Wrestling Q&A: Zack Gowen, Paul Burchill, Arquette vs Punk and Much More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Zack Gowen, Paul Burchill, Arquette vs Punk and Much More…
February 7, 2019

Greetings, salutations and all of that fun stuff. It’s the Wrestling Q&A and we’ve got a lot of ground to cover tonight. My thanks to Jesse, Matt and Eliase for these questions. And now, let’s get busy. Are you ready? I said, “ARE YOU READY?”. Let’s do this…

David Arquette has challenged CM Punk to a match, either in a wrestling ring or Octagon. Thoughts?

Arquette is a smart guy and he knows how to get publicity and get his name in the media. He’s on this retribution tour and what better way to wrap things up than to face a great anti-hero and the icon to millions, the self-proclaimed “Best In The World”? I’d love to see Punk actually accept this challenge and maybe donate the money to charity. It would be an encounter of epic proportions and probably far better than it has any right to be, be in UFC style or in a wrestling match. I don’t think it will ever happen or Punk would even give it a second thought other than a chuckle or two, but it’d be fun to see and I hope that someone can actually make it happen. I’d watch.

Kurt Angle is planning to address his future with WWE next week on RAW. Thoughts to what he will be talking about?

This question is old as you can tell because the “next week” was this past Monday night, but Kurt never got the chance to make his announcement. Instead, we got Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre and then finally Braun Strowman and a main event match. I think they were teasing retirement to make the fans want to tune in, but I seriously doubt that there ever was any kind of announcement. I think it’s just a way to work to get Angle back on TV and allow him be part of the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view in a match without it seeming out of the blue or forced. I think we’re going to have Kurt around, albeit on a part time schedule, for some time to come now.

Zach Gowen would be unbeatable in the Royal Rumble. Should the WWE bring him back for a guest spot?

Obviously, the Rumble is over so it was an opportunity missed, but I would love to see Zack Gowen come out and be part of the match. With only one leg and the rules clearly saying “both feet much touch the floor”, it would make for an interesting situation. Hell, just given his rivalry and history with Brock Lesnar, it’d be interesting to see Zack maybe pop up as a guest at one of the shows only to have Brock attack him and give him a beatdown to show just how vicious and ruthless Brock can be leading up to his match against Seth at Wrestlemania. Hey Vince, work on this idea. You’re welcome.

Do you prefer the Royal Rumble with NXT talents or with legends?

It was a good Rumble match this past year and seeing the talents from NXT and NXT: UK added a lot to the match. Instead of someone coming out, getting a cheap pop, but you know that they don’t stand a percocet’s chance with Tammy Sytch to win. With the new talents, there is always that chance and guys like Allistar Black and Pete Dunne looked great out there. But that being said, I’m an old-school guy and I like my nostalgia and legends and always enjoy seeing who the next big surprise will be. I’d just say up each Rumble match to 40 people instead of 30 and cut out two or three of the other matches on the card. Use NXT talents, main roster talents AND legends / surprises. Everybody wins. Hell, title matches and the Rumble matches are the only reasons that people buy the Royal Rumble event anyways. The rest is just wasting time and filler so drop them and make the Rumble matches bigger and faster instead.

Who is one talent that you’d like to see come back to the WWE that was released in the past 10 years?

Anyone who knows me and reads my stuff regularly already knows the answers. I want to see the returns of Carlito, Chris Masters, Ted DiBiase and CM Punk. And there you go.

Who deserves to be the one to take the WWE Championship from Daniel Bryan?

Well, I’m tired of Bryan versus AJ Styles so let’s see someone else move up the roster and step in to face Daniel for a while. My pick for the next man to be the WWE Champion after a few classic great matches against Bryan would be… The Miz.

From 1 to 10, what do you rate Jeff Jarrett?

As a promoter and booker, I think he’s a definite “8”. The man grew up in the wrestling business and was one of the founders of TNA and then later on, GWF so his knowledge of the business is second to none. As a wrestler and performer, he’s not what I see as a “top guy”, but definitely a solid piece of the roster, an “upper mid-card guy” to be sure. I’d say he’s a strong “7.5” as a wrestler except for when he gets on a roll and starts calling people “slapnuts”. That always makes me laugh so for his ass-clown heel promos, I’ll move him up to a “8.5”.

Who do you think is going to be Daniel Bryan’s opponent at Wrestlemania?

I have a feeling that it still might be AJ Styles, but I hope not. That one has been done to death and I know that everyone is tired of it. I sure as hell am. If not AJ though, I’d say Miz, but I’m pretty sure that he’ll be in a program with Shane McMahon. How about John Cena? He broke the heart of Bryan’s sister-in-law and we can get all sorts of Bella-drama and it would be a good match. Or if there’s no Cena since he’s all “part time” and “Hollywood” now, how about Daniel Bryan defending the WWE Championship against NXT UK Champion Pete Dunne? Not big enough? That could be one of the greatest matches in Wrestling history, but not likely. Hell, how about Daniel versus Randy Orton? No, I don’t want to see it either, but if it’s not AJ or Miz, then Randy would be WWE’s “go-to” and most likely suspect.

What are your thoughts on the Paul Burchill pirate gimmick?

It was dumb! What the hell were they thinking? I did like William Regal when he was dressed as a “buxom wench”, but as far as having Burchill be a pirate, the only words that come to mind for me are “stupid idiots”.

The Road Warriors. With the benefit of hindsight, do you consider them the best?

I consider them big and strong and imposing and the right team at the right place and time, but were they “the best”? As long as the Anderson Brothers (Ole & Gene), the Midnight Express (Eaton & Lane) and the Horsemen (Tully & Arn) live in my memories, The Road Warriors will always take the back seats in comparison.

Who are some wrestling heels you hated as a child, but went on to appreciate as you got older?

I had no use for Greg Valentine when I was a kid,but he’s a great heel and I’ve met him a few times in person and he’s a really cool dude. I was not a fan of Dick Slater as a kid, but cheered for him later as an adult. Paul Jones is another one that I didn’t like as a wrestler or manager, but as I’ve gotten older and learned the business, I really do appreciate what he was doing and realize just how good that man really was. Ernie Ladd is another I hated as a kid, but I watch the videos now and he was so good as a heel and a master of ring psychology. So Valentine, Slater, Jones and Ladd are the first names that come to mind. Sir Oliver Humperdink would be another who like Jones, I hated as a manager, but I learned to appreciate and enjoy later on.

And there you go, My thanks again for the questions. And if you have any questions, comments or thoughts to ask or share, let me know and give me a shout out. Thank you for reading. And now, I’m out of here. Have a great night and I’ll catch you later. Take care.


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