AEW Fight For The Fallen: Thoughts & Predictions…

Tossing Salt Presents:
AEW Fight For The Fallen:
Thoughts & Predictions
July 13, 2019

Tonight, in Jacksonville, Florida, All Elite Wrestling will present their third event, AEW Fight For The Fallen. The show will be streaming for free on Bleacher Report Live and will also be airing on FITE.TV. Several great matches have been announced and thus, it’s time to do that Sister Cleo thing one more time and break out a few predictions and thoughts. I’m Doug and I see kitties. Let’s do this…

The Young Bucks vs. Cody & Dustin Rhodes.

The two Rhodes boys, fresh off their battle at Double or Nothing, are reunited and taking on the so-called “Best Tag Team In The World”, The Young Bucks. The Bucks are playing the heels here, having mocked and made fun of Cody and Dustin classic match ending many times on social media. Three best friends and co-Executive Vice Presidents for AEW and the older brother, a true legend in his own right. I expect this match will live up to the hype and be worthy of any PPV event anywhere. I also kind of expect it to be Dustin’s last hurrah before he retires from active competition and goes off to do that training and teaching in a wrestling school as he’s spoken of many times in the past. The Rhodes should win, but I’m looking at the big picture. We need unity and a big scene with the founding fathers of AEW so how about this. Dustin tries, but can’t handle his end so The Bucks score an upset win. Cody then turns on Dustin, we get a big beatdown on the fallen former Goldust and Cody and the Bucks stand together united at the end. Works for me.

Winners: The Young Bucks

Brandi Rhodes vs. Allie.

If I’m not mistaken, this is Brandi’s first match for AEW or anywhere for that matter, in a long, long time. I think she did some work in WWE, but she was primarily used as an announcer and interviewer. But now she’s got to step in that ring and I hope she does okay. I’m sure that Allie can protect her and keep her looking competent in that ring. I have a feeling that the big heel turn by the AEW management members of the Rhodes family will continue here and with some shenanigans and maybe even a little help, Brandi will steal one for the management team.

Winner: Brandi Rhodes

Kenny Omega vs. CIMA.

The action match of the evening and it should make for a fun time for all parties involved. CIMA is fresh off a win at Double or Nothing, but unfortunately, the streak will not continue here. Omega is AEW’s biggest singles star not named Jericho and he lost his last big match against the forementioned “Rock Star” and needs to get a good win here. And he will.

Winner: Kenny Omega

Adam “Hangman” Page vs. Kip Sabian..

Kip Sabian is one hell of a talent, but let’s be honest here. Page is the man who will be fighting Jericho to be the AEW’s first “World Champion” in a few months. He’s not losing here to anyone.

Winner: Adam “Hangman” Page

Darby Allin & Joey Janela & Jimmy Havoc vs. MJF & Sammy Guevara & Shawn Spears.

Did you see the video of Janela’s “fight” with Enzo Amore a few days ago. One word: Idiot! But that aside, this should be a good match and showcase what I expect will be the strong mid-card and backbone of the AEW brand for many years to come. Havoc is good. Guevara is good. MJF is a big star just waiting to happen and Spears scored a perfect 10 in scoring excitement aned anticipation with that chair shot against Cody a few weeks ago. If given enough time, this match should be epic. I think that NJF and Spears have the momentum going in and Janela’s push will be put back a bit after that stupid Enzo stunt so look for the bad guys to take this one home.

Winners: MJF, Sammy Guevara and Shawn Spears

SCU’s Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky (with Christopher Daniels) vs. The Lucha Brothers.

As much as I like the Lucha Brothers, I can not and will never root against SCU. ‘Nuff said!

Winners: Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky

Sonny Kiss vs. The Librarian Peter Avalon (with The Librarian Leva Bates)

Why is this match even on the show? I guess they need comedy, but why not just book Joey Ryan versus Orange Cassidy instead? At least that will be entertaining. Sonny Kiss is not funny, but more insulting and stupid in my opinion. And The Librarian? Is this GLOW, the 2019 edition? Actually I wish it was and then this would make sense. But it is what it is and I guess we’ll have to tolerate it.

Winner: Sonny Kiss

The Dark Order vs. Jungle Boy & Luchasaura vs. Jack Evans & Angelico.

The dark horse match of the night and one that i hope that the fans watch and enjoy because I expect that it’ll be blowing everyone away. Easy win here for the greatest tag team of all time, Jungle Boy and Luchasauru.

Winners: Jungle Boy and Luchasaura.

Bea Priestley & Shoko Nakajima vs.Britt Baker & Riho.

This match was just added to the event yesterday as all four ladies will be making their AEW debuts. And honestly, I don’t know a thing about any of them so picking a winner or winners as the case may be, probably isn’t going to work too well. So I’ll just go with the gut instincts here and go with Baker and Riho. Why? Just because.

Winners: Britt Baker and Riho

Chris Jericho to appear.

And he’s there to save the company and bring sexy back. No one knows what Jericho’s role will be as of yet, but expect it to be an epic happening.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Hopefully, this will be a really good show and AEW can keep the momentum going as they inch closer to their prime time debut in the fall. Any comments, thoughts or questions, feel free to drop me a line. And with that, I’m out of here. Take care and I’ll see you at the matches.


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