Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Iiconics, Luke Harper & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Iiconics, Luke Harper, 24/7 and More
April 17, 2019

There is no time for love, Dr. Jones. Let’s get busy and do this wrestling Q&A. Thanks for Jesse for the questions. And away we go.

King Maxel versus Nicholas. Who wins?

Maxel obviously. While younger, he has many more matches to his experience and even holds a pin-fall victory over Disco Inferno. Plus, I’m sure that Matt, Jeff, Reby and the rest of the Hardy Clan would get involved and when the final bell rings, Nicholas would be DELETED!

Should fans be barred from the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony? And should it be moved to a smaller venue?

While I don’t think that fans should be banned, I do think that a smaller venue would work better for the Hall of Fame. In the first few years, there was a dress code and the HOF Ceremony was more than “just another show” and WWE would do well to go back to that. And the set-up, on a stage surrounded by many rows of WWE Superstars and guests long before getting to any fans, worked better in my estimation as well. The “in-ring” set-up was fine for what it was, but made it seem like just another event and less important than it should seem. Go back to the stage.

Is George Mizani the “Judy Bagwell” of 2019?

Nope. Unlike Judy, George has a son with talent and a great upside in the company. While I’m sure he’s enjoying his brief run with his son and Shane, I seriously doubt that we’ll see George as a co-holder of the tag team titles. It’s not like he’s Nicholas or anyone like that. George’s time in the spotlight already seems to be over, but the memory of “Judy On A Pole” will live on forever. Damn you, Vince Russo. Damn you!

What’s the best wrestling finisher of all time?

The one that knocks the opposition senseless and allows a person to score the pin and get the win. There is no “best finisher” although I am a fan of the PKO out of nowhere and the Cobra Clutch as peformed by the legendary Masked Superstar. But the true best is whatever works.

Is having the Iiconics as the new Women’s Tag Team Champions a setback for the Women’s Movement in the WWE?

Not at all. Both women had great careers before coming to NXT and WWE and are extremely experienced and talented wrestlers. Their gimmick might be a little hokey at times, but the Iiconics are a good and solid team and are a very good pick to be representing the WWE as their Women’s Tag Team Champions.

With the Performance Center not an option, if you could be trained at any wrestling school, which one would it be?

Lance Storm’s Wrestling Academy with some extra classes with Harley Race on the side.

If any WWE Champion had to get the 24/7 rule for one month, who would it work best for?

I was going to say Brock since he’s never at the events and is too big to just go after randomly, but he’s not Universal Champion anymore. I think of all the current Champions in WWE, the United States Champion Samoa Joe would have the easiest time dealing with the 24/7 rule. He’s always in character and ready for a fight and he’s too damn big to take down easily even with the element of surprise.

Of the three new “World Champions”, Seth Rollins, Kofi Kingston & Becky Lynch, which one do you think has the toughest road ahead defending their titles?

It will definitely be Becky. She’s working all three brands and will have the busier schedule against the biggest variety of opponents. She’s be losing one of the two belts sooner rather than later.

Thoughts on Paige now being the “manager” for Asuka and Kairi Sane?

This is a good move since I feel the biggest thing holding Asuka back was the language barrier and her inability to speak English fluently. Now she doesn’t have to worry about talking or cutting promos and can just focus on the wrestling, leaving the talking to Paige. And Kairi Sane, while extremely talented, has the same problem. Now, problem solved and the two Ladies of the Far East can dominate the tag team scene while Paige does the talking. I’d still rather see Asuka as the Women’s Champion and working singles, but for now, this is a good alternative.

Luke Harper has seemingly asked for his release from WWE. Thoughts?

WWE has wasted this talent since Day 1 and especially since his return from injury. They don’t know what to do with him and that is just painfully too obvious. I hate to see him leave WWE and hopefully, something can be worked out and a good, strong role can be found for Harper that will satisfy his need to grow and develop as a performer, but if not, so be it. Harper is a great talent and really deserves better and maybe this way, he can get it.

And there you go. Thoughts, questions and any comments welcome. Thank you for reading. And until the next time, take care and stay awesome. I’ll see you at the matches.


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