Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Tyler Breeze, Lio Rush, CM Punk & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Tyler Breeze, Lio Rush, CM Punk & More
May 5, 2019

Happy Cinco De Mayo. Or as we call it here in the ‘Burg, just another drunk Sunday. I bought a new truck today. It’s not “new”, but it’s new for me. Yay Dougie. These questions come from Tyler and Matt. And the answers, that’s me. Let’s do this…

It seems as if Tyler Breeze has been moved to the NXT roster. Thoughts?

Breeze has been performing on NXT events and the reason is simple. He asked to work those dates and on the NXT roster. He’s not being used on the main roster all that much right now, especially with tag team partner Fandango currently out with an injury, so Breeze feels he can be useful working in down in Orlando. It keeps him active, helps the talent down in NXT by having a veteran on the roster and is a plus for everyone involved. I’m surprised that more WWE stars who aren’t used often haven’t requested the same thing.

Lio Rush has allegedly turned down a contract offer and asked for his release. Thoughts?

Lio was reportedly offered a deal of $300,000 a year and says that’s not enough to survive on properly and support his family. What the hell is this guy smoking? He’s in a position that most people would be thrilled to have and for a person of his experience, doing much better than he deserves to expect and yet, it’s not enough. He doesn’t like to follow locker room etiquette and is disrespectful to some of the veterans and other wrestlers. Hell, if he’s asked for his release as rumored, then WWE should allow it and let him have it. He’s a minor player on the WWE roster and unlike Harper or Sasha or Ambrose, AEW is not going to be pounding on his door with job offers. He’s not as good as he’s deluded himself into believing and is listening to the wrong people instead of using common sense and being respectful and having common sense. If he’s not happy, can his ass and good riddance.

Were Matt and Jeff Hardy right to relinquish the Smackdown Tag Team Championship titles?

Jeff can’t wrestle and had to have surgery so there wasn’t really a choice in the matter. Jeff and Matt gave up the belts and new champions will be crowned on Tuesday night on Smackdown Live. Hopefully Matt will have a new partner and make a run for the titles (Chad Gable perhaps?) or my personal favorites, The B-Team, will be awarded the titles by Shane for their aide against Roman Reigns a couple of weeks ago. We’ll see about that on Tuesday. But as for The Hardy Boyz, it was a call that had to be made and giving up the belts was the only thing to do.

Fred Durst – Hall of Fame Celebrity wing worthy?

Yes, some of his songs have been used by WWE and he’s a big fan of wrestling and all of that, but would I put him in the WWE Hall of Fame? Alice Cooper, Cyndi Lauper, Regis Philbin and David Arquette all have to come first and then we’ll talk about Durst. Not until then though.

I keep seeing articles about how the WWE is interested in a CM Punk return. Is he coming back?

If Punk decides that he wants to give wrestling one more run, the WWE and AEW and every other major company will open their checkbooks and he will be able to name his own price. Do I think that WWE is interested? Punk would be a definite spike in ratings and people would tune in just to see him interact with HHH and Stephanie and to see how it plays out so yes, I think WWE definitely has an interest in getting the “Best In The World” back on their roster. Is he coming back? If he does, I’ll be very surprised.

Jon Moxley may sign deal with Impact Wrestling or so the rumors say. Thoughts?

Jon Moxley, the former Dean Ambrose is the hottest free agent out there right now and be it AEW, Impact Wrestling, ROH, New Japan or even WWE, every company would love to have the one-time “Lunatic Fringe” as part of their roster and Impact would not be the worst place that Moxley could work for. Do I think he’ll end up working for Impact? Not really, but it’s wrestling and anything can happen so we’ll probably just have to wait and see.

In WCW, the Dangerous Alliance was Paul E Dangerously leading the team of Larry Zbyszko, Madusa, Arn Anderson, Steve Austin, Rick Rude and Bobby Eaton. If Paul Heyman decided to do a modern day WWE version of the Dangerous Alliance, who would be in it?

The meme that I saw that accompanied this question had Heyman with Cesaro, Robert Roode, The Revival and Carmella. And that’s an impressive grouping to be sure. If I was working with Heyman to create a new “Dangerous Alliance”, I’d go with Cesaro, Samoa Joe, Matt Hardy, Axel and Dallas and Carmella as my team. I like The Revival and Roode, but Hardy could be the “Zbyszko” of the group while Joe would be the “Austin” and Axel and Dallas could be the Eaton and Anderson, often under-rated, but capable of anything.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts or questions, drop me a line at Doug28352@yahoo.com. Until the next time, take care and have a great one. See you later.


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