Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Lana, Lashley & Liv, The Bushwackers, Arn Anderson & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Lana, Lashley & Liv, The Bushwackers, Arn Anderson & More
January 2, 2020
Good morning and this is 2020. It’s a new year and a new batch for questions for an old staple of the site, the always Ultimate Wrestling Q&A. Cheese and Matthew sipplied the questions this morning and now, it’s time for me to supply the answers. So are you ready? Let’s do this…

If you look up “professional wrestler” in the dictionary,who’s picture would you find?

If it’s an older edition of the dictionary, I think that Ric Flair’s picture would be there. If it’s older, but not too old, Shawn Michaels picture would be the one looking back at you. And if it’s a 2020 edition, you’d see probably either Seth Rollins or Cody as the pictures featured.

It looks like WWE is bringing back HLA with Lana and Liv Morgan. Good idea or not?

It was the highest rated segment of RAW this past Monday night and was strangely entertaining although Liv Morgan? I think the whole build has been insane and crazy and stupid at times, but if the numbers continue to pan out for WWE, then who am I to say anything else or judge? I feel for Rusev, but it’s a push and he definitely deserves that so. I doubt that we’ll see any make-out sessions with Lana and Liv though. People are going to be complaining about even implying a lesbian or bi connection with the two women. It’s not PC. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here.

Thoughts on the whole Lana & Lashley wedding segment?

It was strangely interesting and a car wreck at times, but it was hard to turn away from and that was a hell of a twist at the end. Not the Rusev coming from the cake because I knew that would happen, but the whole twist at the end with Lana and Liv. I mean, wow!

The best entrance theme in WWE history belongs to?

Theme as in music? That would be Eric Bischoff and “I’m Back”. The song fit the man and his character perfectly.

Has there ever been a bigger change in character in WWE history than the Sheepherders to the Bushwackers? Once they were considered as one of the most violent teams of their era and in the WWF, they were the hallmark of comedy and family friendly sports entertainment. Has there been a bigger transformation than this?

That was an amazing change to see with Luke and Butch. I had the chance to see them perform live and they were brutal, violent and one of the most ruthless tag teams in history and then they went to the WWF and started licking people. History was made. But wrestling is full of characters and talents reinventing themselves. Superstar Graham went from a body builder to a karate guy. Jimmy Valiant changed from an arrogant “King” to the Boogie Woogie Man. Glen Jacobs went from a dentist to Kane. Tony Atlas went from a body builder to an African savage to a laughing sidekick. Hell, even a couple of years ago, a talented but boring kid named Patrick Clark was on Tough Enough and then became the Velveteen Dream in NXT. The reinvention of the Sheepherders to become the Bushwackers was damn good for it’s time, but in the world of pro wrestling, it’s just another day at the office.

If you could change the result of any wrestling match in history, what match would you change?

Hulk Hogan’s first wrestling match in WCW where he fought and defeated Ric Flair to capture his first WCW World Championship at the 1994 WCW Bash at the Beach. I’d have had Hogan on the verge of winning, but Flair’s manager Sherri Martel could have gotten involved and caused a DQ, thus extending Flair’s reign and keeping Hogan from the belt. Hogan could and would have probably won the belt at a later date, but he and Flair could have milked it a bit longer and drawn a ton of money for WCW with Hogan chasing the belt and Flair for a longer period of time.

Thoughts on Cody hiring Arn Anderson as his trainer and advisor for AEW?

At first I thought this was a good move for Cody and that he couldn’t have picked a better man to watch his back, but then I remembered something. Ole Anderson and Dusty Rhodes teamed in Florida for nearly two years and then, in a cage match with the two of them facing The Assassins and special referees Gene Anderson and Ivan Koloff, Ole picked his spot and turned on Dusty. Then a few years later, Dusty Rhodes came to the cage to help out Ric Flair against The Russians, Ivan and Nikita Koloff, and Ric, an Anderson “cousin”, turned on Dusty and the Horsemen were born. A few years later, Dustin Rhodes needed help against The Stud Stable of Dick Slater and Bunkhouse Buck and recruited Arn Anderson to his cause. Arn picked his spot and turned on Dustin, laying him out. And now Cody has asked Arn Anderson to be his coach and trainer? I guess it’s a Rhodes right of passage to be turned on by an Anderson. It’s not “if” this will happen, but just a case of “when”. Arn as a face manager for Cody? It can’t and won’t last. Sooner or later, Cody will be a crossroads with Double-A and will get a spinebuster or DDT for his trouble. Watch and see.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any thoughts, comments or questions, just drop me a line. Until the next time, be safe, take care, don’t turn your back on an Anderson and I’ll see you at the matches.



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