Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: No McMahon’s on TV, Juvi, Arn Anderson & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
No McMahon’s On TV, Juvi, Arn Anderson & More
May 26, 2019

Welcome to the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Last night was the AEW’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view and while I’m saving the rest of my comments for later, let me suffice it by saying that WWE had better be taking notice because the new kid in town looks damn good. It was an incredible show and congratulations to all the folks at AEW for an incredible event. Now, let’s knock down a few questions. There are a lot of them, courtesy of Matt, Jesse and Jacob. I’ll try to be brief on the answers (most of them), to keep the reading experience pleasurable for you fine folks at home. Let’s do this…

Who wasn’t a Horseman but would have made a great addition to the stable?

Gino Hernandez is the natural answer given that he was being considered for the role before his untimely passing and that he had a history with Tully and Baby Doll that would have worked well in the inclusion as well. There was also consideration of having Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane, the Midnight Express, join up with the Horsemen at one point. I wasn’t a big Magnum TA fan, but he would have been an interesting choice and could have worked. And hell, how about Mike Awesome? When he first came to WCW, as the ECW Champion and before the stupid gimmicks of “That 70’s Guy” and the “Fat Chick Thriller”, how about Mike Awesome, Horseman? It could have added to both his career and that of the Horseman legacy.

Thoughts on Glen Gilberti’s (Disco Inferno) recent battles against the Impact Knockout’s Division?

Disco is being an ass and getting his butt kicked by the women of Impact Wrestling. It’s a variation of what Jeff Jarrett did in the WWF when he was fighting Chyna and so long as Disco gets his just rewards at the end, I have no problem with it. I’ve always been a fan of Disco’s anyways and to see him still working, still making an impact, even if it is for Impact Wrestling, is cool to me.

How would you rank Caprice Coleman as an announcer?

A very under-rated talent, both in the ring and on the mic and as he’s shown working with ROH and now New Japan as part of the their American Commentary team, the man can talk very well. He’s as good as anyone in WWE or Impact or anywhere else and has some great insight and knowledge when he’s calling the action. A very talented young man.

How would you compare Madusa Micelli to the women wrestlers of today?

With her background in judo and martial arts, I think she would do very well in today’s Women’s Movement, something that she is partially responsible for. As she showed time and time again in the AWA and Japan, the woman can go with the best of them and though the styles have changed a bit since her prime, she has shown she can adapt and do well anywhere and with anything she puts her mind to doing. Wrestling or a shoot, Madusa could take most of the women in wrestling today and put them down, period.

Do the brand splits in WWE mean anything?

Between the “Wild Card” deal and now the new 24/7 Championship, I would say “NO!”.

If you were told to write the McMahon’s off WWE TV and reappoint General Managers, how would you do it and who would you name as the GM’s of RAW and Smackdown?

I’d keep it simple and just have HHH come out and ask that the rest of his “family” come down to the ring. He’d say that he’s been contacted by “The Board of Directors” and they’re concerned about the falling ratings, the ignoring of the brand splits, the matters that are falling to the side and being ignored due to lack of time and attention by the McMahon family. He can cite Steph and her other responsibilities and cite Vince’s upcoming involvement with the XFL and how Shane is too busy fighting Miz and Roman instead of being an Authority figure. He can even cite his own responsibilities with NXT and NXT:UK, but just make the point clear that no one is giving RAW and Smackdown 100% and things are falling through the cracks. So at the request of The Board, all the McMahon’s are to back off a bit. They’ll still be in control, but the day to day responsibilities of running RAW, Smackdown, 205 Live and NXT will be handled by new “General Managers”. William Regal will remain in control of NXT and Drake Maverick will stay in charge at 205 Live. Then he can bring out the new people for RAW and Smackdown. I would suggest giving Paige back control of Smackdown since she was doing a fine job before and it makes sense. As for RAW, let’s pull out a big gun and use WWE Hall of Famer, The Icon, Sting. And there you go.

If WWE was to bring back “Guest Hosts”, who would you like to see hosting RAW?

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, aka “Jay & Silent Bob”. Those are the first names that come to mind.

Does Juventud Guerrera deserve a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame? Yes or no?

Does he deserve a spot? I’m mixed on this because I love Juvi and he has always been one of my favorite performers. He’s an icon to be sure and one of the top Lucha performers of the past 20 years. But that being said, he’s not always been the best person around and some of his antics over the years, like the situation in Australia with WCW and getting fired by WWE for not listening, tend to overshadow his in-ring accomplishments. If push comes to shove, I don’t think Juvi will be having his name brought up in regards to Hall of Fame inductions any time soon.

Arn Anderson has announced that later this year, he will be starting a podcast with Conrad Thompson. Thoughts?

When it was announced that Arn had been fired by WWE, I mentioned in one of my Q&A’s that I’d like to see him do a podcast of some type and now, here we go. Conrad, as he’s shown with Schiavone, Bischoff, Pritchard and Flair, is the perfect man to be hosting and leading the way and I think that Arn, once he learns to relax and loosen up, will do a great job. Arn was a great talker in his day, but his shoots and interviews away from the ring were always kind of hard to watch since Arn seems conflicted about breaking kayfabe and just cutting loose. If Conrad can bring Arn out of his shell, this might end up being one of the best.

Thoughts on Cody Rhodes attempting to trademark some of the names of old WCW events created by his father?

Nothing ventured and nothing gained, right? His Daddy created some of these concepts and names while working for WCW and if no one (WWE) is using them, then why shouldn’t Cody take a shot? He’s using good business sense in that it’s easier to promote a show that people are familiar with, even if only the title, than something totally new. I commend him for this.

Are you glad to see Dolph Ziggler back in the WWE?

Ziggler is a hell of a wrestler and when the WWE uses him correctly, he is a pleasure to watch in that ring and see do his thing. He’s been off for a while and the batteries are recharged and yes, I’m glad to see him back.

Who would you like to see challenge Bayley for the Smackdown Women’s Championship?

Easy answer heere. They teased it for so long without a payoff so how about Sasha Banks coming back to Smackdown and challenging her “best friend” for the Blue Brand’s title? It’s the most logical answer.

Did WWE drop the ball on having Cody Rhodes wrestle Goldust when the had the chance?

After seeing part of the match from last night at AEW between Cody and Dustin and thinking to what it could have been in WWE if they had been given the chance, I would say that yes, absolutely, WWE screwed up and dropped the ball on this one.

Should the United States Championship be returned to Samoa Joe?

When Rey pinned him to capture the title, neither of Joe’s shoulders were on the mat as the referee made the count. Then Rey got injured in the post-match scuffle and can’t wrestle or defend the title. So we have the champion not being pinned and the new champion can’t defend the belt due to an injury. So yes, the WWE and WWE management should void the match at MITB and give the belt back to Samoa Joe.

And there you go. I have more wrestling themed questions to answer later, but for now, I’ll close this bad mama-jama up and put it to bed. Questions, comments and any other thoughts are welcome and appreciated. Thanks for reading. And until the next time, take care and stay safe. Have a great one.


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