Carter. I wouldn’t mind seeing him get the nomination to run against Trump because that would promise us four more years of “The Donald” to be sure. He’s just a clown. Nothing more.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Now I have to go get ready and go to work in about ten minutes. Have I had breakfast yet? Nope so I’d better get a move on. Have a great one and any questions, comments, thoughts, etc, give me a shout. Take care and have a great one.


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