Adrenaline Pro Wrestling: Super Rush – Episodes 1 & 2

One of the hottest Indy wrestling companies in the Carolina’s right now is APW, Adrenaline Pro Wrestling.  Great action with some of the hottest talent on the Indy scene here in North Carolina.  This is a must see for fans of the future of professional wrestling. Check them out and subscribe to their YouTube channel and if you get a chance to see them live, make it a priority.  Be there!  It’s also today’s Tossing Salt “Videos of the Day”.

APW Super Rush – Episode 1:  The Beginning

Premiered Jan 13, 2019

Tonight’s matches:

Felix Feelgood vs El Mysterio

Cj Evans, Big Tat, and Cruze Bittle vs Justin Lee, Tank, and Angel Angels

Cade Sydal vs Scrapyard Dog for the APW Heavyweight Championship



APW Super Rush – Episode 2:  Shoots & Ladders


Published on Jan 20, 2019

Tonight’s matches are:

ACDC vs 5* District vs Crash Calhoun and Old-School
For APW Tag Team Championship Opportunity.

Syde-Effect vs Johnny James vs Grizzley

(c)Shane Martin vs Carolina Kidd
Ladder Match for the APW Cruiserweight Championship


Give these guys some love and always support your local Indy wrestling.  Thanks for reading and watching.  Take care.


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