Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Brock Lesnar, Wrestlemania, Roman Reigns & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Brock Lesnar, Wrestlemania, Roman Reigns & More
April 1, 2019

Time to do this one more time. The ever so awesome Jay from CT sent these questions. Thank you sir. And now, let’s do this…

Has the build to Mania been so bad that this show has no way not to EXCEED expectations (because they are so low)?

The build has been pretty bad to be sure. Right now, with less than a week to go, we still don’t know who Cena is wrestling? Are the tag team champions wrestling? It’s a stacked card and full of great matches, probably way too many matches in my opinion, but it just doesn’t feel like a big event right now, much less the biggest show of the year not called “Crown Jewel”. If just half the matches that are announced deliver and if we get at least an appearance by Undertaker and Cena, the show will exceed expectations. It’d be almost impossible for the WWE not to do that at this point.

Do you ever see a day where Lesnar is with WWE and NOT in the title picture?

It’s kind of hard to imagine, but I can see a run with Lashley where they play on their UFC / MMA backgrounds and no title need to be involved in that. Honestly, so long as the schedule stays light, Heyman remains his mouthpiece and the checks keep clearing, I don’t think Brock would care one way or the other about having the title or not.

Was Angle choosing Corbin to be his opponent at Mania one of the few times you wish WWE didn’t actually have story continuation?

Absolutely. While it makes sense from a story point of view, no one wants to see this match happen. Forget the recent issues between these two men and just let Kurt have a great moment already. Let him wrestle who he wants, be it former Team Angle partner Shelton Benjamin, “son” Jason Jordon, or former TNA buddy Bobby Roode. It doesn’t matter who, but Kurt should be able to make the call for a moment so big in his career and WWE making the call and putting Baron Corbin into the spot just doesn’t cut it.

How do you think the women’s tag titles has fared so far compared to the men’s tag titles?

So far, it’s been okay, but nothing special. But in all fairness, right now WWE and Vince are focused on Wrestlemania and booking Sasha & Bayley to be strong champions hasn’t been a strong priority and thus, their reign so far has been less than overwhelming or exciting. But then again, the Smackdown Tag Team Championship hasn’t been focused on all that much as of late either and the Usos aren’t even booked for Wrestlemania yet as of this writing. And the RAW Tag Team Championship is only getting attention because of the challenge of Black & Ricochet to the Revival. I’m hoping that all of this changes tonight and tomorrow on RAW and Smackdown, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Was the HBK/Taker Mania rumored match back in the fall ever a serious consideration for Mania?

As soon as HBK said no, I think that was immediately shelved and any plans or ideas were dropped. HBK made it clear that with that one match back, he wasn’t ready for or interested in wrestling singles matches and I don’t think he or Taker feel that a match now would live up to expectations from the fans, given their past history.

Why do you think the build to Mania was so bad this year? And do you feel it’s been a streak the last several years?

I think the main reason it’s been so bad is that WWE has way too much going on with upcoming events, the eventual move to Fox, the rise and challenge of AEW and Vince being busy with the upcoming XFL venture. All of these factors, plus the determination to put everyone on the roster on the show rather than just focus on 8 to 10 good strong and solid matches have all taken their toll and the road to Wrestlemania has gotten wrecked in the process.

Do you think the push of Kofi has been a success or a failure?

So far, so good. I think there were a few rough spots with Vince along the way that don’t really make sense, but the fans were looking for a person to get behind and Kofi is the right person, right time and right situation. It hasn’t been a clean sweep thus far, but it looks like WWE is headed in the right direction with Kofimania.

Do you think if WWE pushes Roman to the top too fast the fans will turn against him again?

Wrestling fans are, as Daniel Bryan likes to say, the most fickle fans in the world and as soon as the “we’re glad you’re ok” feeling from Roman’s illness wears off and he’s just Roman again, the boos will start again. So long as Roman is kind of on the fringe of everything, he’s getting cheered, but if he starts getting a strong push and put into the Universal or WWE Championship picture again, the fans will revolt and turn on him. It’s what they do.

And with that, I’m through. Thoughts, comments and any questions are welcome and appreciated. And Dave, I’ll get to your questions tonight hopefully. Thank you for reading. Have a great one, don’t forget to support your local Indy wrestling company. I’m down and out of here. Take care.


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