Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: WWE Hall of Fame, Elimination Chamber, Lashley and Lio & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
WWE Hall of Fame, Elimination Chamber, Lashley & More
February 19, 2019

Welcome to another edition of the Tossing Salt Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. My main man, Jesse, decided to unload a few questions on me last night via the e-mail (Doug28352@yahoo.com) and now it’s my turn to respond. Happy Tuesday! And now, let’s do this…

Thoughts on John Cena’s new gig hosting “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader” for Nickelodeon?

I’m happy for John Cena. It’s a good gig and means lots of publicity, easy money and cements his reputation as a kid-friendly actor and personality. It’s also something he can do and still make movies and do the acting stuff, possibly even giving him an inside track with Disney since they own Nick Jr. and like to keep their big acting jobs inside the family. It sucks for wrestling and fans of Cena in the WWE though because it means even less Cena than we’re seeing now. I’m not a big Cena fan, but he is a damn good wrestler and always has good to great matches. He’s a top guy for a reason. He earned that spot and while I respect what he’s doing and the way he’s transitioning out of the WWE and wrestling, he will definitely be missed by WWE and the wrestling fans.

Thoughts on the rumored inductions of both The Original Hart Foundation (Bret, Neidhardt) and D-X (HHH, HBK, Chyna, X-Pac & The New Age Outlaws) going into the WWE Hall of Fame this year?

From what I just heard this morning, the rumored induction of the Hart Foundation may have been put on hold and cancelled with the WWE deciding to go with DX instead. Yes, one more example of Bret getting screwed over by HBK and HHH. But Hart and Jimmy Hart already have HOF rings and while the Anvil deserves the honor, Natty isn’t going anywhere from WWE anytime soon and this one can wait until next year if necessary. But for DX and especially Chyna (RIP), it’s long past time. And with former DX member Billy Gunn working now for AEW as an agent, this might be the only time he’s available. I’m glad to see it finally happen and even though DX will always second in my mind in terms of factions and importance to the Horsemen, they definitely deserve this spot.

Aside from The Hart Foundation and DX, who do you think should be added to the WWE HOF Class of 2019?

My quick picks would be Lex Luger (inducted by Sting), The Midnight Express (Eaton, Lane and Condrey w/ Jim Cornette), Cyndi Lauper (Celebrity Wing), Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria), Vader (RIP) and The Undertaker.

Should Paige be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year?

Nope. While her career in the ring was impressive, it was too short in my opinion. She’s still so very young and I think that let’s wait and see what she does in the business now that her in-ring career is over before we start passing out any gold rings and Hall of Fame inductions. I like Paige, but it’s not her time. Not yet.

Thoughts on the Elimination Chamber PPV event this past Sunday night?

A good and solid show from top to bottom. Kofi looked great, the right people won and it was just a good show, period. I didn’t like how quickly Ronda squashed Ruby Riott, but that was necessary to set up the story with Charlotte and Becky and Ruby was able to redeem herself last night on RAW so it didn’t hurt her. No real surprises to speak of, but a solid event and a good night of wrestling action.

Were Sasha and Bayley the right women to win the Women’s Tag Team Championship in the Elimination Chamber match?


Is splitting Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush a good thing?

Well, the thing is are they actually split up? Bobby slammed Lio after the match, but they worked together again on RAW as a team against Ricochet and Finn. Lio took the fall again in helping to make Ricochet look incredible in his debut, but Lashley didn’t kick his ass afterwards that I remember. So I guess it’s not a total break-up just yet and that’s good. Bobby sucks when he talks and works better just being an imposing monster of a man. Lio is like Jimmy Hart for example in that he’s great at being annoying and poking the bears when he knows that Lashley can back him up. He’s also a good wrestler, but Lio’s best talent is working that stick and Lashley’s biggest weakness is the same thing so keep them together as long as possible. It’s better for both of them right now.

When all is said and done, who will be known for having the stronger brotherhood – The New Day or The Shield?

The New Day. They’ve never turned on each other and they like pancakes. Nothing brings brothers together more than pancakes and booty.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any thoughts, comments or questions you’d like answered, just give me a shout. Thanks again to Matt. And with that, I’m out of here. Time to go do some work. Until the next time, take care of yourself and each other. Have a great one.


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