Impact Wrestling Slammiversary XVII: Thoughts & Predictions

Tossing Salt Presents:
Impact Wrestling Slammiversary XVII
Thoughts & Predictions
Juny 7, 2019

Dedicated to the memory of former CWF Announcer and personality “Mr. Hollywood” Shannon Rose, who passed away JUly 5, 2019 after a life long battle against MS and several other medical issues over the past few years. A prominent fixture on social media and Facebook, Rose was always insightful, informative and entertaining. He will definitely be missed. Rest in Peace sir…

Later tonight, from the world famous Gilley’s in Dallas, Texas and will be available on traditional PPV outlets as well as carried live on FITE TV. It’s the 17th annual edition of Impact Wrestling’s flagship event and it’s stacked to the gills and a loaded event. Of course, that means a few thoughts and preditictions. TIme is short so let’s get busy and do that Crystal Ball thing. And away we go…

Impact Champion Brian Cage vs. Michael Elgin.

Impact has really gotten better as of late and in my opinion, having Brain Cage as the champion was a great move by the former TNA. Cage is an amazing talent and has really, in my opinion,developed into an outstanding champion. And Elgin is no slouch either, a great talent in his own right and this should be one damn good match. Impact likes to switch the title too much for my tastes and it’s hard for a champion to really get a foothold and momentum, but I think this might be changing as of late. It’s too soon for Cage to drop the belt and I’d love to see him keep that title and have a long reign for many months to come. And to do that, he has to get by Elgin here. I think he will.

Winner and STILL Impact Champion: Brian Cage

Impact Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie vs. Rosemary vs. Su Yung vs. Havok – Monster’s Ball.

This is going to be crazy and total insanity. It really could go in any direction and any of these ladies has a great chance of walking out as the top woman and Knockouts Champion. I like Taya, but I’m feeing that in such a historic match as the first ever all Women Monster’s Ball, we’ll see that honored title switch owners. I don’t much think it will be Havok because that was a lame X-Man character and while she’s a good performer, she won’t be the champ. Su Yung? Another great talent, but I don’t think this will be her day either. She’s creepy and she’s kooky. I think Rosemary is due to do her thing with the belt and it begins tonight.

Winner and NEW Knockouts Champion: Rosemary

Impact X-Division Champion Rich Swann vs. Johnny Impact.

WWE didn’t know what to do with Swann, but he’s found a nice place at Impact and is now going against top guys like Impact, the former John Morrison. This should be one hell of an excellent match with lots of two counts, high impact and great action. Impact is already a made man, but I think that Swann, while on the way to the top, isn’t quite there yet. This match will put him over the top.

Winner and STILL X-Division Champion: Rich Swann

Rob Van Dam vs. Moose.

Can RVD still go? I guess this is where we find out. I’ve honestly never been a big RVD fan and he’s just too sloppy in that ring for my tastes. He’s a talented dude and an ECW icon to be sure, but I think his best days are behind him. Moose is up and coming and a future top dog and champion. I think he takes home the win here after an epic and extreme encounter.

Winner: Moose

Impact Tag Team Champions The North vs. LAX vs. The Rascalz.

The North just won the belts a couple of days ago. LAX’s contracts are nearly up and until the re-sign, they won’t be wearing the gold. The Rascalz are there to take the fall and The North retains the gold.

Winners and STILL Impact Tag Team Champions: The North

Sami Callihan vs. Tessa Blanchard.

This is the match of the night and the one that has been getting all the publicity as it’s man versus woman and let the chips fall where they may as third generation superstar Tessa Blanchard takes on the crazy man that is Sami Callihan. Tessa has been, thus far, holding her own and has proven time and time again that she’s as tough as they come, but let’s be honest here. Callihan should be able to easily destroy Tessa and that’s what I’m expecting here. I’m looking for Tessa to get some shots in and look good at the start, but when the gloves come off and Sami gets tired of playing, Tessa will take an ass-whooping. Now, that being said, I think it will be so one-sided, we’ll see some outside shenanigans and others getting involved. And the craziness will see the lovely former Knockouts Champion snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat and score the upset. Yes, I’m saying it here.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

Kevin Kross vs. Eddie Edwards – First Blood Match.

WWE stops matches if there’s a sign of blood. AEW has been catching all sorts of publicity over a botched chair shot to Cody Rhodes and he was pouring blood. And at Impact, they’re having a “First Blood” match. My, how things have changed. Isn’t Kross trying to get his release or something of that nature from Impact? He’s surely not going over here.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

TJP Open X-Division Challenge.

Not sure who will be the man to respond to TJP and his “open challenge”, but this guy is magic in that ring and is another example of WWE not quite realizing what they had. I guess this is TJP’s way to lay a claim to the X-Division title while the current champion, old rival Rich Swann, is currently involved with Johnny Impact. It doesn’t matter who answers the call. I think TJP will reign supreme.

Winner: TJP

And there you go. Thanks for reading. Any thoughts, comments or questions, feel free to give me a shout and speak your peace. And with that, let’s all wish Impact a great show tonight. I’m down and out of here. Take care and I’ll see you on the flip side.


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