Schlitzie the Pinhead: What’s True and What’s Legend…

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Freaks” and  even if you haven’t, you’ve probably seen a picture of Schlitzie, truly one of the most iconic figures in American nostalgia and history.  Here’s the intro for this YouTube video…

Join Wayne Keyser as he sits on the set of FREAKS (thanks, Photoshop) and shows new and rare photos, and tries to sort out the facts from the fiction in the life of this famous sideshow freak. Many doubtful things have gotten attached to Schlitzie’s story, and he deserves better. Schlitzie came on the scene helpless, without a history or even a real name, but he found a home and a family in the sideshow. This is the Tossing Salt video of the day.  Enjoy!

@00 a video

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