A Day Of Dougie: Hillary & Bernie, Picture Pages & Altoids…

A Day Of Dougie:
Hillary & Bernie, Picture Pages & Altoids
January 3, 2020

Good morning and TGIF. It’s a beautiful Friday morning, the first Friday of the new year, and it’s time to get busy with a little trip to the Magic Bag and have a Day of Dougie. I woke up a little early this morning and after a night of strange dreams about working in a grocery store and trying to deal with crazies, it’s great to be alive, awake and out of that madness. Of course, I do have to do my own day of providing “customer service” at the local ABC all day today so maybe I didn’t really wake up after all. The dreams were just a beginning and a warning that it’s the weekend and the craziness is coming. Oh well, after the past couple of weeks with Christmas and New Year’s Eve, anything they want to throw at us today shouldn’t be a big deal. It’s like Batman, after kicking the Joker’s ass, isn’t going to sweat an encounter with the purse snatcher in Gotham Park.

But enough of that. It’s time to get busy and see what is on the agenda for today. Where my new and improved “Magic Bag” at? Here you go and it’s time to reach in and see what comes out. We have: Hillary & Bernie, Picture Pages & Altoids. I think that first one has been in there for a long, long time, but whatever. We have the topics and now it’s time to get busy and as the Mistress said to her bound and beaten slave-boy, let’s do this…

Hillary & Bernie…

This is obviously a leftover from the Democratic primaries in 2016 when Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were the two people running for the nomination and Hillary was being her usual crooked and lying self and stole the primaries from Sanders. And of course, then she went on to prove what a work she truly in, losing the Presidential race to now President Donald Trump and making excuses about it ever since. So where do I go for this topic? Oh vey! I think I’m going to piss someone off. Well, the truth hurts sometimes so get over it.

Hillary, she’s a piece of crap. She lies, she cheats, she steals and if you cross her path, she watches gleefully as you “commit suicide”. And she made the news yesterday. Not for coming up with yet another excuse how Trump “stole” the election and how she deserves to be the Queen of the World, but for an appointment having to do with some University in Belfast. I’m not sure if that’s Ireland or here in the states, but it doesn’t matter. I didn’t care enough to read past the headline and still don’t. She’s a former first lady, a former Senator from New York and a former Secretary of State. And Trump kicked her ass in 2016.

As for Bernie, he’s still hanging in there and once again running for President of the United States. He’s in the Top 3 with his promises of free this, free that, etc and he’s still a joke and clown in my opinion. Has this man ever held a job outside of political office and public service? Ever? The answer of course is “No!” and yet he thinks he’s qualified to lead our country? And how, if you never have a job outside of being a Congressman and Senator, do you manage to become a millionaire? It seems as if someone has been paying more than their fair share into his pockets a bit. He’s a whack job who is no more qualified to be President than I am and I can most definitely assure you, I’m not.

The Democratic Party is on it’s last legs these days and what used to at least claim to be the party for the people has turned into a corrupt and morally bankrupt bad joke. And while others are most definitely destined to share the blame, a large portion of the reason that the party has fallen so low has to go to these two ass-clowns. Hillary is not and will never be President of the United States. And neither will Bernie. And in closing, all I can say is thank God for that. Let’s move on.

Picture Pages…

This used to be a part of the Captain Kangaroo show if I remember correctly and was hosted by Bill Cosby. Cosby would lead the viewers on a story and illustrate it as he went along. At least I think I’m remembering this correctly. Let’s take a quick trip to Wikipedia and see what they have for this epic piece of television history.

“Picture Pages is an American educational television program aimed at preschool children, presented by Bill Cosby – teaching lessons on basic arithmetic, geometry, and drawing through a series of interactive lessons that used a workbook that viewers would follow along with the lesson.

Picture Pages was created by Julius Oleinick and started on a local Pittsburgh children’s show in 1974 with the Picture Pages puzzle booklets given away at a supermarket chain. It debuted as a national segment of the Captain Kangaroo show in 1978 (then directed by Jimmy Hirschfeld), in which Captain Kangaroo would do the lessons on his “magic drawing board”. Later, the segments were taken over by Bill Cosby and the lessons were used with his marker named “Mortimer Ichabod Marker” (or “M.I.”, for short).

When the Captain Kangaroo show left CBS in 1984, the segment was adopted as part of Nickelodeon’s Pinwheel program until that show was cancelled in 1989. The segment was also used as an interstitial program into the early 1990s. The Cosby era of Picture Pages was shown in repeats until 1990.

So it was about math and arithmetic. I didn’t rememberr that part, but I can still hear the song in my head and remember Bill Cosby, when he was still considered a “good guy” and “role model” doing the show. A piece of my childhood that I will never forget. TV was so much better for kids back then. Let’s move on and wrap this sucker up.


It’s the “Curiously strong mint” and I like ’em. Too many will numb your mouth and from what I understand, they also can be used as a sexual stimulant for oral sex. Suck on a mint or two before you suck on anything else and it’s supposed to be a mind-blowing experience. I’ve never personally tried that yet, but that’s what they say. The mints are cool because they come in little metal containers and well, they’re just cool. I guess I could and should go look them up on Wikipedia and give a little backstory and history of the refreshing mouth crystals, but I’m not going to do that, not if I still want to have time to eat breakfast and spend some quality time with my cat before I go to work. So I’ll suffice it to say they’re cool and I like them. And leave it there cause it’s my blog and I can do that.

And there you go. I hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you for reading. Any comments, thoughts or questions, just drop me a line and let’s talk. Any ideas for topics that I can add to the Magic Bag and possibly write about in the future, let me know that too. And with that, I’m out of here. Have a great one, take care and remember, it’s not gay to have a homobro. Be safe and I’ll see you at the matches.



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