A Day Of Dougie: Motel Parties, Time & Family…

A Day Of Dougie
Motel Parties, Family & Time
April 16, 2019

Happy Tuesday and welcome to the second in a row, just because I feel like it, Day of Dougie. Hell, every day is a Day of Dougie around here, just like Rusev Day, but I just don’t always write about it. As per the usual, it’s way too early in the morning to be up and this active, but I have to go to work in not quite an hour, I’m already dressed and ready to go and now have a few minutes of free time and what better way to take advantage of this moment than to write for a few and do some blog / site stuff.

So what is on the agenda? I could write about the reason I’ll probably end up taking a charge or two when I snap and go total Horseman on a certain neighbor-boy who won’t take a hit and back the fuck off. It’s a messed up situation that’s actually pretty simple. I care for the guy and he tries to play me and take advantage of that and I’m tired of it and ain’t playing the games no more. See, I’m even using slang and starting to talk ghetto to show how pissed I really am. I’ll do anyhing for anyone to a point, but when you take advantage, don’t even try to do for yourself and take it all for granted, the shit ends and thus, it has come to a close. I’ve come so close to just exploding several times, but I’m an adult, a grown man and violence is not the answer… yet. It might end up being the solution, but it finally seems that the message has been sent. And now we wait.

And I shouldn’t be talking about that stuff here. I should stick with less controversial things like how dumb Mad Maxine, she of “Impeach 45” fame, truly is. She’s somehow the head of the Congressional Finance Committee, the group that oversees banks and had a hearing about student loans. She went into a long and crazed rant about the student loan situation that’s blowing up and had several banking CEO’s and leaders in a hearing to deal with that problem. She tore into them and demanded to know what they were going to do with student loans. They went down the line with, “Our bank quit doing student loans in 2006”, “we quit doing student loans in 2008”, etc and so on. Then one of the bankers explained to her that the government, the Obama Administration to be exact, in 2010, when the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress as well as the White House, nationalized the student loan problem and the government took over dealing with this issue. The government of which she was and is a part of. Wouldn’t the top Congressman in charge of banking issues know about this before holding a hearing on this issue? She was there when it happened and even if that didn’t click, simple research would have revealed this. Hell, even I remember it and I could care less about student loans that everyone is defaulting on right and left. Another proud moment for Mad Maxine to be sure.

But I won’t talk about Danny or Maxine here today. Ooops, I already have. My bad. Let’s just go into the “Magic Bag” and find a topic or two to write about instead. We’ve got “Motel Room Parties”, “Family” and “Time”. Okay, and now that we know the topics, let’s get busy and do this…

Motel Room Parties…

This is something that I’m sure most of you have done once or twice at least in your life, usually in your late teenage years. Have one person rent a motel room, gather twenty or so of your closest friends, some of which you’ve probably never met before that very night, get lots of alcohol and get together for a night of fun, games, boozing and probably a fight at some point. Then everyone passes out / falls asleep on the beds, floors, bath tub, etc, waking up as the sounds of Housekeeping is coming down the sidewalk, quickly parting and exiting only to do again the next week. Wash, rinse, repeat. We, the “Stoney Crew” and I, used to do this quite frequently down at Pine Acres Lodge, here in Laurinburg, NC. Good times with good peoples and the stories I could tell. I could tell, but I won’t because most of my fellow partiers, are now married, with children and considered to be respectable members of the community and if knowledge was to get out about our typical weekends, it might not be good. It would make for a fun read to be sure and lots of kids would be calling their parents hypocrites and more for installing rules now when they didn’t quite feel the same a few years ago. It’s better to stay quiet and suffice it to say, if those walls could talk, we’d all be in trouble. Well, except for me. I’m an angel who never, ever did anything wrong. Really! And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Let’s move on because the clock is ticking and I’m running out of time.


It’s what I’m running out of here. I shouldn’t have talked so long about Maxine and the other problem who should remain nameless except for that I already named him. Ooops again. My bad! Time is what is on the clock. It’s what seems to go by quickly when you’re enjoying yourself or having a good day and drags and takes forever when you’re at work, school or doing something not so much fun. Time is a fickle bitch and how we measure what is. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.


If I call you my brother, sister, cousin or hell, given how I feel about phones, if I even call you, we’re family. If I can trust you, like being around you, will come out of my shell for you and will open up, I must think highly of you and consider you family. Blood doesn’t always mean family. Life and trust and respect, that’s what makes a family and brings people together. I have people who share my name and are relatives, but I don’t really consider true family. And there are those that I’ve met through work, through life, bonded with and know that they have my back and I’ll always have theirs and that, my friend, is what real family is all about. It’s not blood – it’s bond. And that right there is truly, ‘Nuff said!

And now, I have to go finish getting ready for work. Have a great day and thanks for reading. The wrestling stuff will return tonight and I have a few other things on the agenda as well. Until the next time, take care of yourself and each other. Remember who loves you, baby. Take it easy and be safe.


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