Day Of Dougie: Gingerbread Men, Pee Wee Herman & Balls…

A Day Of Dougie
Gingerbread Men, Pee Wee Herman & Balls
January 4, 2020

It’s a wet and way too warm Saturday morning and as I get ready for work, a fun filled eleven hours of selling liquor and being Mr. Customer Service Guy, I realized that it’s way too damn early to be up. Well, that and also that I still have a few minutes to kill before I finish getting ready and have to leave for the work hole. So what should I do? How about a brand new “Days of Dougie”? The Magic Bag is right here looking at me and it’s either this or take a nao so writing it is. Yay! So that’s what we shall do. So are you ready?

We reach into the Magic Bag and the topics (over a hundred more were added to the mix yesterday) for today are: Gingerbread Men, Pee Wee Herman and Balls. Okay, this one sounds weird already. Can I pick new topics? No, that’s not allowed. The wole idea behind the “Days of Sougie” series is pick at random, take what you get and run with it. *sighs* So I guess that’s what we’ll do here. So are you ready? I already used that line. Damn, this one is going to suck balls. Let’s do this…

Gingerbread Men

The first thing that came to mind with this topic is of course the Gingerbread Man that we all know and love from children’s stories and cartoons and Grandma’s kitchen. A cookie man with frosting and candies to make eyes, buttons, a face and even a swig of hair. And there’s an old children’s song that says, “you can’t catch me, you can’t catch me, because I’m the gingerbread man!”. It goes something like that anyways. I think I used to have one of those totally seventies book and record deals where the story was all about the gingerbread man and there were several songs and it was pretty cool, at least to a six year old boy at the time.

Around the holidays, you can usually go to a store and find packs of gingerbread man cookies to enjoy. It’s not the same as Mom or Grandma baking them from scratch, but let’s be honest here. Who still bakes cookies? I’m sure that there are still a few folks out there that enjoy baking and hell, I do too. But these fine people are few and far between, especially when it’s so easy just to go down to Wal-Mart or the grocery store and buy them already made. And then of course, bite the heads off because that’s what we do.

I just had an image pop into my head. Professional wrestler Sheamus, a true red headed “ginger”, working as a bread delivery guy. He’d be a real life gingerbread man. Now try to get that image from out of your head. You’re welcome. That’s enough about gingerbread men. I’m getting hungry. Let’s move on.

Pee Wee Herman…

Pee Wee is of course a character portrayed by actor Paul Reubens and was the star of a children’s show called “Pee Wee’s Playhouse” many years ago. He’s also well known for not being the person to sit next to in a movie theater unless you want more of a show than just what’s on the big screen. Reubens is an accomplished actor and well worth watching in the movie “Mystery Men” and steals the show in his “dying scene” in the original Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie from the early 80’s. That movie, unlike the show of the same name, can be a little rough to watch sometimes, but Reuben’s scene, it’s well worth sitting through all the rest of the crap.

So what else is there to say about Pee Wee? Don’t mess with his bike or else he’ll go all crazy weird on you, worse than usual. And he may even take you to the movies. Oh yeah, I just rememered something else. There’s a video by Elton John for the song “This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore”. It’s a great song and in the video, Elton is portrayed by a younger Justin Timberlake, who does an amazing job as the 70’s era Elton. But next to Justin / Elton in a key role is his “manager”, and it’s played by Paul Reubens, aka Pee Wee. Just watch the guy and though he’s a secondary character in the video, he steals the scenes constantly and is amazing in his role. Reubens may be best known for the character Pee Wee Herman, but he’s an hell of a character actor and an amazing talent. And that’s all I have to say about that.

And finally…


I know that everyone is expecting me to get all perverted and nasty here and with this topic, that is definitely an option, but guess what? I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’m going the lame route and I’m going to name as many types of balls as I can in a list. “Why?”, you ask. Because I can. So let’s do this. We have baseballs, basketballs, golf balls, rubber balls, footballs, bowling balls, big balls, small balls, bouncy balls, dancing balls, sweaty balls, soft balls and balls to the wall. Are there more types of balls? Yes there are and I’m a big fan of balls of all types, but with what I’ve already mentioned, my work here is done. Im taking this opportunity to exit and go finish getting ready for work. Again, you’re welcome.

My thanks for reading. Any thoughts, comments or questions, feel free to drop me a line either here at the site or at my e-mail, Let’s talk! And with that, I’m down and out the door. Have a great one and stay safe and dry. DId I mention that it’s raining outside? Well, it is. Take care and I’ll see you later because every day is always a Day of Dougie. Take care.


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