AEW Full Gear: Thoughts & Predictions…

Tossing Salt Presents:
AEW Full Gear
Thoughts & Predictions
November 8, 2019

Coming up tomorrow, Saturday, November 9, 2019, live from Baltimore, MD is All Elite Wrestling’s first pay-per-view as an official Wednesday night war participant. This one is important and the success, or lack of, is going to go a long way in determining the direction and future of the company. Eight matches have been announced and I’m sure that one or two extra might be thrown out there before all is said and done. So let’s break out the second sight and see what kind of results we can determine and predict for each epic match. It’s prediction time. Let’s do this…

AEW Champion Chris Jericho vs. Cody.

This is Jericho’s second major defense of the AEW Championship since becoming the champion and it’s his biggest test to date against the second generation “American Nightmare”, the man with no last name, Cody. Cody made a proclamation, his own personal “Hard Times 2019” promo about how big this match is and his own role in the company as a Vice President and executive. This is Cody’s only shot and he needs to win. But he won’t. I think that Jericho and his “Inner Circle” have a lot to offer and give to the fledgling AEW company. Cody is better as the underdog and I expect that Sammy or Jack Swagger, neither of who have matches listed, can get involved and make an impact and make a difference. Cody will come close and will look great, but it will be a losing effort when the smoke clears. The Inner Circle will make all the difference.

Winner and STILL AEW World Champion: Chris Jericho

AEW Tag Team Champions SCU vs. Private Party vs. The Lucha Brothers.

SCU just won the titles after a long and far too long tournament, but can they hold on to the belts? This is the match that determines it all and we will learn if SCU is in it for the long term or just keeping the belts warm until new champions can be determined. Lucha Brothers are the best team in AEW right now and part of me thinks that they should and will get the belts, but then, there is Private Party. They’re the AEW version of the New Day and are there to sell merchandise and make the fans happy and tune in each week. I’m smelling title change here or maybe that’s just the Spring Rolls my Mom is currently burning in the oven. She always cooks them too long. I think the belts will have new owners come the end of the night and their names will be Private Party.

Winners and NEW AEW Tag Team Champions: Private Party

AEW Women’s Champion Riho vs. Emi Sakura.

This belt is safe and Riho is doing a fantastic job as the Champion. Until Brandi and Awesome Kong decide to set their eyes on that esteemed title, I think the belt is safe and will remain with Riho remaining champion.

Winner and STILL AEW Women’s Champion: Riho

The Young Bucks vs. Santana & Ortiz.

The Young Bucks taking on the former LAX, two members of Jericho’s “Inner Circle”. This should be a good and fun match and in the words of Jim Ross, a true “slobberknocker”. But I refuse to cheer for the bucks. They let themselves beat up an 8 year old girl a few years ago and while kicking children in the face can be fun, they forever blemished pro wrestling with their antics. I’m going for the two loco guys.

Winners: Santana and Ortiz

Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega.

Much like his partners-in-annoyance, Omega is not all that. He just gets on my nerves and while he’s a good performer, he’s not all that. Moxley, aka the former Dean Ambrose, is annoying too, but in a far better way. I at least respect him and what he’s capable of in that ring. We’ve had to wait for this match and now that it’s finally here, I expect that we’ll finally get to see Moxley make his move and break into the AEW top of the pops. I doubt we’ll get a clean finish for this one, but if we do, Moxley wil be the one to come out on top.

Winner: Jon Moxley

Hangman Page vs. PAC.

PAC has been on a real tear since coming to AEW and Adam Page, he’s a top guy in every way, shape and form and is just one good win away from being earning a shot at the AEW title in the future. So who wins? Page, who named his horse after HHH and is a definite future champ. PAC, he was the King of the Cruiserweights in WWE and is so damn under-rated and unappreciated by the common fans. Page can afford to lose a match and it won’t matter. PAC should win and I think he will walk out of this show with a big victory.

Winner: PAC

Joey Janela vs. Shawn Spears.

In the corner of Spears, once known as a “Perfect 10”, has in his corner, the legendary Tully Blanchard. Janela doesn’t have a Horseman to help him out (unless Arn Anderson is bored and wants something to do), but he’s a hell of a performer and this should really be a good and tight match. Joey will give Spears a good fight and might even do one or two crazy things cause that’s what he does, but look for the presence of Tully to be the deciding factor.

Winner: Shawn Spears

Bea Priestley vs. Dr. Britt Baker. (Pre-Show)

Dr. Britt Baker is going to get a big push from AEW Management and I think it all starts here. Priestley is a tough woman and this should be a good match, but when the final bell rings, always bet on the good Doctor.

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker

And there you go. Am I right? Am I wrong? Will you be watching AEW do their thing? Let me know in the comments. Any thoughts, questions or anything else, drop me a line. And now, I’m out of here. Have a great one and remember to support your local Indy wrestling. Until the next time, see ya!



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