Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Graves & Carmella, Pete Dunne, The Undertaker, The Brand Split & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Graves & Carmella, Dunne, Undertaker, The Brand Split & More
February 18, 2019

Lots of questions to address this lovely wet Monday morning. No time for chit chat or love. Let’s just get to it and get busy…

From Matt…

Any thoughts on the breaking story that Corey Graves and Carmella are having an affair?

My only thoughts are that they are both adults and this really isn’t anyone’s business. If Graves wife, who he is now separated from, hadn’t brought this up on her Instagram account, thus making it public knowledge, I wouldn’t even be talking about it here. People break up. People get together. It happens. So freakin’ what! My only real surprise here is that it isn’t Mandy Moore instead of Carmella given the way Graves seems to be obsessed with her, but Carmella is hot and sexy and knows how to shake that booty so no complaints here. Mella is a hot mama as well and so is Corey. More power to both of them.

From Outback Jase…

I find it difficult to believe that Chris Jericho would sign with AEW without having a conversation with Vince first as he has spoken openly about not wrestling anywhere else in America. I doubt he would want to ruin that relationship and blindside them with his public appearance. Thoughts?

Jericho has stated that he spoke to Vince before signing with AEW and Vince was aware of his decision. I think that he values the relationship with WWE and Vince too much to blindside him and I was correct. The move to AEW was not personal, but instead totally professional and is strictly a business decision. I think that Vince knows this as well and Jericho will always have a spot waiting for him in the WWE when he’s ready to come home.

Certain/probable/possible/unlikely on the following:

– Brock being the WWE Raw champion heading into WM.

Certain: As it looks now, Brock will remain the Universal Champion and still hold that title when he faces Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania in April.

Brock NOT being in the Raw championship match at WM (we still have the elimination chamber ppv yet).

Certain: Barring an injury in the next few weeks, Brock is not scheduled to defend the title until Wrestlemania and did not take part in the Elimination Chamber event last night. Thus he is still champion and still should be come Wrestlemania when he defends his title against Seth.

Cena wrestling at WM (and if probable/certain, who his opponent will be)

Possible: If is movie schedule permits, I know that WWE would love to have Cena wrestle at their biggest show of the year. The plans were for a program with Lars Anderson, but that was pulled when Anderson had issues prior to his main roster debut. WWE doesn’t need Cena at the show, but I’m sure his presence will be felt and he will be there in some fashion. As for his opponent, my money is still on The Velveteen Dream.

Undertaker wrestling at WM

Pobbible at best. It’s hard to imagine a Wrestlemania without the undertaker at least being there and taking part in an angle of some sort, but after the match a few months ago at Crown Jewel, I have to wonder if he’s physically able. Maybe he is and maybe he isn’t, but if WWE is going to do a match of some kind, they should probably get started towards building an angle if it’s with a current superstar. If it’s with a legend, one appearance is all they need to get it moving, but for a current guy, there should be a reason and at least some build. I personally think he will end up being in a match of some kind, but when and who against, I have not a clue.

Undertaker wrestling a current WWE superstar and not a veteran (Kurt, Cena, Shawn etc.)

Unlikely. If Taker is in the ring for a match, it has to, at this point, be a “dream match” of some sort or else a match where the person can carry him and it won’t hurt them to take a loss to the Deadman. Most of the current superstars at this point, don’t really make sense or fit the criteria. It makes more sense for Taker to want to settle an old score before calling it a day and that means a fellow “legend” most likely.

Anthony Pires

1. Do you see a scenario where Pete Dunne would get a spot at WrestleMania defending the UK title or should that stay on NXT shows?

I don’t think we’ll see Dunne wrestle at the big show but not because he doesn’t deserve it. He’s the NXT UK Champion and on the same weekend as Wrestlemania, there is an event called NXT Takeover. That is where he should be right now and will most likely be wrestling. While I would not be surprised to see him take part in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on Sunday night, his title defenses should be featured mainly on NXT branded shows.

2. WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles defended across both brands. Do you think this is step 1 in ending the brand split? I imagine WWE wants all hands on deck for when they debut on FOX.

I totally disagree here. The tag team titles, now held by Sasha and Bayley, are on both brands because there are not really enough established women tag teams to support two sets of titles. But the brand split will probably become even more pronounced once WWE moves Smackdown to Fox. Fox isn’t going to want the WWE to promote their USA Network show (RAW) on their channels and I doubt that USA will want to give their competition any love or free advertising either. It will be two different shows with two sets of talent and the occasional crossover at the PPV’s, but probably less than we have now.

And there you go. My thanks for everyone for their questions. Comments, thoughts and any questions you may want answered, drop me a line. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to support your local Indy wrestling companies. Until the next time, take care.


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