Impact Wrestling: 2020 Sacrifice – Thoughts & Predictions…

Tossing Salt Presents:
Impact Wrestling 2020 Sacrifice
Thoughts & Predictions
February 21, 2020

Coming up on Saturday, February 22, in Louisville, KY, it’s Impact Wrestling and Sacrifice. A loaded show of some great action and intrigue to be sure. And that means it’s prediction time. Let’s do this…

Impact Wrestling Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. X-Division Champion Ace Austin.

It’s hard to see Tessa keeping the title for a long. She is an amazing talent and with no doubt, arguably among the best performers in Impact, but let’s be realistic here. A woman should not physically be able to beat a man. Not if all things are fair and equal and they’re both in amazing shape and of equal skills. Austin is damn good and unless someone gets involved and maybe a car runs over Austin on the way to the ring, he should beat Tessa and do so quite easily. But this is wrestling and normal standards and rules don’t apply. Austin should win, but Tessa will be the one to walk out with the belt still in her hands.

Winner and STILL Impact Wrestling Champion: Tessa Blanchard

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace vs. Havok.

I like Havok and she is a good talent and has all the skills, but Jordynne is something special. She is a big star in the making and I can’t wait to see the day she joins WWE and gets the credit and recognition she deserves. As for this match, the Knockouts Championship is staying right where it’s at.

Winner and STILL Knockouts Champion: Jordynne Grace

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions The North vs. The Rascalz.

Ethan Page & Josh Alexander, aka The North, are the current Impact Tag Team Champions and are arguably one of the best tag teams in professional wrestling today. The Rascalz, a grouping consisting of Dezmond Xavier, Zachary Wentz, Myron Reed & Trey Miguel, are the number one contenders. I’m not sure of which two men are doing the wrestling in this match, but I’m sure that any combination of the unit would be effective and help make for a great match. I haven’t been following the situations between these men, but I just have a gut feeling that we’re going to see a title change here. The North managed to stay Champions for a while and I sense a changing of the guard.

Winners and NEW Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions: The Rascalz

Rhino vs Moose in a Hard to Kill rematch.

Look for a slobber-knocker of a brawl and lots of brutal and tight action. I would like to see Rhino win and get the big nod here, but I think that Moose is the flavor of the day. Moose is taking the win here.

Winner: Moose

Daga vs. Jake Crist.

Who the hell are Daga and Jake Crist? I guess that I should probably go check out some Wiki now and play catch-up. I just went over and checked out the two men and I have seen them work in the past although it’s been a while. I’m not sure where they stand now and what their status is, but they’re two talented guys. I think we’ll go with Daga on this one.

Winner: Daga

Joey Ryan vs. Johnny Swinger.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Ryan supposed to be changing up his character a bit to be a little more family-friendly and not quite so much dick-flipping and penis reliance. I doubt it too. Swinger is a long time favorite of mine and I’m happy to see him back in action and getting a big match. That being said, Joey Ryan and his penis are a big deal right now and I can’t see Joey losing. It just won’t happen. Expect to see Swinger touch that dick and get pounded into submission.

Winner: Joey Ryan

Jay Bradley vs. Willie Mack.

Another filler match, but at least I know these two guys. Bradley is good, but Willie Mack is the one to get things going and to keep the fans happy.

Winner: Willie Mack

Sawyer Fulton & Dave Crist vs. Larry D & Acey Romero.

I remember seeing Acey Romero in the All In Battle Royal for AEW and that’s a big ass man, but I was impressed. I don’t know who the other guys are, but Acey baby is my dog. I gotta go with him and Larry D. on this one.

Winners: Larry D. & Acey Romero

And there you go. It’s this Saturday from Louisville, KY and will be streaming live on Impact+. Give it a look-see and check things out. Comments, thoughts and any questions are welcome. My thanks for reading. Until the next time, take care of yourself and I’ll see you at the matches.



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