Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: John Hennigan, Enzo & Cass, Col DeBeers & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
John Hennigan, Enzo & Cass, Col. DeBeers and More
July 19, 2019

Courtesy of Matt and Nikki, it’s time to do some Q&A about the world’s greatest sport. My computer has been down and these have been sitting in my mailbox for a long time so my apologies for that. Let’s get back on track though and away we go…

Rumors are that ROH has decided to scrap any plans to work with Enzo Amore and Big Cass. Thoughts?

ROH fans don’t care about Enzo and Big Cass and really, does anyone at this point? Enzo made news a few days ago by having an exchange with Joey Janela at a Blink 182 concert and even that just resulted in a big yawn by the fans. No reason for ROH to pay out lots of money for two wrestlers and not be able to get any use from them. The buzz from their initial invasion of ROH has vanished like a strong fart, only the memory and bad odor remain. I would like to see Cass and Enzo do okay and have much success, but it was obvious from the start that ROH was not the place for it to happen.

Should WWE drop the PC-13 rating?

It seems as if they already have started going in that direction and if it helps bring more fans back by giving an edge to the product, so be it. Let it go.

How would you rank the top wrestling promotions in the United States from best to worst (WWE, Impact, ROH, AEW, MLW, Evolve, NWA)?

WWE is the top company in the USA and I’d rank the others at the moment to be ROH, Impact, AEW, NWA, EVOLVE and then finally MLW.AEW has only had three shows of their own so far and they were fair to middling so that’s why they’re not ranked higher. Once they start TV in October, that ranking could and most probably will change.

Ed Wiskowski (Col. DeBeers) – WWE Hall of Fame?

As a solo inductee, DeBeers will never be inducted. He’s deserving of the honor and his work in the AWA and Portland territories certainly backs this up. That being said, his character “Col.DeBeers” was as politically incorrect and racist as they come and the social justice warriors of today would be up in arms protesting if his name was to be brought under consideration. I could see him being back-doored in as a “Legacy” inductee though.

If you had a wrestling school and could have any three trainers you want, who would you have?

How about “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton, of Midnight Express fame, “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan and Stevie Richards…

Is wrestling real?

While the match outcomes are pre-determined, there is nothing fake about every bump, every hold, every move in that ring. Pro wrestlers are the best athletes and the best improvisional live performers in the world, bar none. And yes, it is very real to me.

If WWE was to do an all-female version of Tough Enough, who would you want for the judges and host for the program?

For the trainers / judges, how about Lisa “Ivory” Moretti, Billy Gunn, Natayla & Jazz. As for the host, how about Christian?

What were your favorite gimmicks in the past that could never be used now?

Col. DeBeer’s racist character immediately comes to mind. The Mighty Igor character of simpleton strong man was one as well. Almost any indian character with the headdress feathers and chops wouldn’t be allowed and hell, even the evil “Nazi” that was Baron Von Raschke wouldn’t be allowed now.

Now that his contract with Impact Wrestling has expired, where do you think John Hennigan will end up working next?

I’m thinking either AEW or WWE, but I think the edge goes to WWE..

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts or questions, just drop me a line. Until the next time, take care and stay just too sweet. Have a great one.


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