Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Bill Eadie, Kidman, Swede Hanson & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Bill Eadie, Kidman, Swede Hanson & More
March 12, 2019

I take a couple of days off and look what happens. My good friend and loyal reader, Matt, decided to unload on me with many, many questions. Twenty of them in fact, all at one time. Well, I’m up to the challenge. I’ll do ten now and ten later today. It’s the Tossing Salt Ultimate Wrestling Q&A.  I’m Doug and it don’t matter who’s in Memphis, Jerry Lawler is still the king. Say what? Inside joke. Let’s do this…

Who would you rank as the top 5 contenders for the U.S. title?

The current U.S. Champion in WWE is Samoa Joe and if I was part of WWE, ranking his Top 5 contenders, I would have it as R-Truth, Rey Mysterio, Rusev, Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton. Truth is the former Champ, Rey has been involved in recent challenges for the title, Rusev and Nakamura are former Champs who recently held the title and Randy Orton is a legit top challenger and always a threat if he and WWE decide to go in that direction. And Orton versus Samoa Joe? I’d like to see that happen.

How about the Intercontinental Championship?

As of last night on RAW, Bobby Lashley has recaptured the Intercontinental Championship. Thus, his top challengers would be, in my opinion, Finn Balor as the former Champion, Roman Reigns since Lashley is part of the Baron Corbin led Alliance against the Shield, Dean Ambrose (assuming that he decides to stick around and then for the same reasons as Roman), Titus O’Neill since WWE likes to put bald black men against each other and finally, EC3 since he and Lashley have a history from Impact Wrestling and when he finally starts getting his push, I can see WWE throwing him into the IC title picture.

Thoughts on Bill Eadie (Masked Superstar / Ax)?

One of my all-time favorites and one of the best in-ring performers of all time. How many people can wrestle as three different unique characters during their careers, changing everything from look to behavior to in-ring style and still have major success? Truly an iconic figure in the world of professional wrestling and although this word is way over used, a definite “legend” in every way, shape and form when it comes to pro wrestling.

Should Bray Wyatt be reunited with Harper and Rowan?

While it might be cool for a one-shot type deal, I think that for the future of all of these guys, let them go different paths for a while. Harper can be a great singles guy if given the chance or join Rowan as the hired muscle for Daniel Bryan. Either works for me. And Bray? I liked the team with Matt Hardy and that’s an alliance that can be touched on every so often, but he’s better off as a ship unto himself, a solo performer challenging for either IC or Universal gold. Bray Wyatt versus Brock Lesnar? That’s money waiting to happen. Just saying.

Thoughts on Gallows and Anderson reportedly planning on leaving WWE when their contracts expire?

I get it. While they could stay at WWE, make millions of dollars and not be used often, these guys are there for the wrestling and the love of the business. If they choose to go back to Japan or possibly even AEW, they will still make plenty of money and be able to do what they are there to do, perform regularly, instead of waiting around in catering for someone in Creative to get a clue. I wish that WWE would wise up and maybe put them with either AJ Styles or Finn Balor, allowing them to resurrect The Club and get a strong push. It would be good for Gallows & Anderson and it would be good for WWE and the fans. I hate to see them leave, but better to follow the heart and be able to do what they love rather than just be lost in the shuffle at WWE.

Should Jinder Mahal and the Sighn Brothers form an alliance with Heath Slater and Rhyno, a 3mb 2.0 edition?


Should Billy Kidman be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

I guess this question comes because Kidman’s ex-wife, who he helped to train and break into the sport, is going into the Hall of Fame this year and Kidman, he’s just an agent and trainer for WWE instead. Kidman had a good career in WCW and even won a match over Hulk Hogan at one point, but is his career Hall of Fame worthy? Not really. Kidman was a good supporting character for WCW and is a damn good talent, but he was never a main event star for WCW or anywhere else. No HOF ring for Kidman. Oh well.

Should WWE bring back the live Sunday shows (aka Heat, Main Event)?

There are already too many shows by WWE right now with RAW, Smackdown, Main Event, 205 Live, NXT, NXT-UK and the pay-per-view events. Then add in the Kickoff Shows and the occasional special event and that’s a lot of wrestling. No more new shows, please.

Swede Hanson – WWE Hall of Fame?

Swede is an interesting character because he was a top star for the Mid-Atlantic region in the late 60’s and early 70’s, forming a top notch tag team with Rip Hawk that dominated the Crockett territory. He then worked as an underneath guy who gave great matches, but generally put the bigger stars over during the late 70’s and early 80’s. A couple of years then was spent in the WWF where he was a mid-card performer, but got a good push as the grizzled veteran wrestler and even wrestled a few matches against Bob then-WWF Champion Bob Backlund. Then he worked as a face with the WWF until his retirement in 1986. Based on his career and legacy, I think that a case could be made for Swede to enter the HOF and few would argue that he deserves it. But I don’t think it will happen since Swede died in 2002 and few fans today have the slightest idea who this one-time superstar even was. Swede should be part of the Hall of Fame though and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a possible “Legacy” induction at some point. It would be well deserved.

Should Ryder & Hawkins be given a run with the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships?

I wouldn’t object to seeing the former Major Brothers win that gold one more time. It would be kind of cool, but right now, I think that ending Hawkin’s losing streak should take priority and I’d love to see that happen at Wrestlemania 35, perhaps in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Hawkins wins the Battle Royal, thus ending “the streak” and then maybe have he and Ryder win the tag titles the next night on RAW. Talk about some memorable “Wrestlemania moments” and that would definitely count. So yes, they should maybe get a run with the titles at some point. Woo Woo Woo – you know it!

And that’s all for now. I’ll be back later today with the other ten questions and maybe some other stuff as well. Thanks again Matt. Any thoughts, comments or questions of your own about the world of pro wrestling, past or present, or anything else for that matter, drop me a line. Thanks for reading and until the next time, take care. See you later.


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