Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Saudi Arabia, Randy Orton, NWA Powerr & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Saudi Arabia, Randy Orton, NWA Powerr & More
November 10, 2019

As per usual, it’s time to play catch up and do some of that Ultimate Wrestling Q&A stuff that we do sometimes. The questions come from Cheese and there are a couple from the man known as Jesse as well. And the answers, that’s just me. Are you ready to rumble? Let’s do this…

Thoughts on the Kabuki Warriors turning on Paige and Asuka using the “green mist”?

I get the turning on Paige to cement their status as “heels”. Asuka is popular with the fans and still gets cheered so have her beat up on a beloved character who can’t fight back. It’s simple and it works. I do wish Paige had sold the effects of the green mist a little better though. She should have watched old video of Jimmy Valiant getting sprayed by Kabuki and how getting hit with the mist was just like having acid thrown in the face. I get that Paige can’t take bumps, but falling to the mat and screaming in agony would have made the whole situation more effective. As for Asuka using the mist, I like it, but she needs to improve her “spraying” technique. Go talk to Muta or Kabuki and find out the tricks to making it look so dangerous and make it a deadly weapon as it should be. Using the name “Kauki Warriors”, it makes sense that Asuka would use a weapon originally used by the Great Kabuki. She just needs to improve her aim and technique a little bit.

Thoughts on the Lana, Ruvev and Lashley love triangle story. Good or bad?

Damn, it sucks and if the spoilers I’ve read for this upcoming RAW tomorrow night are true, it’s not getting any better anytime soon. Lashley and Rusev are both good in the ring and to put them in a feud, there are far other reasons for it to happen than for the love of Lana. Oh vey! Let it end soon… please!

Has John Cena wrestled his last match for WWE?

I don’t think so. Cena still has one or two matches left in him and I think when he’s ready to give it up, he’ll do it in a big fashion. The time for Cena to call it a day is coming soon, but it’s not here yet.

How about The Rock?

I think that when he can get his schedule to work out, Dwayne probably has one big match left and will make it count as a worthy career ending event.

Cena, Rock and Batista have all had uccesful Hollywood careers. Are there any other WWE stars that you feel could have just as strong a career in movies?

Obviously Miz is the one that everyone in WWE should watch closely. He’s already made several “Marine” movies and a Christmas movie and has branched off to the reality series stuff with Miz & Mrs. Miz is a natural actor and I can easily see him having a great career in Hollywood after the wrestling days are over. Also, go watch Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas in the Marine movie. I can see a move to the big screen for both of them as well. And Big Show, he’s already starring in a series on Netflix. That’s a great way to move to the next level as well.

Does Missy Hyatt deserve a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame?

For her work in the “First Family” with Eddie Gilbert, her roles as manager and commentator in WCW and ECW and just for being a strong survivor who has done it all and still keeps going and going, I would say yes.

Thoughts on the WWE / Saudi plane debacle?

Was it a mechanical failure or was it retribution by the Saudi’s for Vince pulling the feed for Crown Jewel? No one seems to know for sure and the story seems to be fading away now. My own opinion is that signals got crossed between WWE management and the Saudi’s and well, shit happens. I don’t know enough of the real details and facts to have a true opinion. I suppose I could just do like CNN and make shit up, but things have seemingly been smoothed over and all is right with WWE and the Saudi’s now. It’s something to keep an eye on though.

Should WWE keep doing shows in Saudi Arabia?

If the problems have been straightened out and the money is there, I would say yes. Let the shows continue.

Randy Orton was reportedly interested in taking part in a fation with the Revival, but Vince McMahon squashed that idea. Thoughts?

I think that the rumored faction, with Randy, The Revival and allegedly Madusa as their adviser, would be good for all parties involved and could be exciting and fun to see. Vince doesn’t like the idea and allegedly vetoed it and that sucks, but I’m sure he has his reasons. I think that this could and would be big and it’s just throwing money away by WWE to at least not give it a chance to work.

Thoughts on WWE hiring Lance Storm as a WWE Producer?

When Lance announced that he was shutting down his Wrestling Academy, I said then that he would end up working as an Agent or trainer for WWE. I was right and it is a great move by WWE to bring Storm into the fold.

Eric Bischoff says that NWA Powerr is a great show for a place like YouTube, but wouldn’t work for TV. Do you agree?

I like watching NWA Powerr and think it’s an excellent show, but I am inclined to agree with Eric on this one. I can’t see a TV studio wrestling show working well in prime time Network TV. The fans and today’s TV audience are spoiled and like big crowds, live arena events and wall to wall action. Us older fans like the nostalgia effect that a show like Powerr has going on, but when matched up head to head with something like RAW or AEW Dynamite, there really isn’t much of a challenge. The big show, the live show with thousands of fans and the arena setting will win every time.

And there you go. My thanks to Cheese and Jesse for the questions. I want more so send me some along with any comments or thoughts you may have, about wrestling or anything else. Thank you for reading. And with that, I’m out of here. Until the next time, take care of yourself and remember to support your local Indy wrestling. It’s the stars of tomorrow paying their dues and building the future. Be there. And now, I’m gone. See ya!



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