Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Asuka, XFL, The Bar & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Asuka, XFL, Joey Ryan & Missy Hyatt, The Bar & More
March 30, 2019

Time to do that Wrestling Q&A thing. My thanks to Matt for these questions. Let’s get busy and do this.

Did Asuka get screwed?

Less than a week ago, she was the WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion and headed to Wrestlemania. Now, Charlotte Flair has her title and she’s stuck working the Woman’s Battle Royal. Asuka deserves far better and is getting hosed big time here. WWE still has time to change things and either add her to the Women’s 3-Way main event with Becky, Charlotte and Ronda or else here’s an idea – since there are aleady so many matches already at Mania, what’s two more. How about Charlotte versus Asuka and Ronda versus Becky at the start of the show and the winners fight in the main event?Nah, I don’t like that idea so forget I said anything. But Asuka deserves better and I hope that she at least gets a big “bonus check” from the McMahon’s at the end of the night for putting up with this crap and disrespect. It’s wrong and not at all fair to the “Empress”.

Early projections for who will win the two Battle Royals at Mania?

If she’s not inserted into the title match with the other women in the main event, then Asuka should get this victory at least to have a Wrestlemania moment and put her in the top spot for a title shot against whoever does win the main event match. As for the guys, I think it should be Curt Hawkins winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, thus bringing an end to the “Streak”. The only problem with this so far is that Curt (and partner Zack Ryder) are not even listed for the Battle Royal as of yet (Saturday morning). There is still time, but I have a feeling that we may see a tag team match for the former Major Brothers and if that’s the case, they should win that event (with Hawkins getting the pin for his team) and in the Battle Royal, my next favorite would be Jinder Mahal.

Joey Ryan & Missy Hyatt together as a manager / wrestler combo. Thoughts?

This is actually a fun idea and I’m surprised that no one has thought of it yet. Ideally, with his character being a “porn star”, Ryan might be better matched up with Tammy Sytch and some “Sunny Days”, but she’s bad news and currently in jail so why not Missy. Who else represents the sexy scandalous side of wrestling better than Missy and unlike Tammy, Missy is actually funny and has a personality and can be entertaining. Watch the most recent “Heyman Hustle” with Heyman and Missy walking around and Missy talking about her “sexual exploits” and she is hilarious. Missy gets it and plays up her reputation an she still looks decent and being hooked up with Ryan would be a natural combination. It really should happen.

Cena versus Hogan – both in their prime. Who wins?

Hogan. Cena is the better wrestler, but Hogan was the better politician and it doesn’t hurt John when he loses a match. Cena would have a great match, Hogan would hit his spots and Hulkamania would come out on top barely.

Should the WWE unify the two Women’s Championship titles at Wrestlemania?

If both Champions are in the match, then it makes sense, at least for a few weeks until the next PPV event. Letting Becky be the first Women’s Unified Champion would be a great item for her resume and really look good for her character. Or letting Asuka be put in the match, as I mentioned earlier and somehow coming out with both belts would be a great way to make up for how she was screwed over this past Tuesday night.

If Kofi does win the WWE Championship, should he give Big E & Xavier Woods title shots?

Actually, I think he should somewhere down the road, if even we have to see Big E and Woods tease a heel turn to get the opportunity.

What are some of the wrestlers that you don’t like as a person, but are a big fan of as a wrestler?

The easiest one would be Ric Flair. Ric is arguably the greatest all around wrestler of all time, but the way he lives and has conducted his personal life, wrestling for Impact after the great way WWE allowed him to retire and his bad decision after bad decision financially, I’ve lost a lot of respect for Flair over the years. He’s the GOAT of in-ring wrestling, but has no pride or self-respect and will do anything for a buck. Bret Hart is another who is a great performer, but his bitterness and constant complaining have soured me on the man. Others that come to mind as great wrestlers and performers that I enjoy in the ring, but don’t much care for outside the ring would be Jerry Lawler, Randy Orton and Tazz. And on the other end of the spectrum, wrestlers that I don’t really much care for their matches, but like as a person and character, would be John Cena, Jeff Hardy, Kevin Nash, Shane Douglas, Sting and Roman Reigns.

What do you think of the XFL 2020 reboot. Will it succeed?

With the promotional skills of Vince McMahon behind it and the nostalgia interest factor added, I think it will do better than most people are expecting. Vince tends to learn from his mistakes, at least some of the time. While it might not set the world on fire and be able to compete with the NFL, I think a lot of football fans are looking for an alternative to the shenanigans and political stupidity that the NFL has become and are willing to give the XFL a chance. I think Vince will be able to make this company to the NFL as TNA / Impact is to the WWE. He may not make any money off the deal, but it will stick around and have a place and be an option.

Is fhs Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) a Hall of Fame tag team?

Yes, both as singles stars and as a tag team.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Thoughts, comments and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and stay sexy. Have a great one.


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