Ultimate Wrestling Q&A: Tessa’s Title Win, AEW, Rocky Johnson & More…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Ultimate Wrestling Q&A
Tessa, AEW, Rocky Johnson & More
January 19, 2020

Let’s do some of that infamous Wrestling Q&A stuff that we do so well. The questions are courtesy of Michael G. and of course, The Cheese while the answers, that’s all me. Let’s do this…

Paige says that the Fiend is her top star in WWE right now. Is she right or wrong?

It’s her opinion and a person’s opinion isn’t right or wrong. It’s just what they think and feel. That being said, The Fiend is kind of hit and miss for me thus far. I’m a big fan of Bray Wyatt and I like this character, but it’s lacking something so far. Seth, Roman, Brock and Rey are probably who most would consider the top stars in WWE right now.

Booker T says that Tessa Blanchard’s win of the Impact World Championship is the worst idea in pro wrestling history. Thoughts?

Worst idea in pro wrestling history? Worse than Mae Young giving birth to a hand? Worse than Vince Russo being the WCW Champion? Worse than the Yeti? Worse than Booker T and Ahmed Johnson fighting over the letter “T”? While the thought of Tessa as the Impact World Champion baffles the mind, she’s a credible performer and if the reign is short, no harm is done. It has gained Impact some publicity and good-will with the fans so it’s not a totally bad idea and there have been many, many worst ideas and stories in wrestling over the years. So far as bad ideas go, it’s not even in the Top Ten.

Thoughts on AEW signing a deal with TNT for TV until 2025 and getting a possible second weekly show?

Good for them! While AEW needs to work on their production values and become more organized and less chaotic in their direction, this gives them more opportunity to do just that. It helps assure the companies future, gives the fans more options of what to watch and enjoy and is a major plus for wrestling in general. And a second weekly show on TNT? If it’s good, we’ll watch and if not, we won’t, but that TNT has that much faith in them to even consider an idea, that’s a great thing as well.

I loved AEW’s tribute to Memphis wrestlers. Are there any other cities or regions you’d like to see them do something similar in, like Minneapolis or Atlanta?

My personal choices would be of course, the Mid-Atlantic region and Crockett Promotions, the AWA and Minneapolis, and Florida Championship Wrestling. WCCW and Dallas would be great to see as well.

Thoughts on Rocky Johnson, who passed away earlier this week?

The father of the most electrifying man in sports-entertainment and Hollywood, the Rock, Rocky “Soul Man” Johnson was a true legend and icon in the sport of pro wrestling. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. My own personal memories about Johnson are from when he wrestled here in the Mid-Atlantic region in the early 80’s, not under his true name, but wearing a mask for some reason and using the name “Sweet Ebony Diamond”. He worked here for a couple of years and mainly fought with Greg Valentine over the NWA Television Championship, trading it back and forth with Valentine. The biggest thing I remember is watching hin on TV and while he was wrestling, the announcer calling the match, Lord Alfred Hayes, called him “Johnson” not once, but several times. I guess this was before editing and lots of post-production, but Hayes messed up and though it was never revealed that Diamond was actually Rocky Johnson, we all had been told. Johnson had a great dropkick and was a good talker. Rest in Peace, Rocky Johnson. You will be missed.

I don’t see any flaws in Bill Goldberg; why do some fans dislike Bill?

I’m one of those fans who didn’t like Goldberg much and here’s why. He was a limited wrestler who had a great push at the expense other wrestlers I felt were more talented and deserved better. He was an average promo and a poor worker other than two or three moves. He had that “it” about him and I’ll give him his due for that, I couldn’t feel any kind of love or appreciation for wrestling from him and it just seems as if he was there for the money and little more. I think he appreciates it more now than he did during his WCW run and stint with the WWE, but he will never be one of my favorites.

Does Colonel DeBeers (Ed Wiskowski) belong in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Absolutely, without a doubt. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. ‘Nuff said!

And there you go. My thanks for reading. Any comments, thoughts or questions, please drop me a line and let’s chat. Until the next time, take care and stay safe. I’ll see you at the matches.



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