Ultimate Wrestling Q&A (Extended Edition) – Rousey, Evolution, Aldis, Cassidy& Much More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Extended Edition
Ronda Rousey, Evolution, Nick Aldis, Orange Cassidy & More
August 22, 2019

These questions (along with many others) have been sitting around in my in-box at Doug28352@yahoo.com for the past couple of weeks, courtesy of Alex, Matt and Jessie.. I’m done with the procrastinating and it’s time to get to work. Time to play catch up and do some answering for what is truly an ultimate and extended, extra long edition of the Wrestling Q&A. So let’s do this. And away we go…

WWE has a series on The Network called “Table For Three”. What three superstars would you like to see together on the show?

Obviously having Vince McMahon, Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman together would be too much to ask for since I can’t really see Vince agreeing to “have dinner” with anyone on camera. How about Jim Cornette, Vince Russo and Paul Heyman together? Or maybe Trish, Charlotte Flair and Madusa? I like to see people from different eras interact. There are so many people that would be great to see matched up for this show, I don’t know who to start with.

Do you think CM Punk will eventually end up as part of AEW when they debut on TNT?

At this point, I think it’s about 50/50 as to if we see Punk show up at AEW or not. He’s obviously been teasing and it would be a great move for AEW to have Punk show up on Episode 1 and deliver a major “pipe’bomb” to get the the ball rolling for the new upstart promotion, but the question is, will he do it? If I was a betting man, my gut says that yes, we will see Punk show up and one more time, shock the world.

Should WWE go back to separate branded PPV’s?

With the upcoming brand split where RAW is on USA and Smackdown Live is on Fox, I think this would be the best way to go with the two brands sharing credits on the big shows, yet otherwise each brand doing their own thing. It makes more sense and gives the creative teams for each brand more incentive to kick it up a notch and try to show the WWE Universe why they’re the top brand for the company. Keep Mania, SummerSlam, Survivor Series and Royal Rumble co-branded, but otherwise, keep them apart.

Do you think that Ronda Rousey will be back in the WWE sometime before Wrestlemania?

Before ROusey injured her hand this past week while filming a TV show, I would have said a definite yes, but now, I don’t know if we’ll see the return of Rousey to WWE or not. I would think that, unless we end up with a baby announcement for the “Rowdy One”, the answer is still leaning towards yes, probably back around Rumble time.

Since Rhyno \has left the WWE, who do you think would make a good replacement as a tag team partner for Heath Slater?

I’d love to see Heath give up on the tag team scene and have a good run as either the 24/7 Champion or maybe even do a run with NXT or the 205 Live brand, but this question asks who would be a good partner for the “One Man Band”. If and when he returns from injury, Jinder Mahal would make sense since they have a history together as partners in the past. Otherwise, I’d maybe link Slater up with Chad Gable. They would make an impressive and fun team to watch.

Do you think there will be a second Evolution / all-woman PPV in WWE?

When asked about it, HHH and Steph seem to be dodging the question, but if the WWE continues to do the Saudi shows where the women are not allowed to participate, having some all-Women shows makes sense. The first Evolution PPV was a really good show and WWE has the women and talent on the roster to put together a strong and tight show. I think it will end up happening.

Would you be interested in seeing Candice Michelle or Melina return to the WWE full time?

I’ve never really been interested in Candice and having her return is something I have no interest in. Melina though, could be an interesting character to have around and she’s as good a talker as she is in the ring so there are many options for use of the Latina spitfire. I realize that she’s got a few issues in dealing with backstage politics and all that, but I think the positive factors outweigh the nays where Melina is concerned. I’d like to see her get one more run.

Did Nick Aldis make the right decision in staying with the NWA rather than signing with AEW?

I think so. Billy Corgan has a vision for the NWA and is on track to developing a brand worthy of the legacy those three letters once meant and Aldis is his guy. It’s a great role for Aldis and a way to really build his wrestling legacy. AEW might mean quick money and be a good thing for some, but Aldis would be one among many there and get lost in the shuffle. With the NWA, he’s “the man” and that’s not a bad place to be.

