5 Questions: Current Events & Politics – Sex Ed., Medicare For All, Gun Laws & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
5 Questions (Extended Edition)
Current Events & Politics
May 26, 2019

Are you ready for some current events, pop culture and political Q&A? My good friend Lauren decided to answer my request for questions by sending me seven very pointed and thought provoking questions. It’s a large number to do at one time, but I’ve been procrastinating on these and want to get ‘er done, if you will. I’ll try and keep the answers short, to the point and hopefully amusing. Let’s do this…

Of the twenty plus people running for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, who do you think poses the biggest challenge to President Trump?

Any of them, with the exception of New York City Mayor DeBlasio, would be able to beat Trump in New York and California, but luckily for us, we have an electoral college and those left-wing whackos don’t have the final say in electing a President. The candidate has to be able to appeal to mainstream America and the more practical people in the central states and southern region as well. Of the twenty-plus men and women who have thrown their hat into the political three-ring circus, I think Joe Biden would be the biggest threat for Trump. Kamala puts on a good front, but when her record of poor job performance and getting jobs because of being Willie Brown’s mistress is factored in, she falls off the wagon as well. There may be some good candidates in the running, but right now, the extreme crazy folks are hogging the spotlight and the rational, sane ones are being ignored. I think that Biden has too much baggage of non-achievement to ever be elected President, but I think that he would also have the best chances against a President Trump in 2020.

Should Sex Ed. be taught in public schools and if so, at what age should it start?

Yes, sexual education should be a part of the education that every man and woman, boy and girl, gets as part of their public education. And it should include talk about disease, babies, responsibilities that come with having sex, what’s right and wrong, homosexuality, etc. In a perfect world, the parents would be able to handle this part of their child’s education, but so many parents now are just kids themselves, are not there for the family or are just too damn dumb to do so. And while part of me cringes at the idea of 10 year olds being told about sex, the facts are kids that are ten and eleven years old are having sex these days. They see their friends, movies, TV and hear stuff in songs, wrong and bad information and end up doing things with no awareness of the consequences or responsibilities that come along with the deal. That needs to change and change quickly.

Medicare and free health care for all. Is it a good thing?

It’s a nice sounding idea, but it’s not practical. Who would pay the bills? It would create waits of weeks and months and regulation and red tape out the whazoo. The costs would skyrocket and the service would be worse than anything we’ve ever seen before. And again, who would pay for all of it? It’s good in theory, but in reality, it’s not doable or smart thinking.

What do you consider the three most important issues in the upcoming 2020 Presidential election?

Illegal immigration and border control, keeping the economy strong and the unemployment rate down and finally, foreign affairs and staying strong against China, Russia, Iran, etc.

Will more laws curb gun violence?

New laws would only affect the people who actually obey the laws and the ones who are promoting violence, shooting up churches and schools, etc, they don’t follow the laws or care. Common sense and respect for others will curb the violence. More laws is just more paperwork and headaches for the ones that already obey the law. Enforce the laws we already have in place and quit trying to punish the good people and only then will we start to see a change.

Does a public business have the right to refuse service because of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation?

This one is tricky because while the answer is obviously no and discrimination of any kind is wrong and stupid, I don’t think that the law has the right to tell a person that provides a service who they can or can’t serve to. If a person is a doctor or cop, then yes, every person deserves the same treatment and benefits. But if a person has a bakery and doesn’t want to make a gay wedding cake, should the law force him to or should he have the right to refuse this business? Honestly, so long as the person is respectful and has a legit reason for not performing the service, then he should be able to say no. And does this apply to race or religion as well? And what about politics? Remember when that restaurant kicked out Sarah Sanders because she worked for the Trump White House. Is that allowed? It’s a slippery slope and every situation is different obviously, but my personal feeling is this. If I have a business and don’t want to succeed and make money, then so be it. I should be able to determine who does and doesn’t shop in my store. And I should also be prepared to deal with any consequences that happen as a result of my stupdity. And why would a person want to shop or give their business to someone who doesn’t want it anyways? Why not spend your money with people who want your business, want to deal with you, etc. I think that hating someone because of their religion, race, sexual orientation, politics or for whatever reason, except behavior and character, is stupid. If you want my hate, give me a real and legit reason first. But that being said, if a person wants to refuse business, that’s their right to do so.

What’s the matter with kids these days?

Lack of parenting, practical education, interaction with others and responsibility. We live in an entitlement society and it’s all “give me” and “I want” rather than working hard and earning or else do without. Kids today are being raised by kids (their parents who are still too young) or Grandma and there is no real, true family structure anymore or any role models for the youth to emulate so instead they listen to TV stars, rappers and people who are “cool!”. What’s the matter with kids these days? Where do we start?

And there you go. There were three more questions, but due to the length my answers would have been and the complications of the issues being asked about, I decided to cut those out and save them for a future date. My thanks for reading. Any thoughts, comments or questions are welcome. Just drop me a line and shout out. Until the next time, take care and see you later.


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