Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: AEW Botch, Ryback, Undertaker & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
AEW Botch, Ryback, Undertaker & More
December 25, 2019

It’s Christmas Day. The turkey is in the oven and my Mom (gotta love her) is stressing me out big time. She’s “started” making stuffing, but instead of being in the kitchen making the stuffing, she’s in this room telling me that she’s going to make the stuffing. The bird will be ready four hours before the stuffing is. I hope no one is planning on eating early today. Oh vey! Oh well, I hope that Santa was good to everyone this morning. I have a couple of friends who I know were waiting in their deer stands all night for Santa and the reindeer to fly by. They were talking about “reindeer stew”. I’m pretty sure I know who got coal in their stocking this morning. Well, either coal or a 350lb fat chick named Norma Jean who has multiple personalities and all of them bat-shit crazy. Ho Ho Ho!

Enough of my rambling. Let’s do a Christmas edition of the Ultimate Wrestling Q&A, of which none of the questions are about Christmas. Instead, they’re all about the world’s greatest sport, of which we get to enjoy every day of the year, just like a kid on Christmas… or a drunk redneck at Norma Jean’s house. “Time to deck the halls baby!”. Why did I just have a flashback to Jamie Noble and Nidia in my head when I said that? Why did I even say that? Why ask why? Thanks to DeAngelo for the questions. And the answers? Thanks to me for that. Let’s do this.

How should AEW handle the big botch at the end of Dynamite last week with the Dark Order?

Well, they can’t pretend that it never happened and that the masked man who was supposed to be pounding Dustin into the mat was missing by a mile with the punches so I would say address it and work it into the story. Next week, when AEW returns live to TNT, have the leader of the Dark Order assemble his troops in the ring and address the situation. Call out the man who flubbed the punches and strip him of his mask and spot in the group. His explanations of how he was trying to protect Dustin because he admires and respect him so much can fall on death ears and the group can give him a beat down. Then Dustin, Cody and the rest of the Elite can come down and make the save. We get a big brawl from everyone and the disgraced former Dark Order disciple can end up as an associate of Cody and Company. Or when the Elite clears the ring of the Dark Order and saves the disgraced wrestler from a Dark Order beat down, he can cheap shot Dustin and lay him out, thus revealing his true alliance to the Dark Order and say that it was all a plan to get close to Dustin and take him out. Regardless of how they do it, they need to address this matter and give an explanation. Then it can be brushed under the table as a part of a bad wrestling angle and everyone can move on.

Bret Hart versus The Undertaker in a “Death Match” in their primes – who wins?

As much respect as I have for Bret, I would never vote against the Dead Man in a “Death Match”. Bret would take him to the limit, but Taker would take home the win, allowing Bret to “Rest In Peace”.

Where is Alicia Fox?

Alicia is surprisingly still under contract to the WWE and has been away from the ring addressing problems with alcohol. She was having issues with the drinking and causing issues backstage and I’m merely speculating, but I guess WWE told her that they’ll help her fix her problems or she’s gone. I hope that one day, she can and will return to the ring. I like Alicia and enjoy her antics. She’s not a great wrestler, but she is a good character, something WWE is majorly lacking these days, especially in the Women’s Division.

Harley Race has passed away and Haku (Meng) has retired – who do you consider the legit toughest active guy in wrestling today?

Even retired, I would never, ever cross Haku. He is still “the man”, but so far as active and current guys in the biz, the one that I’d least like to piss off would probably be Brock Lesnar. He’s a freak of nature and one of the legit toughest guys in the world, period. Yeah, I think Brock would be my choice.

Ryback has been teasing a return to wrestling and AEW? Would you be interested in seeing him return to the ring?

No! I was not a fan when he was in the WWE and after a few years of no wrestling, but lots of big talk on his podcast and online, I’m even less of a fan now. He needs to just go away.

Who do you consider the best “jobbers” of all time?

George South, Brad Armstrong, Gene Ligon, Keith Larson and The Mulkeys are the names that immediately come to mind.

Sting says he’s up for a match against Undertaker? Should WWE try and make this match happen?

If I was Vince, I’d do everything in my power to make this happen. Hell, just give the fans ten minutes of smoke and mirrors with Taker and Sting and it would sell out any arena andbe spoken of for years. This is one of the few dream matches left in pro wrestling and if both men are willing to make it happen, then WWE and Vince should do that same.

Who do you think will show up as “surprises” at the Royal Rumble?

We’ve all heard the rumors about Edge so that’s one. Sheamus is due to return anytime soon so that’s two. John Morrison is just sitting and waiting for his re-debut so that’s another one. And how about current agents and former stars Shawn Daivari and Lance Storm as participants. That would be great. As for as part of the Women’s Rumble match, I think Nia Jax is a possibility and just for the hell of it, how about Lisa Marie Varon, aka Victoria, to give her a final hurrah in the WWE before she calls it a day. Mickie James is another that I think (hope) we may see back in that WWE ring.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. I have to go now and make some Mac & Cheese and Deviled Eggs. Gotta feed the family and Peeps, right. Have a great and very Merry Christmas from everyone here at DougMaynard.com. Take care and God bless. Love you – mean it.


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