Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Women in WWE, Ambrose, Elias & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
March 4, 2019
Women in WWE, Ambrose, Elias & More

Before I get started, I want to send a shout out and say Happy Birthday to my sister, Terri, who turns 58 years old today. Happy Biurthday!! And now, on with the show. The questions come from Jay in CT and Jafar. And as per the usual, I’ve got all the answers. Let’s do this…


1.) Do you think this is the year that the women main event Mania?

The hottest story in the WWE right now is the Becky Lynch / Ronda Rousey back and forth and I think that having this match as the one to close the show is inevitable. It has to happen.

2.) And if so how unbelievable is that if someone had told you 5 years ago that would happen when the women were treated like a joke?

To steal a popular tag line from a 70’s commerical that I think was for Virginia Slims, “you’ve come a long way, baby!”. The women in WWE have not only come a long ways, but in many ways, have surpassed the men in WWE. It is now, for the most part, truly an equal opportunity company in forms of pushes for the talent.

3.) What’s Dean Ambrose plan on doing after his contract runs up and he leaves WWE?

I keep seeing more and more reports that Ambrose has been scheduled for shows that happen after his contract expires at WWE so the way it looks now, he’s not leaving WWE after all and he’ll probably end up as part of yet another Shield reunion.

4.) Will the Women’s Tag Team Champs be going between both shows?

Becky and Sasha have already addressed this and the way they described it, the Women’s Tag Team Championship will be defended at RAW, Smackdown and NXT.

5.) Do you think Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair is a better representative for WWE?

Both men are wrestling legends and icons, yet both have a lot of baggage as well. Hogan’s has more recently made major news, but Flair’s history of bad decisions is legendary in it’s own right. I can’t say who is better or worse, but I think it depends on the audience the WWE is trying to attract and what WWE wants them to do. I’d personally rather see Ric Flair, but I’m an old NWA / WCW guy. Neither is better or worse than the other as a WWE representative.

6.) It’s still early but do you think the Mania lineup this year will turn out to be better (going in to the show) than last year?

It’s hard to say, but I think WWE will pull out all the stops and present a great show, top to bottom and at least try to beat the show from last year. How it turns out though, we’ll have to wait and see.

7.) What was the point of turning Elias from heel to face to heel quickly without seemingly any reason for either turn?

I don’t get it either and I think the whole face turn was a big mistake. It’s just dumb WWE booking and doesn’t make sense, but as to the reason why? Because Vince McMahon said so.

8.) I actually find the Shane/Miz tag team interesting. Does that make me crazy? I never liked the idea going into it but I’ve enjoyed their interplay.

It has been far better than I expected as well, but I’ll be happier when we see Miz go back to the ass-clown we all know and detest and slam Shane in the head with a steel chair. So yes, it’s been fun to watch, but that doesn’t mean that you’re crazy. Well, maybe it does, but if you are, then so am I. But it’s good to be crazy. It keeps you from going insane.

9.) Do you eventually see Bryan going back to being a face? And do you think the fact he’s turned heel will help him in the long run regain that magic he had prior to his 3 year layoff that he seemingly didn’t have when he came back.

Eventually, he’ll go back to being a face. Bryan, even when he’s a penis-head, is a guy you just have to like and appreciate and while he’s been fantastic in his role as the “New” Daniel Bryan, WWE will never leave it alone for too long a period of time. Will it help him? I think so because when he does eventually get turned back into the “Yes man”, the fans will be so happy to have their hero back, I expect we’ll see a strong push from the company.

10.) Tom & Bill having 6 rings now and 9 appearances (it’s almost hard to even believe that) do you think they should be considered the best QB and Coach in NFL history?

Congratulations to the Patriots, but are they the “best in NFL history”? It’s hard to argue with facts, but I’ll still match Terry Bradshaw as a QB against Brady anytime. And my favorite “Coach” will always be Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. Hey, I had to make this question wrestling related somehow, right? Until someone beats their record as a coach and player combination, they are the GOAT’s of the NFL. No question.


