Day of Dougie: Rants & Raves

A Day Of Dougie
Rants and Raves
September 2, 2019

I feel like rambling for a bit. Does anyone mind? Hell, just to see anything up here that isn’t wrestling related is probably a relief for some of you folks. Yes, I know I’m a slack-ass sometimes and need to do a “Days of Dougie” series of posts and talk about other stuff besides the world’s greatest pseudo-sport. Well, your wish is my command, sort of. I’ll start off with a little rant I wrote a few days ago, but didn’t post. And then, we’ll get all current and do some rambling and ranting for today. So let’s get the old stuff out of the way first.

Old, But Still Relevant…

I have to leave for work in twelve minutes so a very quick “Day of Dougie” is coming to you here and now with a few quick thoughts. One of the Koch brothers died yesterday and people are actually laughing and cheering. I don’t care who it is, but if you’re celebrating the death of someone, you’re a sick ass bastard and piece of shit… period. Someone has lost someone in their life and heart and if you think that’s a good thing, fuck you… period!

There are only two genders – male and female. If you have a dick, you’re a guy. If you don’t, you’re a female. And maybe you’re not comfortable as a member of that sex or gender, but it is what it is. There are not 1,707 different genders. It’s one or the other. Get over it. period!

The 20-plus people running for President on the Democratic side… they’re batshit crazy. How many have ideas and serious proposals about building our country and making it stronger? How many have ideas about creating jobs and helping families stay together and building stronger, united, safe communities? All I hear is “free this” and “racist Trump” and “Offended this and that” and frankly, it’s old and screwed up and a bunch of crap. They have ideas to keep people dependent on Government and in chains, not literally,but in their minds and in their dependence on others, but nothing to offer that actually helps people be independent or self-sufficent. It’s all about “we’ll take care of it for you and Trump is a racist”. Trump is an ego-maniac to be sure and has some issues, but he’s tried to keep the promises he made, his ideas and plans are working and our country is in far better shape now than it was when he took office after the lies and failures of Obama. As a person, Trump sucks, but as a President, he’s just what this country needed and still needs. And can you imagine what could happen if Democrats and Congress actually worked with him instead of against him? The possibilies are endless,but it won’t happen because the desire for power and to “get Trump” is more important than actually working FOR our nation and being strong and proud Americans.

I have more to say, but I’ve got to leave for work. Yes, work and earn a paycheck rather than depend on the Government to give me anything and ask for handouts. I’ll be back at lunchtime and we’re going for Round 2. You know what really grinds my gears? Don’t worry. You will…

New Stuff…

And now, let’s talk about Will & Grace. I liked that show back in the day. The reboot, not so much. But in the day, it was a good, fun and groundbreaking show. And now, the two stars of that show, Debra and Eric, have shown the world that they’re idiotic, thoughtless, hypocritical bigots. The only thing is, they hate Republicans. Not all of them, but just the ones that don’t agree with their political views and support President Trump. There is a Hollywood fundraiser coming up for Trump and these two bright eyed and bushy tailed morons want the list of everyone who attends to be published. “Why would they do that?”, you ask. So they can boycott these people and refuse to work with them again and so that they’ll be blacklisted from Hollyweird. Yes, Eric and Debra want to boycott actors and actresses because of their political beliefs. Yet, they champion free speech, but only so long as it agrees with their brainwashed and twisted agenda. I don’t see Bernie or Kamala or Booker releasing names of all of their supporters, not even when asked, ut then again, who in their right mind supports those idiots. Key words there – “in their right mind”. I liked the show “WIll & Grace” and I’ve enjoyed several other shows and movies over the years that featured McCormick & Messing, but those days are over. Why can’t actors just shut up and act. We don’t care about your politics and who we support is none of your business either. But then it’s forced down our throats with threats of no work, violence, protests, etc, if you don’t like our opinion and thoughts. I’ll never watch that show again. And Eric and Debra… two words for you and any wrestling fan can easily tell you what those two words are.

I watched the new Dave Chapelle special on Netflix last night. Chapelle is a funny man and he’s still funny. I laughed quite a bit, especially when he started talking about that French actor, Juicy. He’s not scared to speak the truth as he sees it and I find his humor refreshing. I’m sure that many a liberal had a meltdown with a black man talking about their screwed up ways, but he’s right on with so many topics, especially that second impression he did. He’s still no Joan Rivers, George Carlin or old-school Eddie Murphy, but Chapelle is one entertaining dude. Check it out if you get the chance.

I am now an official “Uncle Grandpa”. It’s been eight days and she is awesome. ‘Nuff said!

And I’m quitting here. I could go on and on and on, but why? Oh yeah, I have a story to tell. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. It’s called “People Are Dumb Fucks!”.
So here we go. I was online on one of the meet & greet websites and I won’t specify which one, but it rhymes with “Eat Me”. Looking through the profiles and I saw a picture of this guy and he’s kind of cute so I check out his profile. I’m single and gay and like cute guys so what the hell. It’s what I do. And I like his pic because, as I said earlier, he’s cute. And that’s the end of it. Or is it?

So a little while later, I get a comment under my profile pic that “don’t I know you?”. And he sends me a chat message that says that, “I dnt get down with the boys”. Okay, so no punctuation and he’s a bad speller, but what the hell. So I message back, “My apologies!”. If a guy isn’t into guys and doesn’t want to talk, so be it. I’m not forcing myself on anyone and I’m not out to piss anyone off. But then he messages back a big winky emoji and and says, “We can work something out”. So he doesn’t get down with boys, but he’s interested in getting down with a boy, so to speak. I reply back that it “could be fun” and then he replies back, “How much we talking? Guess not”. Okay, this guy wants money.

I message back that although tempting, I don’t pay to play and while I’d be interested in getting together for some fun time, I’m not paying for penis. He messages back again that it’s “30 or nothing”. My reply is that “I guess it’s nothing then, Sorry we couldn’t do business. Maybe some other time. Take it easy!” End of story, right? Nope, not yet.

He replies once again and identifies me, “Doug used to work at Nics… lmao”. And that’s no big deal to me because I remember seeing him come in the store regularly when I worked at Nic’s and it’s not a big secret anyhow. So I replied, “Used to, but glad I got out of that place.” And he messaged back again, “Yup yup… ik where ya at now”. Again, no big secret so I reply, “Definitely a better place.”. And his final message…. “I’m get ya fire”.

So I talk to a guy online, refuse to pay him for sex cause he’s wanting to prostitute himself and now he’s gonna try and get me “fire”. Oh vey! I could just release his name and let the 60-plus mutual friends we have on Facebook know that he’s willing to whore himself out for thirty bucks and is also a petty bitch, but I won’t do that… yet. The moral to this story is be careful who you talk to online and especially if you’re hitting on straight boys. Well, he’s not really a straight boy because he’s “gay for pay”, but that’s the image he tries to portray.

I’m not worried about his threat. He can suck a big one on that, but it just pisses me off that because I don’t consider him worth $30, he’s making idle threats and being a little bitch. I did screenshots of the entire conversation and then blocked him on the social network so this is probably the end of it, but who knows. To quote Scott Hall, “you want a war?”… Don’t try me, biatch!

And with that, I’m out of here. I have to go do Food Lion and then get on social media and some of those “Meet & Greet” sites and find a hook-up for later today. Maybe a ride down to McColl is in order. Damn, he’s sexy. Regardless,. that’s all for now. Any comments, thoughts or questions, just give me a shout either here at the site or on Facebook. I’m down and out of here. Take care.


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