Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Steve Austin, Edge, Carmella, Virgil & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Steve Austin, Edge, Carmella, Virgil & More
September 29, 2019

The ever so awesome Jesse sent me a slew of questions for the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Me thinks that someone has far too much time on their hands, but I am thankful. So without any more delays, let’s get busy and do it just like Ric Flair, all night long. Woooooooo! Hey, that’s what he says anyway. Let’s do this…

Steve Austin has indicated that he thinks he may have one more match left in him. Thoughts?

I think Austin has the bug and with his recent returns to the live audience and WWE RAW, realizes that he misses the action and excitement of getting in that ring. If Austin feels that he can go for one more match and the WWE doctors can clear him, I think he should do it. WWE can find a suitable opponent and then build the match for next year’s Wrestlemania and help make it more epic than ever. Austin still gets the biggest pops when he comes out and still has a loyal and very strong fan base out there. If it can happen and Austin wants to do it, then it should happen and soon.

Edge has announced that he is quitting the Edge & Christian podcast. Thoughts.

This sucks for Christian, but Edge says that with Beth going to work full time in the WWE, children to raise and his own acting career, he just doesn’t have time right now to do the podcast too. I wonder if his plans also include one more match since, like Austin, the WWE doctors have cleared him and he’s allowed to get physical in that ring again if he so chooses. I think Christian should try and find a partner he works with well, maybe Lance Storm or Rhyno or hell, anyone he wants really, and do the necessary changes to keep the podcast alive and kicking. Edge should do what he feels he needs to do and what he feels is best for his family. And every so often, the two men should appear together on RAW or Smackdown and give the WWE fans a 5-second pose.

Are you glad that Jerry Lawler is coming back as one of the commentators on RAW?

With two new faces in Vic Joseph and Dio Maddin taking over the lead announce positions on RAW as of this upcoming Monday, the WWE decided that a familiar face was needed at the announce table and who better than Jerry Lawler? I’m not a big Lawler fan, but he is good at what he does and at least it’s not Byron Saxton or David Otunga so no real complaints either. Jerry will be able to help guide Joseph and Maddin and make things easier for all involved as they adapt to RAW and the Vince way of calling matches.

Will CM Punk be coming back to the WWE?

Punk allegedly did an interview for a position with the in-studio WWE show that will be airing on Fox and word is that went really well so who knows for sure? It’s Punk and if he is going to return to WWE, they would be well served and smart to keep it as quiet as possible until he actually shows up and is ready for TC, in whatever role he’s hired for. Punk and the McMahon’s have a history, but others have returned in the past after time has healed the wounds and with Paul Heyman in charge of RAW and Vince / HHH taking a step back, there really wouldn’t be a better time. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but I hope it does happen.

Now that Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon) has officially retired from wrestling, should WWE hire her as a trainer at the Performance Center?

If not as a full time coach, then at least as a guest trainer to help the current class with being a character and getting over with the WWE audience. Few can do it better. And a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame would also be very nice and is much deserved as well. Hopefully, now that she’s no longer active in the ring, this can and will happen.

Which show are you planning on watching on Wednesday night? The debut of AEW or the first 2-hour live edition of NXT?

For this upcoming week,. I plan on watching AEW as it happens and then going back to the Network and watching NXT the next day. Or given the weird hours that I work sometimes and whatever happens Wednesday night after work, I may just hold off on both until my day off and do the In-Demand thing to watch both shows. I’ll watch both as soon as I can though.

Thoughts on the Maria Kanellis / Mike Kanellis storyline?

It’s kind of stupid, makes Maria look like a first class bitch, makes Mike look like a total idiot and I’m not really a fan, but it also gives Mike and Maria TV time and a story line to be a part of so who knows really. Rumors are that Maury Povich will be coming in soon to do a “you ARE the baby daddy” angle with Maria, Mike and whoever else gets dragged into this story so that’s a good thing, I guess.

Is professional wrestling getting ready to have a “boom period”?

Live shows on Monday, Wednesday and Friday by the WWE, a live show on TNT by AEW each week, a weekly NWA show, Impact Wrestling moving to AXS TV, which also plays home to New Japan Pro Wrestling and Women of Wrestling (WOW). And of course, ROH each week too. I think that we’re fixing to get more wrestling on TV each week than we’ve ever had and I think that it can’t help but be a good thing. Will the ratings be exceeding ten million a week as it did during the original Monday Night Wars? I don’t see how it can’t, at least for a while. This is a good time to be a fan of professional wrestling.

When Miz announced that Hulk Hogan would be a guest on MizTV, there were boos from the live crowd. Thoughts?

It was a tough crowd that night and Hogan is kind of old news and played out in many ways. So is Ric Flair for that matter, but it won’t matter. When they come out on RAW this upcoming Monday night and do their song and dance, the fans will pop and it will be a fun moment and a big event. That’s what matters and not the disrespect by a few people the week before.

Thoughts of Carmella as the new 24/7 Champion?

It’s the same gimmick that R-Truth has been doing, but now the roles are reversed and Truth is looking out for Carmella rather than her being the one looking out for him. It’s a fun move and shakes things up a bit and gives Carmella some time as the star of the team. I’m happy to see her get this opportunity and wouldn’t it be cool if, now that she’s wearing gold, some faces from her past come back to challenge? I’m thinking James Ellsworth. Just to see him and Drake Maverick in competition to go after Truth and Carmella, that would be epic.

Are you excited about Rey Mysterio getting a shot at the Universal Championship this week on RAW?

Not really. I’ve never been a big Mysterio fan and while I respect the man and what he’s accomplished, I’m ready for him to retire and call it a day. He and Seth will have a good match and I’m sure that Bray Wyatt will pop up and “fiend out” all over them, but this match isn’t one that I’m all that excited for. Personally, I’d rather see Ryder, Slater, Axel or Bo Dallas getting the title shot, but that’s just me.

Does Virgil belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?

This is a touchy question because we all have heard the stories about how Virgil is at autograph signings and how money hungry he seems to be at times. If I was WWE, I’d be kind of hesitant to give him a live mic and put him on TV again because no one can honestly predict what might happen, but that being said, his role and place in the history of WWE stands out and was a big part of the late 80’s. He deserves that spot and induction, certainly far more than many others that are already there, like James Dudley, Drew Carey and Koko B. Ware for example. So yes, Virgil deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame, with Ted DiBiase doing the induction.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. If you have any questions, comments or other thoughts, please drop me a line and let’s chat. Until the next time, go to YouTube and listen to SMF Cyberspace and also, don’t forget to support your local Indy wrestling events. I’m down and gone. Take care.


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