Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Fyter Fest, Denny Brown, The Kanellis’, Gallows & Anderson & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Fyter Fest, Denny Brown, The Kanellis’ and More
July 10, 2019

My apologies for the lack of updates here at the site over the past week. Long work hours at both my jobs, plus personal matters have all taken their toll and I’ve been slacking. Hopefully, things will be working out better in the near future and it won’t be a problem in the future. These questions, which were sent to me by a new face, Austin and my old buds, Jesse and Matt, have been waiting for answers Now, they wait no more. Let’s do this…

Thoughts on David Starr stomping the NXT UK Championship belt in a match against WALTER in the UK?

If it wasn’t approved in advance by WWE (and it wasn’t), it shouldn’t have happened. WWE is pissed off and rightfully so at both Starr and WALTER. It was a big sign of disrespect for the company and the title and if it was in the heat of the moment, an apology should suffice to rectify matters, but it was still messed up and wrong.

Thoughts on Maria & Mike Kanellis and their current storyline / situation?

I was surprised that they decided to stay with WWE, but they did and now at least we are seeing them on TV and in a story-line. Maria is, I guess, going to play the role of bitch-goddess and Mike is going to be her bitch and now, we get to see where WWE goes with it. I hope there’s a payoff and it leads to at least a title and some success for Mile Bennett because he is a very talented wrestler, but for some reason, I’m thinking that this is all Vince and the writers getting their jollies and punishment for not letting WWE know about the new baby on the way. Only time will tell.

Thoughts on Gallows and Anderson apparently signing new deals with WWE?

If it leads to a big push with AJ as a new version of “The Club”, I’m happy for them. WWE is more money than they would make elsewhere and probably easier on the families than constantly traveling overseas to Japan full time. If they’re sticking around, they got the deals they wanted and it’s the right thing for Gallows and Anderson. I’m happy for them.

Thoughts on the AEW Fyter Fest?

A solid show with a few messed up spots, but solid in every way that mattered. That Cody chair shot to the head by Shawn Spears was nasty, but accidents happen and it’s a part of the business. All in all, AEW continues to build and grow and while they’re suffering a lot of growing pains in the process, the improvement is there and with Fyter Fest, they have nothing to be ashamed of. A good, solid show.

Better team – the Young Bucks or the Road Warriors?

Easy answer. The Road Warriors are legends.The Bucks? They’re good and talented, but they’re not legends yet. Warriors for sure.

The Briscoes versus The Fabulous Freebirds. Who wins?

I’d match the late Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy up against anyone and Buddy Roberts, RIP, was as good as they come. The Briscoes are damn good and an amazing team, but if we had a time machine and they could take that walk down Bad Street in Atlanta, GA, they would not come out looking quite so well. Freebirds forever.

Thoughts on the Cody Rhodes chair shot at Fyter Fest?

It was stiff and brutal and deliberate or not, shouldn’t have happened. But it did and AEW needs to just say, “it happens” and move on. The excuses afterwards were lame and the response by AEW management was kind of sad. But Spears and Cody made their choice, it happened and nowe time to use it to their advantage and move to the next match.

Thoughts on Rip Hawk and Swede Hanson?

I don’t remember Hawk other than just hearing about him. I did get a chance to see Swede wrestle many times, obviously towards the end of his career, and he was a legit tough guy and man to be respected and honored. One of the greatest tag teams in Mid-Atlantic Wrestling history and two true legends that WWE should take notice of and use that Hall of Fame “Legacy” induction to pay homage and respect to.

Why did the NWA have a rule that masked wrestlers could not be the World Champion?

So Dusty Rhodes could look strong as the “Midnight Rider” and beat the NWA Champion, but didn’t have to deal with the responsibility of being the champion. It was a way to keep the masked wrestlers strong (Mr. Wrestling II and Mil Mascaras also were “victims” of this rule) as top faces who “should be” the World Champion, but for whatever reason, were not.

Thoughts on Denny Brown, the NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion?

A very talented wrestler who always put on great matches, but was never really given a push to the big time. He was about twenty years before his time and in today’s world of Cruiserweights and Light Heavyweight Champions, would be thriving and living high on the hog, but given the time and era he wrestled in, he was considered too small to be a big star or top talent.

Thoughts on the Varsity Club?

Kevin Sullivan, Mike Rotundo, Rick Steiner and Dan Spivey if I remember correctly. Top talents who were capable of being at the top of the food chain, but never really got that big push they were deserving of. Mostly good talents that the promoters didn’t know what to do with so they put them together in a faction, let Kevin Sullivan act as their mouth-piece and let them work the mid-card in meaningless matches and feuds.

What do you think the industry learned from the Scaffold Match?

That they’re dangerous, boring and should never be thought of or promoted again by anyone for anyone.

Thoughts on Baron Von Raschke?

A true legend and iconic performer who didn’t have the best body, but had ability and talent that if he was allowed, could outshine almost anyone. A former Olympic wrestling standout, Raschke was able to transform into a goose-stepping Nazi who the fans loved to hate. The ideal tag team wrestler who was easy to take for granted, but once he locked in that claw, could beat anyone at anytime. It didn’t matter if it was comedy or dead serious, Raschke was and is a true legend in this business and also one of the legit most nice guys ever to step into that ring. A Hall of Fame worthy performer in every sense of the word.

Does Nikki Bella deserve an in-ring farewell to the fans?

If she is able to do so, I think her and Brie, while not actual favorites of mine, did enough in this business, that they should have had a chance to say good-bye to the fans and walk away in a proud, final momentI also think that Christian (Jay Reso) should be allowed the same chance and opportunity. None of these talented performers were given the chance to have that final moment in the spotlight and it’s not fair to them or the men and women who cheered them and were / are their fans.

And there you go. It was long, but my thanks for toughing it out and staying to the end. I tried to keep the answers short and to the point this time, but that doesn’t always work since I do like to talk and ramble sometimes. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but that’s just me. Anyhow, any comments, thoughts or questions you’d like to see answered, feel free to drop me a line either here at the site or at my e-mail of Doug28352@yahoo.com. Until the next time, take care and have a great one. See you at the matches.


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