Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Women’s Title Unification, Charlotte Flair & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Unification of Championships, Charlotte Flair & More
March 27, 2019

Good morning. I was going to save this for later and tackle the topic of fake hate-crime victim Jusse Smollett this morning, but time is not on my side and I have to be at work in 45 minutes so I’ll save that one for tonight. Today, it’s another Q&A about the world’s greatest form of live entertainment after strippers and working the pole, professional wrestling. These are the questions that were in my inbox this morning when I woke up, courtesy of Jesse and Matt. Let’s do this.

Who from the JCP era would you like to see wrestle in today’s era?

It was a different time back then and the style of in-ring performances and talking have changed dramatically, but the guys from my youth that I think would be able to get over and be successful in today’s erawould be Dick Slater, Tully Blanchard & Baby Doll, Masked Superstar – Bill Eadie could get over in any era, Blackjack Mulligan and Johnny Weaver.

Thoughts on Joan Jett playing Ronda Rousey to the ring at Wrestlemania 35?

I think it’s really, really cool. I can’t wait to hear the rock & roll Hall of Fame legend play live and conduct the UFC and future WWE legend to the ring. It should be a great Wrestlemania moment.

What do you consider a successful wrestler?

Someone who can perform in that ring, putting on an entertaining show that looks real, but doesn’t hurt himself or his opponent and most importantly, can put butts in the seats. If you draw money and fans, consider yourself a success. If not, try something else.

Thoughts on Charlotte Flair defeating Asuka to capture the Smackdown Women’s Championship less than two weeks before Wrestlemania?

I’m not sure what exactly this is all supposed to be about, but unless Asuka wins the title back next week and gets inserted into the main event match, making it a 4-way dance, “The Empress” got royally hosed and screwed. She deserves better, but I’m sure that WWE has a reason and a plan. They would never do a hot-shot move like this for no reason, right?I don’t like this move, but let’s wait and see how it plays out.

Now that Charlotte holds the Smackdown Women’s Championship, does that mean that both Women’s titles are on the line at Wrestlemania 35 in the Becky vs. Charlotte vs. Ronda Rousey match? Do you think that WWE will unify the two Women’s Championship title belts?

I have no idea what WWE is doing here, but if it ends up allowing Asuka to be part of the main event, then so be it. Even if the belts are unified at the end of this match, I don’t think it would be a long term situation and probably only temporary to create a really cool Wrestlemania moment for Becky and the rest of the women. We’ll have to wait probably until Monday to learn anymore and find out what’s going on. It has gotten my interest up though and I guess that’s a good thing.

Should NXT have a TV deal or should they just stay as part of the WWE Network?

For the time being, I think being the focal point of the Network is probably the best place for the NXT brand. If Fox or USA wanted to offer enough money and add NXT to their programming, WWE should consider it of course, but that would probably end up changing the product and way NXT differs from the main roster shows far more than anyone should want. Right now, just keep them on the Network.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Vince McMahon?

A man with a dream and the ambition and drive to make it happen.

As good a performer as Charlotte is, do you think she would have had the repeated pushes and status that she has now if her last name was not Flair?

Nope. If she was Charlotte Smith or Charlotte Jackson, she might get some good pushes because she is that good, but would it be as fast and strong as it has been for her? Not even close. Luckily for her and us though that she is a Flair.

What draws you more towards wrestling? The storytelling or the athletic ability?

It’s a mixture of both, but for me mainly, if there isn’t a good story to tell and a good character to tell it, the best match and most athletic person in the world is still lacking. A good character can tell a story and draw fans even if they’re not the most chiseled performer. Look at Dusty Rhodes or Kevin Owens for examples. But a great athlete who can’t talk or perform or have a reason for being there, they’re not going to draw fans or generate interest. It’s just how it is.

And that’s all for now. I have to go now and head out to work. That liquor isn’t going to sell itself. Thanks for reading. Thoughts, comments and questions welcome. Until the next time, take care and I’ll see you at the matches.


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