Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Christmas Gifts, The Revival, Midgets & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Christmas Gifts, The Revival, Midgets & More
December 28, 2019

Another day and another Q&A. I have several things I want to write of a far more serious nature, but time is not on my side and finding a quiet moment, without distraction, has become next to impossible. So instead, I’ll just answer a bunch of questions from a few of my loyal Saltines. Thanks to Dave for the Christmas themed questions, courtesy of PWInsider.com and to the always awesome Cheese for the rest of them. Let’s do this…

Dave S.

I have questions concerning what you would get the following people for Christmas. Here goes.

Vince McMahon.

Much success with the XFL and a streak of actual good booking ideas and stories that can elevate the WWE and take some of the talent to the next level while providing great entertainment to us fans.

Triple H.

More control and influence in the management of WWE and the direction for which it needs to go.

Tony Khan.

Someone with a definite vision for where AEW needs to go and the leadership to take it there.

Ring of Honor.

A break-out star that can bring new eyes and fans to a strong in-ring product and some strong shows that make the older fans come back.

Billy Corgan’s NWA.

A major TV deal on a strong network that can increase their visibility and turn the company into a profitable and successful venture.


The same as the NWA, a major TV deal that allows them to show everyone what they’ve been missing and attract new fans to the fold.

CM Punk.

A big money deal, a return to the ring if that’s what he wants and a run that makes him “love” wrestling again and be happy.


AEW is allegedly considering appointing a “Commissioner” / Authority Figure. Is this a good idea and if so, who would you want for the role?

This story was quickly debunked and for now anyways, AEW is now saying that they have no plans to install an “Authority figure” on television. I personally think they should because the show can be a bit of a mess sometimes with rules being followed only some of the time, inconsistency among the wrestlers and their actions, etc. A good and strong and consistent “Commissioner” or whatever title they want to use could change that. As for who, the obvious choice would be Arn Anderson. And if Arn doesn’t want to do an on-air role, then how about Diamond Dallas Page? He’s there anyways and is good on TV.

Curtis Axel has been teaming up with The Revival recently on house shows. Should the Revival expand to a three-man unit and if so, should Axel be the third member?

Axel has been filling in for Dash Wilder who has been missing the matches due to “injuring his jingle bells” (that’s what they’ve been saying) and teaming with Scott Dawson. Axel is a great choice to fill in and help out the Revival and from all reports, he and Dawson make an effective team. Axel is a damn good wrestler in-ring and can do comedy too and if Wilder and Dawson were to decide to expand their team, Axel would be a great pick and would fit right into the mix. But that being said, unless it’s for the occasional six-man tag against New Day or the OC or the Lucha House Party, the Revival doesn’t need to expand and two men, the two men who are currently bringing back old school and making tag team wrestling good again as The Revival, Dawson and Wilder, don’t need a new partner or team mate.

Greatest midget wrestler of all time?

It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen a good midget wrestler. These days, we get Hornswoggle and the Lucha talent down in Mexico, but for small people to be in the ring, except as comedy relief, is very rare. The greatest of all time? Lord Littlebrook was the man bavk in the day and was pretty much the “Fabulous Moolah” of small performers, working as their booker and handling things. He wasn’t bad in the ring either for that time and era. Diamond Lil’, she was Moolah’s adopted daughter and had some skills. But the best of all time? I remember meeting a guy back in the early 80’s at a show for Crockett in Red Springs, NC and his name was Coconut Willie. He was a cool dude and the match he had was a mixture of comedy and crazy, but was pretty fun to watch. I’ll go with him just for giving me an autograph almost 40 years ago.

Who would you like to see as the third man in the WWE Raw Announce booth now that Samoa Joe is returning to active in-ring competition?

I’m sure that WWE has already picked the person to be the third man when RAW comes back on Monday night and they may have even announced it by now for all I know, but if I was the one making the call, I’ll move Aiden English to the spot. He’s been doing a great job with the 205 Live stuff and also, who doesn’t want to hear him do commentary on the Rusev and Lana drama and then loudly proclaim that it’s “Rusev Day!”.

Does William Regal belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?


Are you interested in seeing The Revival face Harlem Heat at the WWE Royal Rumble?

It should be a good and fun match and I’m actually looking forward to seeing what Stevie Ray and Booker still have left in that ring. Of course, the Revival should win and if they don’t, I’ll be pissed off, but thus far, this match is one of the few things I’m actually getting excited for.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Thoughts, comments and any questions, drop me a line at Doug28352@yahoo.com. Until the next time, take care and stay safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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