Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Bastion Booger, Eric Young,Hulk Hogan & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Bastion Booger, Eric Young, Hulk Hogan & More
January 10, 2020

We’re trying something new here at the site. A new app to write these novel novelettes and get the word of Dougie to you even better, faster and more proficient than ever before. I don’t like it, but my old computer is ready to visit the Undertaker and do the whole RIP thing so I have to make a few concessions and changes. It’s a work in progress, if you will. So let’s tackle a few questions about the world’s greatest sport. Erick H. and Madd Maxx sent me a few questions. And as always, the answers are from me and my crack-staff, myself and I. So are you ready? Let’s do this…

Happy Birthday to the baddest man on the planet, my Infamous Outlaw best friend, K-Mak!

Is the WWE too deep with talent?

They definitely have a packed roster from top to bottom and unfortunately due to that, many stars are overlooked and forgotten, lost in the shuffle. Even with multiple shows and their own network online, there just isn’t enough time for everyone to get spotlighted and be featured all the time. It’s actually a great problem for WWE to have and means that unlike AEW, where many talents have been featured that probably are not quite ready for prime time. There are actually many talents that would be better served to leave WWE and go elsewhere. The money might not be as steady or good, but the chance to work and wrestle and be creative and have more freedom calls and some talents might to well to answer that call.

What WWE stars would benefit the most from leaving WWE and going to Impact or AEW?

The names that immediately come to mind are EC3, Curtis Axel, Matt Hardy and Cedric Alexander. The money might be better in the WWE, but in a company like AEW or Impact, they would be big names and big stars.

Are you tired yet of people asking about CM Punk?

Nope. I like Punk and how he plays his cards close to the vest. He keeps everyone guessing and for someone like me, he’s a gift that keeps on giving. Have a question or comment about CM Punk? Keep them coming and bring them on.

Thoughts on Ken Patera?

He was the “World’s Strongest Man” long before Mark Henry started wrestling and was an Olympic hero before we had Kurt Angle. Patera was a weightlifter and powerlifter who was trained to wrestle by the legendary Verne Gagne and had an amazing career. I know him from his days with Crockett where he formed a great tag team with John Studd and had a great feud with Tony Atlas. Patera was also noted for holding, at the same time, the NWA Missouri State Championship and the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Can you imagine anyone doing that now? Patera was a good performer in that ring, but not much of a promo guy and kind of bland and boring. His career went to hell when he was arrested and sentenced to time in prison. He made a return to the WWF after finishing his time in jail and the run was kind of lackluster and didn’t go anywhere. Patera was still working the occasional Indy date as of a couple of years ago, but in listening to him in a couple of different shoot interviews, he seems bitter and not too happy about the world of pro wrestling and his career. I enjoyed watching him back in the Crockett days though. That finisher of his, the swinging full nelson, was simple but effective.

Whatever happened to Bastion Booger and do you think we’ll ever see him back in the WWE?

Mike Shawe, who played the character of Bastion Booger and also Norman the Lunatic in WCW, passed away in 2010. So I seriously doubt he’ll ever be back in the WWE or anywhere for that matter.

Would you be interested in a feud between Maria Kanellis and Lana?

Only if it involves lots of mud, pudding, gravy and Jerry Lawler at ringside yelling “Puppies” while Joey Styles is brought in as a guest commentator and screams, “Cat Fight!”.

Should Hulk Hogan be given a final match for Wrestlemania?

If Hogan can physically find a way to pull it off, why not? He’s one of the biggest stars in all of wrestling history and it would be a great way to allow him to end his career. Given Hogan’s physical condition and age, I doubt that he would actually be able to do a real match, even with smoke and mirrors, but maybe a tag match would work better or else just give him a moment at Mania where he clears the ring of some ruthless heel and can get that one last big pop from the fans. Hogan is a big star and I can see WWE wanting to give him one last “feel good” moment for him and his fans and so long as he’s able to do it safely, I don’t see why it shouldn’t happen.

Why doesn’t WWE use Eric Young better?

As I mentioned earlier, there are so many talented performers in WWE and NXT and at the Performance Center, that if you’re not a big name and have someone pushing for you in Creative, you’ll often be overlooked and lost in the shuffle. That seems to be what has happened to Young. He can do serious or comedy and is a great in-ring talent who can carry a company, as he proved with Impact Wrestling. He just needs to find a way to stand out from the crowd and get some allies from the other side of the curtain or else he’s just another body and talent. It’s sad but true.

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts or questions, drop me a line and let’s talk. Until the next time, take care of yourself and stay safe. I’ll see you at the matches.


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