Wrestling Fact or Fiction: Two Nights Of Wrestlemania, New Japan & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
Two Nights of Wrestlemania, New Japan & More
January 10, 2020

It’s the start of a busy weekend of professional wrestling action and what better way to kick things off here at the site than with a brand new edition of Wrestling Fact or Fiction? Wrestle Kingdom just concluded. NXT UK is having a takeover of Blackpool and Impact Wrestling will be Hard To Kill. A full and stacked weekend to be sure. My thanks to the man, Jake Chambers and http://www.411mania.com for the statements below. And the rest of it, it’s all me baby! Let’s do this…

Statement #1: Following in the footsteps of New Japan’s successful back-to-back WrestleKingdom shows at the Tokyo Dome last weekend, the WWE should start doing two nights of Wrestlemania.

FICTION: Wrestlemania has already exploded into an event that covers four days with Axcess, the Hall of Fame, NXT Takeover, RAW, Smakdown and of course the big event itself, Wrestlemania. And let’s not even start on the many shows that tag along for the ride and hold events over the week. One show regardless of however long (and damn, it is long) is far better than two long shows and we all know that’s how it would end up being. Instead of trying to pack fifteen matches into one event, it would seem to me that less is more and just keep it at 8 – 10 matches and make them mean something. As for going to a two-day show, don’t even think about it.

Statement #2: Kazuchika Okada matches in NJPW are too long.

FICTION: I can’t say for sure about Okada’s matches since I’ve never watched one all the way through, but I remember the days where men regularly went sixty or even ninety minutes every night. If the matches are good, tell a story that keeps the fans entertained and no one is complaining about them, leave the man alone and let him wrestle as long as he desires. The fans don’t care that Okada is going to have a long match so why should anyone else?

Fact or Fiction – Quick Hits
– one sentence is all you need for this FoF lightning round!

1. The breakout star of NXT in 2020 will be Cameron Grimes.

FICTION: The guy my money would be on to do some amazing things would be Joaquin Wilde.

2. Tetsuya Naito will remain IWGP Heavyweight Champion for at least one year.

FACT: NJPW isn’t quite as big on flipping titles as some other companies and I expect that the reign of Naito will be a long and fruitful one.

Statement #3: ROH is going to make a critical and economic comeback in 2020.

FACT: All it takes is one moment, one promo, one star and the entire fortune of a company can change in an instant. ROH is financially secure with the backing of Sinclair Broadcasting and just needs that one magic moment or event. I think that 2020 will be their year.

Statement #4: Most wrestling fans are generally dorks.

FACT: But that’s not a bad thing. A dork is, according to the Urban Dictionary, a person who has odd interests. With that in mind, I’m a dork and damn proud of it. Remember the movie, “Revenge of the Nerds”? The nerds turned out to be the coolest folks around. Switch the word nerds for dorks and there you have it. I’m a dork and I’m proud!

Statement #5: KENTA is awesome again.

FICTION: Read the statement above. “Awesome again” implies that for a time, KENTA was not awesome. That is wrong because in my opinion, KENTA, who wrestled in NXT and WWE as Hideo Itami, has never ceased to be awesome, is an incredible performer and kicks ass big time.

Statement #6: You’re excited for NXT UK Takeover – Blackpool II.

FACT: And as a matter of fact, I’ll be doing a prediction column for this show in just a short while, after I finish and post this. I like NXT UK and they’re arguably the best WWE brand out there week in and week out. I think that this Takeover event will be amazing.

And with that, I guess it’s time to call it a night. My thanks for reading and also, my thanks to the people at 411mania.com. Any comments, thoughts or questions, drop me a line and let’s talk. Until the next time, stay safe and I’ll see you at the matches.



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