Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: WWE Releases, ACH, Teddy Hart & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
WWE Releases, ACH, Teddy Hart & More
December 8, 2019

Just an hour or so ago, I was speaking to my friend, Cheese, via the Facebook IM and mentioned that I probably should do something for the site tonight. I’m planning on a “Days of Dougie”, but maybe something wrestling related would be good too. She told me to give her ten minutes and she’ll have some questions for me. And nine minutes and thirty-five seconds later, I got a notification of a new e-mail from my Cheesy friend. And these questions too. So I guess that means it’s time to do a Wrestling Q&A. That sounds like a plan to me so thank you to Cheese for the questions. She provided the questions and I’ve got the answers. Let’s do this…

WWE has finally agreed to the release of Sin Cara. Thoughts on this release?

Sin Cara, like many other current WWE talents, has been pretty much wasted by the WWE as of late and now, this afternoon in fact, they’ve finally granted him the release that he asked for a couple of months ago. My thoughts? Good for him. He won’t be able to continue to be Sin Cara since WWE owns the rights to the name, but from what I’ve heard, he won’t be continuing as an active wrestler anyways. He might be back in the ring under his real name, Jorge Arias or under another masked identity, but from what I understand, he’s been offered an announcing job for an MMA promotion. Regardless, he’s good and it’s a new beginning for Arias, be it in the ring or behind the microphone. This release is probably a good thing for all parties involved.

Thoughts on ACH “quitting wrestling”?

This guy has issues and if he’s serious about “quitting wrestling”, then good riddance. Screw the loser and his racist, complaining, piece of crap ass!

How about Teddy Hart’s recent release from MLW?

The reason for Hart being release is allegedly that he no-showed several events and was just being a general pain for MLW officials. If that truly is the case, then MLW is better off with him seeking his fame and fortune and career elsewhere. Hart has long had a reputation for unprofessional behavior which is a shame because he’s a damn good performer and talented wrestler and talker, arguably the best “Hart” since Bret, but he likes to push the envelope far too often and people get tired of his crap. One would hope as he gets older that maybe he’d mature and grow up a bit, but alas, that’s not to be. Oh well…

Now that Luke Harper has been given his release from WWE, where do you think “Brodie Lee” will turn up next?

Jericho has already started dropping hints about Lee going to AEW and I’m sure that Impact Wrestling will make an offer in his direction as well. Lee is a good wrestler and the fans really took to him in WWE, although management and Vince never seemed to, and this is a big loss in my opinion for WWE. Lee had main event written all over him and has a good look. The future looks bright for this big man and I think that wherever he decides to go, there will be gold in his future almost immediately.

Thoughts on former wrestler Kamala Harris dropping out of the Presidential race?

Someone is trying to be funny. Nut then again, Kamala’s real name was James Harris and thus, his name would be Kamala Harris. But comparing the Ugandan Giant to that shrieking and lying pinhead who was trying to be President, that’s an insult to the iconic wrestling legend. If the real Kamala was to run for President, I’d consider voting for him. The 2019 edition, Heels Up Harris, I don’t think so. Not now, not ever.

Tito Ortiz defeated Alberto El Patron (Alberto Del Rio) in a MMA main event in less than four minutes. Thoughts?

It just shows that Del Rio is a better wrestler than MMA fighter. No biggie to me one way or the other. Ortiz is a tough bastard so congratulations to him. I wonder how he’d do against Ken Shamrock, Jake Hager or Brock Lesnar though? Probably not quite as well.

WWE has now released Konnor & Viktor, The Ascension. Thoughts?

I hate to see The Ascension being let go because I remember what they were in NXT and what they’re capable of in that ring, but they’ve been buried pretty much since Day 1 of coming to the main roster so this really isn’t a surprise. I seem to remember a story in WWE where they were alligned with Stardust, aka Cody Rhodes, so maybe we’ll see them pop up in AEW as mystery partners for Cody in his battles against the new team that ambushed him last week on Dynamite and against MJF and Jericho’s Inner Circle. With the right push, the Ascension can be a top tag team. They proved that in NXT and can prove it again if given the right opportunities. Vince and WWE didn’t see it, but I have seen it and hopefully now, we’ll get a chance to see it again.

And there you go. Again, my thanks to Cheese for the questions and thanks to you for reading. Comments, thoughts and any questions about anything, wrestling related or not, welcome. Unitl the next time, take care and stay safe. Have a great one and I’ll see you at the matches.


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