Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Money In The Bank, 24/7 Championship, The Hall of Fame and More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Money In The Bank, 24/7, The Hall of Fame and More
May 23, 2019

Good morning for what looks to be the start of a very busy day. Lots to do and very little time to do is, as per the usual. I’m behind on everything, also as per the usual and it’s time to do some rectifying of that situation starting now. And what better way to start than an edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. The questions today come from Matt and Jesse. And I’ve got the answers, I hope. Let’s do this…

Thoughts on Brock winning the Money In The Bank match?

Like most fans, I was not happy to see “The Beast” show up, stroll in and win a match that he wasn’t even scheduled to be a part of. It was a big slap in the face to the men who were literally busting their asses with the hard bumps and great action beforehand and especially to Ali, who was allegedly told he was going to be the winner until just moments before the match started. But I also get why it happened. It gets people to talking and like it or not, when Brock is there, he draws attention and puts butts in the seats. He’s an enigma in the WWE and gets a reaction like no others. Good for the fans and wrestlers by having him win? Not really, but to quote an old line frequently used by “The Authority”, it’s what’s “best for business”.

Was Bayley the right person to win the Women’s MITB match?

I was hoping to see Carmella win because ‘Mella is money and she’s quickly become one of my favorites, but given the reaction of the fans and the direction that things have turned in the Women’s Division, Bayley was easily far and beyond the best choice among the women competing.

Best match of the night at MITB?

I don’t think there was a bad match at MITB although the Rey – Samoa Joe match was cut short and we didn’t get to see Dominic get his ass whooped (yet) and the main event was incredible until the very end when Brock kind of took all the air from the room with his appearance. But the best match, move for move from starting bell to finish, would no doubt be AJ versus Seth.

Do you think the season finale of Game Of Thrones affected the viewership of MITB?

I’m sure that it did, although I don’t get why. Not a viewer and don’t care to be. But it is a big show and it was the big ending finale and so fans watched that show, knowing that they could go back later on the Network and watch the wrestling event then.

Should WWE move the Hall of Fame Inductions and Ceremony to another time of the year instead of Wrestlemania?

This is something that, especially with Smackdown moving to Friday nights live on Fox, that the WWE needs to consider. With a live Smackdown on Friday as the go-home show for Wrestlemania, NXT Takeover on Saturday, Mania on Sunday and then RAW on Monday, the Hall of Fame seems to be lost in the shuffle. My suggestion would be to either move it to SummerSlam weekend, but then it would have the same scheduling problems. So how about doing what WCW did with their Slamboree event. Have a special event each year with a PPV mixing current matches and “Legend’s Matches” and on the Saturday before, do the Hall of Fame inductions. Give the old-timers, the legends, the icons and the Hall of Fame folks their own weekend instead of making it part of the mix at Mania. It’s big enough that it could do well on it’s own and definitely an idea that WWE should consider.

Thoughts on the new 24/7 Championship?

At first, I thought “What the hell is WWE doing?” and “This is so stupid!”. And I stil feel that way, but when it gives guys like R Truth and the others that are rarely seen and not used as they should be something to do, it can’t be all bad. I would have preferred to see a “Television Championship” defended in the tradition of the old NWA World Television Championship with a ten minute time limit, lots of great wrestling and lots of controversial draws, but since the average attention span of today’s generation is about 2.3 seconds, I guess a title using the old Hardcore Championship 24/7 rule makes more sense. It’s definitely going to give us more appearances by the lower level wrestlers and more comedy action. That’s for sure.

Thoughts on the Nikki Cross / Alexa Bliss alliance?

Alexa can’t wrestle and Nikki is getting lost in the shuffle otherwise so this works for me. It’s an odd combination to be sure, but it reminds me in a way of William Regal and Eugene back in the day. It’ll be interesting to see how this goes.

Which one should Brock cash in on – Kofi or Seth?

I would pick Kofi. Seth and Brock has already been done. I’d switch things up a bit.

Are the Revival the best tag team in WWE today?

If not the best, they’re definitely in the top two or three.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. I have to go fo the doctor now. Wish me luck. Any comments, thoughts or questions, just drop me a line and let me know. Until the next time, take care and stay safe.


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