Wrestling Fact or Fiction: CM Punk, Wrestling Movies, Tattoos & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
November 24, 2019

Are you ready? Let’s do that wrestling Fact or Fiction thing. The statements below come from 411mania.com and the mind of Mr. Jake Chambers. The comments that follow, that’s all me. There’s no time for love. And away we go. Let’s do this…

Statement #1:CM Punk’s return on FS1’s WWE Backstage talk show will lead to him wrestling in the ring again.

FACT: What this new gig does is puts the ball in Punk’s court with the WWE and the possibilities are endless. He’s there and sooner or later, WWE is going to offer a match or suggest Punk do something more than talk on the Backstage program. Punk really doesn’t have anything left to prove, but he truly loves pro wrestling and if the right story or angle is suggested, I think he’ll take it and make history. It’s not if he’s going to get back into the ring again at some point, but the only question is when.

Statement #2: TV ratings for pro-wrestling in 2019 do not have the same significance as they did during the Monday Night Wars.

FACT: There are far more shows on now than back in the days of Nitro versus RAW, plus people don’t just watch TV anymore. They stream and use services like InDemand and watch on the computer and YouTube. TV ratings are still important and to get a strong rating is still a good thing, but it’s more about the overall picture of things, with TV ratings only being a small part of the picture.

Statement #3: The Daniel Bryan story would make for a compelling movie.

FICTION: It probably would make for a good movie, but we still don’t know the ending and if it will be a good one or not so good. There is so much with Bryan too that should be covered and unfortunately, a movie just gives the highlights and glosses over 95% of the story. I guess a movie about the one-time “American Dragon” would be okay, but I think that I’d much prefer to just stick with the book.

Fact or Fiction – Quick Hits
– one sentence is all you need for this FoF lightning round!

1. You have watched more than 3 WWE Films (and if so, name them).

FACT: So far, I’ve seen See No Evil, See No Evil 2, The Marine, The Chaperone, The Marine 5: Battleground and Fighting With My Family. I’ve seen others, I’m sure, but can’t think of them right off the top of my head right now.

2. The Rock will win the Academy Award for Best Acting one day.

FICTION: He’s an amazing talent and actor, but it takes more than that to win an Oscar and I can’t picture Rock doing all the candy-ass kissing involved in something like that.

3. The Wrestler (2008) is the best pro-wrestling movie of all time

FICTION: It’s a damn good movie and deserved an Academy Award, but it’s not the best wrestling movie in my opinion. “Beyond The Mat” was better and in many ways, so was “Wrestling With Shadows”. And of course, there’s always “Ready To Rumble”….

Statement #4: Marvel’s Wolverine would have been a great concept for a ’90s WWF gimmick wrestler.

FICTION: A short man with a bad attitude who can’t be hurt, is tough as hell and doesn’t get along with anyone. Forget Wolverine. That sounds like Taz to me. I’m a big comics guy and while this sounds like a good idea on paper, I can’t see it really working very well with live action in that wrestling ring. And how would the situation of Wolverine having claws, his most recognizable trait, be addressed? Wrestlers don’t have metal claws. This sounds like a Jim Herd idea to me and should never be spoken of again.

Statement #5: You prefer wrestlers with no tattoos (or maybe one key tattoo) to wrestlers covered in tattoos.

FACT: It’s not just with wrestlers, but I prefer all my Peeps to keep the tats to a minimum. I have three myself so I’m not a hater, but sometimes, less is more. Tattoos are cool, but some people just go overboard and look like living and breathing walking Bazoo Joe comic pages. I get it that some people like them and that’s their right, but I’m just not one of those people.

Statement #6: Can professional wrestling ever be “high art”?

FACT: Professional wrestling is like a highly physical form of dance with the performers (wrestlers) telling a story. That sounds like a form of art to me. It may not be everyone’s tastes, but the talent and coordination and skill involved show what a majestic and commanding performance it can be. I love this business and professional wrestling, it’s always “art” to me. ‘Nuff said!

And there you go. Thoughts, comments and any questions are welcome. And again, thanks to 411mania for allowing me to “borow” their statements and format. Thanks for reading. Until the next time, stay safe and don’t forget your local Indy wrestling companies and performers. Enjoy the Survivor Series tonight. And I will catch you later.


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