Are you glad to see Sasha back in WWE?

I’ve never really been a big fan of Sasha Banks, but back and as a heel, I have to admit that she’s been missed. She’s added something to the mix that was missing and it’s made the product and the WWE Women’s Division better. I’m glad she’s back.

Thoughts on AEW signing Orange Cassidy?

I’m happy to see Orange get some major recognition and get this opportunity. He’s a great talent and has quickly become one of my favorite performers, but I’m not sure how AEW will be able to use him regularly and not expose the business even worse than the current product already has. He’s a great character with a great gimmick, but much like Joey Ryan, who opted not to sign with AEW, Cassidy is a special attraction that is best served up in small doses. I’m happy for him, but is this a good move by AEW to sign the Laid Back Warrior? We’ll have to wait and see on that.

Are Alexa & Nikki the right team to be the Women’s Tag Team Champions?

They’re not the first team I would have picked, but Alexa has a strong fan base and Nikki is a good character and they make a solid team so why the hell not. May as well let them have a run with the belts. At least it’s not the Iiconics anymore.

Would you like to see Goldberg versus Matt Riddle?

Goldberg may not be Riddle’s “bro”, but he would make for a hell of a fun and good rival and opponent for the NXT wonder. I’d like to see it.

Thoughts on the return of King of the Ring?

I’ve always enjoyed tournaments and “King of the Ring” was a staple of WWE for so long, I’m happy to see it back. It’s a good way to give a good push to one of the younger talents and establish instant credibility. I probably would have done it as a special event for The Network, but this way, as a featured part of RAW and Smackdown with the finals at Clash of the Champions, makes more sense.

Are there any other concepts / gimmick matches from past that you’d like to see return?

“Battle Bowl” from WCW, where partners are chosen at random to take part in tag matches and all the winners compete in a Battle Royal at the end of the night, was one that I liked and enjoyed and wouldn’t mind seeing again. The “Spin The Wheel – Make The Deal” matches from Halloween Havoc and WCW were always fun as well. And who didn’t love the “Judy Bagwell On A Pole” matches? Okay, forget about the last one. No Bagwells in wrestling again… ever. But the first two gimmicks / concepts would be good to see. And maybe a “Bunkhouse Stampede” Battle Royal in memory of Dusty Rhodes. That would be cool too.

Better show – NXT Takeover or SummerSlam?

Both shows were damn good, but I think NXT Takeover gets the slight nod. SummerSlam was great, but too long. NXT was just right in terms of length and didn’t get boring or dragging.

Word is that Edge has been medically cleared by WWE (hence the spear on Elias) – Would you like to see Edge return as a full time WWE Superstar?

Nope. I like Edge and maybe one more match would be cool, but I don’t think he’d fit in very well with the current superstars and would be struggling to maintain his spot. As Kurt Angle showed last year, there is a time to walk away and with Edge, he’s moved on and is doing well. Let him continue down that path and just make sporadic WWE appearances instead.

Should Finn Balor join AJ Styles and The Good Brothers as part of the OC?

Right now, Balor should focus on his own issues and be his own man. Maybe somewhere down the line, he can call on the OC for help if needed, but that should be teased and be far off in the future if it ever happens. For now, Balor should do his own thing while AJ, Gallows and Anderson should do theirs.

If Edge (and Christian) were to return for “one more match”, who would you like to see them compete against?

The logical choice for me would be Matt and Jeff Hardy. Who wouldn’t like to see those two teams face off one more time? But if that isn’t an option, I’d go with The Revival. That match has “instant classic” written all over it.

And there you go. I’ve got many more questions to answer to play catch-up with, but for now, it’s time to take a break. Thanks for reading and thanks again to Alex, Matt and Jessie for the questions. My apologies for taking so long, but I’m back now and things will never, ever be the same again. Maybe I’ll explain what up in an edition of “Days of Dougie”. We’ll see. But anyhow, that’s it for now. Any comments, thoughts or questions are welcome and appreciated. Drop me a line at Doug28352@yahoo.com or in the comments and we’ll talk. Until the next time, see ya.


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