5 Questions: Country Music

Tossing Salt Presents:
5 Questions: Country Music
February 19, 2020

This world is full of questions and sometimes, we even get a few answers. Here are five of those questions, courtesy of my friend Cheese, who likes to keep me busy, about the greatest sounds in the world, country music. Time is fleeting so let’s get to work. Let’s do this…

What would be your Mt. Rushmore of country music artists (living)? What about artists that have passed away?

For living, it would be Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Hank Williams Jr. and Reba. For those who has passed on, I’d have Waylon, Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty and George Jones.

Could a show like Hee Haw work and be successful today?

I don’t see why not. Good humor and good music will always have an audience. I don’t think it would work being edgy, but keep it simple and corny, some good hosts (Billy Ray Cyrus would be great in a role like this), a good supporting cast of people who are funny and can sing, and the sky is the limit.

Is Miley Cyrus country?

Miley may be a wild child and do lots of stupid and crazy things (and needs to keep her clothes on), but if you ever listen to her do “Jolene” and sing with her godmother, Dolly Parton, you will realize that she is country at heart. When the rock star stuff has faded away and she matures up a bit, in her thirties and forties, it will be country music that gives her a home and reason for being. Watch and see.

5 most under-rated country music legends? Five more over-rated country music artists?

Legends that don’t get the respect they’re due would be Bobby Bare, Confederate Railroad, Jessi Colter, June Carter Cash & Johnny Paycheck. Five “stars” that are not as good as they’re hyped to be would be Jason Aldean, Luke Perry, Ronnie Milsap, Cowboy Troy & the girl from American Idol, Kelly Clarkson. She never really impressed me.

Does David Allen Coe belong in the Country Music Hall of Fame?

Yes, yes, a million times yes.

And there you go. Sorry for cutting this so short, but I have people to see and places to go and damn it, it’s raining outside and I hate driving in the rain. Thanks for reading. Any comments, questions or thoughts, drop me a line. Take care and I’ll holler at you.



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