1. Like pretty much the entire world, I don’t want Charlotte in the main event at Wrestlemania. But I also do understand why WWE want her there, because I think she does deserve to be in that historic spot. However, isn’t there another historic spot she could be a part of? How awesome would it be if Wrestlemania ended with The Four Horsewomen in the ring together, arms raised,all holding championship gold? Surely – SURELY – that’s as good a moment, if not better, than shoe-horning Charlotte into the main event?

It could and would be epic to see Charlotte and the other “Horsewomen” in the ring together and holding gold, but I don’t see it happening at Wrestlemania. At that show, it would be an event among events and probably be lost in the shuffle. I could see something like that being more likely the next night on RAW or maybe on Smackdown where more people would actually, in terms of numbers, see it. I too get why Vince wants Charlotte in this match and I think he’s wrong. This match should be Ronda and Becky… period. But aside from fighting Asuka, who seems to have been forgotten about, what else is there that makes sense for Charlotte to do? Things wil be more clear after Fastlane, but I think that like it or not, we’ll be seeing the Triple-Threat at Mania.

2. Speaking of the women – perhaps I’m over-analysing, but does it seem like they’re rushing through all of Ronda’s challengers in the build-up to Wrestlemania, and therefore adding fuel to the fire that she may take time off afterwards? They could easily have booked a second Sasha match, they could have saved Bayley for a PPV instead of Raw, and more could have been done with Ruby Riott.

I agree that they’re rushing things and pretty much killing off every challenger to Ronda’s title to make her look extra tough headed towards Mania. They’re doing the same thing with Asuka on Smackdown and with the exception of Charlotte, who is left that can truly be seen as a viable challenger for the Empress? It’s hot shot booking and short term thinking and while it makes Ronda look unbeatable, it will end up biting them in the ass when it comes to finding future challengers for her.

3. Do you think AEW are making a mistake by overtly positioning themselves as the alternative to WWE and shouting to the rooftops about what a big venture this is? It’s so easy to get swept up in the momentum of it all, and I’ll freely admit that I’m excited by it too – but if they raise the hopes of wrestling fans in such a massive way, would the disappointment at any potential failure be equally massive? As we learnt from TNA/Impact, actions speak louder than words…

I agree that the hype has been tremendous and it’s possible that AEW might go too far and get everyone’s expectations so high, they’ll be impossible to meet. I think that the AEW folks would be better to take more of an NWA-style approach, not presenting themselves as a WWE alternative, but as a wrestling / entertainment company that wants to entertain the fans. Instead of talking about WWE and how they are alike and how they’ll be different, instead focus on what they hope to bring to the table and leave WWE totally out of the discussion. Let the presentation and product speak for itself and leave the hype and comparisons to the fans and their imaginations.

4. I know you don’t like questions that require you to look back on the past but I hope the positivity of this question will be worth it. What specific examples would you give to a non-fan, as an example of why you love wrestling? A match, an angle, a promo, whatever. How do you remind yourself why you love this crazy business?

What I would show a non-fan about wrestling and what I watch and enjoy to remind myself how great wrestling can be are things like Arn Anderson’s retirement speech and the passion he showed that night, a match from the WCW Clash of the Champions IV with The Horsemen facing the Midnight Express. How about any classic Jim Cornette promo or Ole Anderson turning heel on Dusty Rhodes in the cage? Jericho and Kevin Owens ragging on everyone and doing the whole “List of Jericho” story. Any Chris Jericho storyline for that matter. Mae Young going through a table courtesy of The Dudley Boys. Sherri Martel’s induction to the WWE Hall of Fame. There are so many different moments out there to choose from. Those are just some of the things I’d use.

And there you go. My thanks for reading and to Jay & jafar for their questions. Any comments, thoughts or questions of your own, please give me a shout. Until the next time, take care and have a great one. See you at the matches.


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