A Day Of Dougie: Saturday Morning Cartoons, Sugar & WWE to TNA…

A Day of Dougie
Saturday Morning Cartoons, Sugar & WWE to TNA
December 6, 2019

Good morning and welcome to yet another “Day of Dougie”. It’s 3:30 in the AM and why the hell am I up? I have no idea, but since I am, why not make the best of it and do some writing here for the site and my loyal readers (both of you). I’ve got the earphones on and the sounds of Post Modern Jukebox and Steve Grand are ringing in my ears so I think I’m ready to go. I just need some topics to write and talk about and that’s why I have the infamous “Magic Bag”. So let’s draw some topics from the bag and see what we’re talking about today. We have: Saturday Morning Cartoons, Sugar and WWE to TNA. That’s an interesting combination of topics, but I think we can do something with this. Let’s find out and away we go…

Saturday Morning Cartoons…

The joy of getting up at an ungodly hour on Saturday morning, getting a big bowel of cereal and sitting in front of the television watching a variety of cartoons and shows. That’s something that unfortunately, the kids of today will never get to know. Now, with The Cartoon Network and Boomer, a person can watch cartoons at any time of the day or night and it’s nothing special or exciting. Back in the days of my youth, all we had was Saturday morning. That was our time as kids and our shows to watch. And what a variety there was. Bugs Bunny and the Looney Toons on one channel. Tarzan and the Super Seven on another. Grape Ape, Hong Kong Phooey and the Super Friends were there as well. And there were Smurfs, Yogi Bear, The Pink Panther, the Laff-A-Lympics and of course, Scooby Doo. Something for every kid of every age.

Now on Saturday mornings, it’s just another day and you have news or reruns of TV sitcoms or NCIS or just about any other show that you can watch at any other time of the day as well. Saturday mornings are not special or fun anymore. They’ve become just another day. I am so glad that my generation and the one that followed was able to enjoy the cartoons and just have a chance to be kids. It doesn’t happen much anymore and the kids today, they’re not better off for it. In fact, it works the other way. I watched Fat Albert and learned life lessons. Kids today, they watch reruns of Martin. Damn, that sucks! I’m getting depressed here. Let’s move on and change the subject.


So do I talk about the artificial substance that we use to make bland food bearable and that allows orgasms of pleasure in our taste buds? Or do I talk about the disease of Diabetes, of which I deal with daily, that makes life hell and is a pure pain in the ass to deal with? Neither. I think for the topic of “Sugar”, I’ll go with a movie that I watched long ago on IFC called “Sugar”. Why the hell not? Here’s the description from IMDB.

“Troubled suburban teen Cliff hooks up with a hustler from the streets of Toronto’s gay ghetto.”

It only has a 5.6 scorew on IMDB, but the movie is so much more than that. Here’s a review from IMDB that describes it far better than I ever could.

A Bitter-Sweet Surprise
benc7ca29 January 2005

I rented “Sugar” with some trepidation; all I needed was another low budget “seedy-side-of–life-coming -of –age-damn-he’s-dead” story. I was surprised, no, I was elated to find otherwise. What makes this different from so many of this genre? Great acting, great writing, great directing. Wow, just like a real movie! This old story (young kid meets up with hustler and begins to sink to the bottom) has been told again and again and will be re-told again and again. There’s something about archetypes here, some sort of shared mythology that just begs to be re-visited and re-explored. This movie is worth the visit. Brendan Fehr gives a masterful performance as the hustler and the late Andre Noble as the young explorer is wonderful. Some of the scenes are riveting, some endearing and one is unforgettable. I won’t give more away, just rent this film and watch and learn.

If I ever do another “Lost & Forgotten Movie Gems” podcast with my friends at SMF Cyberspace (go look them up at SMFCyberspace.com and on YouTube), this movie will be part of my list. It is truly that damn good. Not for everyone of course, but I think everyone should check it out and see it anyways. I repeat, it is that damn good! And there you go.


How did I get a wrestling topic here? I must have had wrestling on the brain when I added this to the bag, but what the heck. Let’s talk about what WWE superstars on the current roster would be better served to take a break from the trials and tribulation that is WWE and would enjoy more success working for Impact Wrestling instead. For any WWE wrestler, a move from WWE to Impact would mean a pay cut and probably be considered a demotion, but it would probably also mean more TV time and, being from the WWE, a bigger push by the company. So who in WWE would benefit from making such a move? Let’s go with four names.

Curtis Axel: Joe Hennig is an amazing wrestler and talent, but he’s not given any kind of a push. They tried it once by making him a Heyman guy and it didn’t take and he’s been overlooked and buried ever since. But the man had a short stint doing the Axel-Mania character and proved he can get over. When allowed to be himself and not scripted, the man can get over. But in the WWE, the best he’ll ever do at this point is teaming with Bo Dallas as part of the B-Team. A company like Impact, Axel would be able to make an Impact (no pun intended) and really show what a skilled performer he truly can be.

Zack Ryder: Zack got over big time using just his charisma and was getting cheered over Cena and The Rock at one point… and WWE buried him for it. Can you imagine what the man could do if he actually had the freedom to do his thing and the company actually supported him? Ryder is a good performer, a good talker and damn charismatic as hell. I’m sure that Impact wouldn’t be able to pay him anything like the WWE does so there’s money issue here, but as a wrestler, Impact would push him to the sky and he woud get the opportunities that WWE never allowed him.

ECIII: A man with all this talent and abilities. In theory, he’s everything that the WWE looks for in a superstar, but in reality, he’s been buried since Day 1 and it doesn’t look as if things will be getting any better anytime soon. ECIII made his name in Impact Wrestling and was a definite top guy. He could be again and if WWE doesn’t get their shit together, going back “home” again is something that Carter should consider.

Eric Young: It was great to see him wrestle recently on RAW and to hear Samoa Joe put him over like a million bucks from the announce position. Young is damn good and can do serious, comedy or anything that the WWE might want. But they don’t get it or him. Impact Wrestling, they did get him and he was over like Rover with that company. I’m sure he makes more money in WWE, but he deserves so much more and is capable of so much more than WWE allows him to do.

The WWE roster has so many names and talents under contract right now that even with three brands, people are overlooked and don’t get the opportunities they deserve. It’s not always fiar, but that’s just the way things go sometimes. The guys I mentioned, they’ve wasted in catering and on house shows when they could be doing main events and headlining events, doing so much more and making money for the WWE. They’re lost in the shuffle and that’s not going to change. With Impact Wrestling or even AEW or MLW, they’d be big fish in a smaller pond and really get more of an opportunity to shine. It’s something to think about.

And I think that’s enough for now. It’s getting late and it’s time to put baby to bed. And take my butt to bed as well. Thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts and any questions are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and be safe. Have a great night.


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